3 Forms Of Ichigo Bankai In Bleach Explained!

Since the first episode of Bleach, Ichigo’s Bankai forms have been talked about by both fans and haters.

Ichigo’s bankai forms were always used to compare how powerful he was to other anime characters, both from Bleach and other shows.

This has led to a lot of heated fights between fans on different forums, social media sites, and Discord servers.

What exactly are the multiple forms of Ichigo bankai?

Ichigo’s bankai are not like his base bankai’s stages. They are just different because Ichigo has strange genes, a different way to use Reiatsu to fight, and a different family tree.

Let’s look at each of his bankai one by one to learn more about him.

1. Ichigo Bankai (Without Hollow Powers)

Bankai 1 bleach 3 Forms Of Ichigo Bankai In Bleach Explained!

During the Soul Society/Rukia rescue arc, Ichigo used this bankai for the first time when he fought Byakuya.

Ichigo gave us one of the most famous scenes in Anime history when his Shikai form couldn’t keep up with Byakuya’s speed.

Ichigo met Zangetsu for the first time when he was training to get this Bankai. All of us like the old man.

But this old man doesn’t have even a small fraction of Ichigo’s real power. Also, he lives inside Ichigo because of Aizen alone.

Confused? How did Aizen give Ichigo his abilities? Then just wait, because I’m going to tell you more about it.

Even though it’s fast, this bankai doesn’t have enough fire power. It was almost impossible to beat Byakuya, who was playing with Ichigo. It didn’t kill a certain “Jaguar,” and it didn’t beat Ulquoirra, either.

But Ichigo’s hollow powers took over and eventually beat him so badly he couldn’t heal. That’s not a clear victory.

So, even though it moves very quickly, it’s still the weakest Ichigo Bankai.

2. Ichigo Bankai with Fullbring Powers

bankai 2 resized 3 Forms Of Ichigo Bankai In Bleach Explained!

After Ichigo used Mugetsu against Aizen and lost his powers, he became very eager to fight and protect people.

He went to Ginjo out of desperation, and Ginjo taught him how to use his Fullbring powers.

People whose parents have survived a Hollow attack are able to control the souls of all things with their Fullbring powers.

For example, chair, table, tea, water, air, etc. With these souls, they can use the powers of the hollows that their parents lived through.

I’ll tell you later which of Ichigo’s parents survived an attack by a hollow. But he does use the powers of Fullbring.

Ginjo is later shown to be the real bad guy. He wanted to take Ichigo’s powers and use them to attack Soul Society.

Ichigo gets a new type of Shinigami powers when the captains of Gotei 13 and Rukia and Renji give him some of their powers.

In this case, his Bankai sword isn’t a straight long sword. Instead, it’s curved and has a small hole so that if you stab and pull it, it will do more damage.

Also, his reiatsu goes to a whole new level.

3. True Ichigo Bankai

bleach 3 Forms Of Ichigo Bankai In Bleach Explained!

Aizen was able to give Ichigo his powers, as I said earlier. Here’s how you can explain it. Please be aware that there are big reveals coming up. Do not read ahead if you want to wait until the TYBW arc anime airs.

So, when Ichigo’s father, Isshin Shiba, who was Captain of the 10th Division at the time, was looking into Hollowification of Shinigami on Earth, he was attacked by “WHITE,” a Hollow made by Aizen, and Aizen himself. Isshin couldn’t use his Bankai because he was caught off guard so that he couldn’t kill the Hollow himself.

But Ichigo’s mom, Masaki Kurosaki, who was a royal Quincy from pure blood, helped Isshin beat the Hollow. During the fight, Masaki was bitten by the hollow, which left parts of itself in Masaki. Which left Masaki very close to dying.

Isshin gave up his Shinigami powers to save her from dying. He then married her and had a son with her, Ichigo. Who, because of his parents’ lineage and Aizen’s actions, was born with the powers of the three most important beings in the Bleach universe: Shinigami, Quincy, and Hollow.

He has been trained as a Fullbringer, and he also has these powers.

So, when Ichigo finally learns about his family history and Aizen’s plan, he gets his real Asauchi, r Zanpakutou. Which sword is similar to the Shunsui Kyoraku and the Jushiro Ukitake?

The big sword is Ichigo’s Hollow powers that were locked away by his Quincy powers, which we saw as Zangetsu in the anime. This Zangetsu is a coach from a thousand years ago.

He didn’t want Ichigo to be able to use his hollow powers to beat the quincies in the future.

Now, let’s talk about Ichigo’s bankai. To use it, he has to go into this new mode, where he gets a horn that looks a lot like the one he had when he fought Ulquoirra in his vasto lorde form.

The name of this new mode is “Horn of Salvation.” This is the form that Aizen and Ulquoirra wanted to reach after Hollowfication. So, Aizen’s dream of making an ideal being came true.

In this form, Ichigo brings all of his swords together and fuses them into a huge white and black sword with a chain connecting the handle to the top of the blade.

Ichigo’s speed is faster than anything we’ve ever seen when he’s in his true bankai form. And since Yhwach is God and can change reality at any time, he thought it was dangerous enough to break as soon as he saw it.

This is proof enough of how strong Ichigo is. The new sword is big enough to cut through anything and is made to kill big enemies.

It kind of looks like the big blades Ikkaku Madarame used in his bankai form.

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