Who the hell is “Truth” in Fullmetal Alchemist?

A mysterious metaphysical entity known as The Truth manifests when someone tries to transform themselves into another human.

The truth will drag the alchemist into the Gate and forcibly take their most prized attribute or something of value that symbolizes their anticipated relationship to the person they are trying to create or resurrect because human transmutation is an unfair exchange under the equivalent exchange laws of alchemy.

Truth is seen by the finite human mind as the “conscience” or “negative version” of the alchemist who achieved human transmutation, punishing them for “playing god.”

Truth acts as both a god and a Monad for the universe, serving as its “God” or “the Universe.”

Truth can practically know everything about everyone thanks to his omniscient and omnipresent skills.

‘Truth’ cannot be scaled

TRTH FMAB Who the hell is "Truth" in Fullmetal Alchemist?

It might be mostly up to interpretation, but if the cosmos, the laws of nature, and the entire material and the spiritual plane had a spokesperson, it would be Truth.

Every time we witnessed Truth, it seemed to be, in a way, a reflection of the person who witnessed it.

It had his arm and leg when Edward first noticed it.

Alfonse noticed that it contained his complete body.

It entirely consumed the Dwarf in the Flask as he saw it.

As “God,” the Truth had referred to itself.

In that regard, nothing surpasses God. Many characters in myths have made themselves out to be gods out of a sense of self-importance.

However, this is not the case with the Truth, which is inextricably related to life and the activities that life does, whether those actions are committed on purpose, unintentionally, or forcibly:

Despite their alchemical powers, the Elric brothers’ attempt to bring their mother back to life was an error since they were not aware of what they were doing.

They transformed a male body that cost an equal amount of matter from the total of them both in their sorrowful ignorance and carelessness. Edwards’s leg was taken as a top-off, while Alfonse lost his complete body.

To release himself from God, the Father set into motion a plan to call upon God and consume it. When all was done, Father transformed back into the dwarf in the flask, his basic form, and was consumed in return.

Roy Mustang was coerced into becoming a human against his choice. Roy was made to pay a price even though he had no desire or intent to carry it out.

From the all-knowing to toddlers to the helpless, everyone who came into contact with the Truth eventually paid a price, and the Truth persisted in each encounter. The flow of life and matter would continue regardless of what the Father may have done next, even when the Truth/God was subdued by him.

I believe that Von Hoenheim, the Elric brothers, and everyone else who helped bring the father down may all be seen as components of the natural law of balance restored.

The Truth is God, and God is the final authority, to put it simply.

Truth is incapable and has no physical strength to support him. The closest representation of the idea of “God” in the series is, truth is all that exists in the cosmos.

All punishments are ultimately determined by what the offender believes is appropriate in light of their transgression because Truth is the one being judged.

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