What is Netorare/NTR? Meaning & Definition

Today, we will be looking at Netorare, or NTR, a genre you may not have heard of. 

Don’t be afraid if this is your first encounter with this concept. 

You can expect a heated debate in Hentai.

Those who love it will always defend it.

Those who don’t care about it will always be heard.

This article will help you get started. We hope this article will help you become a Netorare/NTR fan. 

What is Netorare/NTR?


So what is it exactly? It is a type of anime, most commonly found in hentai. However, it has a particular idea at its core: cheating. 

In a Netorare/NTR hentai, the sex will be more focused on the couple having an affair than on the married couple who is being cheated upon. 

Netorare/NTR typically has a male character who cheats on her husband or boyfriend. However, it is possible for a male character to also sleep with other girls. This article will use both of these examples.

Instead of happy endings, Netorare/NTR hentai frequently end with sad, regretful, or rage-filled characters.

This article should make you feel better than the characters, be more informed and perhaps even curious about trying a different genre next time you search for hentai.

Many factors can set the scene for an affair. Here are some of them.

The “Happy” Couple

The "Happy" Couple

The happy couple concept is an ordinary part of hentai. It’s a storey about happy couples that are in love and are happy together, rather than just trying to get along with someone else. 

The cheating element would not exist if true happy couples didn’t exist in Netorare/NTR. We present the “happy couple”—a couple who, while it may seem like they are happy, has at least one person having an affair. 

As in real life, it is not possible to have a happy ending when all the facts are revealed.

Blue Triangle

Blue Triangle

Triangle Blue opens with Asato and Akane in a happy, romantic relationship. After years of dating, Akane nearly died in a tragic accident.

Akane and Asato decide to move on, and they finally live together. It’s too short to not be happy! Asato and Akane are both talented artists, and they begin talking about the possibility of writing a book together. 

It sounds like they have a happy relationship. That is until the other guys come into the picture…

Triangle Blue shows what would be a healthy, normal relationship. Then it adds the Netorare/NTR element to Akane’s side. 

Asato spends most of the anime with Akane, believing that he loves her back and that they have no other needs. He is unaware of Akane’s affairs, which leads to tragedy in their perfect relationship. 

Akane’s cheating breaks a strong and well-established love, turning Triangle Blue into a Netorare/NTR hentai that is more than just a love story.

The Questioning Partner

The Questioning Partner

We’ve all been there. You are in a relationship and question whether it is going to work. Are you really happy? Are you really happy with your partner? 

Is your partner really what you want? These questions may become more frequent as the relationship becomes more serious. These same principles apply to the questioning partner concept.

At least one party is questioning whether their relationship is truly what they want. In the Netorare/NTR case, this questioning can lead to exploration, and the partner may start to cheat with other people. 

They don’t necessarily break up with their first love because they aren’t sure if they want it. However, that doesn’t stop them from testing their love by trying out other people.

Kanajo wo Sinjiteru!

Kanajo wo Sinjiteru!

Shinjiteru! Ore wa Kanojo wo Shinjiteru!This is the storey of Kensuke’s relationship with Ayumu. Although they have been friends for a while, they have only recently taken their relationship to the next level. 

Kensuke suddenly has to relocate to another job, so he cannot stay in his old apartment for too long. Ayumu offers to help him while he waits. 

The two of them are unable to see one another for long periods, and Kensuke begins to question his relationship with Ayumu. What makes her want to be with him?

What’s she doing when she’s all alone? Are they really what he wants? He has four women available at his new job, and he is questioning his loyalty and his ability to wait for Ayumu.

Although long-distance relationships are possible, many people find it difficult to maintain relationships. Because of the distance, and eventually leading to an affair, Kensuke was prompted to ask questions in Ore wa Kanojo Wo Shinjiteru. 

He may love Ayumu, but he can’t wait to see her again or trust that she will wait for his affections. He will give in to his girlfriend’s curiosity by giving in to his desire to have sex with other women who are more accessible and easier to reach. 

However, he is still in love with Ayumu! If cheating is discovered, the hentai is made into a Netorare/NTR and Ore wa Kanojo Wo Shinjiteru. This is an excellent example.

Troubling Times

Real relationships aren’t all sunshine and rainbows. Anyone who has ever been in a serious relationship knows there will be difficulties and hard times. 

There will be times when things will break it apart. Sometimes they will succeed. An NTR or Netorare anime can easily create the conditions for cheating. 

It’s easier for someone to get into a relationship if both partners are uncertain about their future and their relationship is under strain.

Kanojo ni Konai Wake ni Mimai ni Konai Wake ni Mimai ni Konai Wake

Kanojo ni Konai Wake ni Mimai ni Konai Wake ni Mimai ni Konai Wake

Mimai Kanojo ga KanojoNa Konai Wake tells the storey of Seiji, Ai, and their current relationship. Seiji is in a car accident and has to be admitted to the hospital.

Ai tries to stay with him as much as possible and shows loyalty, but it becomes harder for her to stop playing games with other men. Ai starts to feel lusty with many men, even though Seiji is no longer able to be there for her.

It’s difficult to end a relationship when you’re going through a difficult situation like Seiji’s hospitalisation. Ai is in Kanojo Ga Mimai ni Konai Wake, and this makes it more difficult for her to cheat on Seiji than to break up with him or find another boyfriend. 

Mimai Kanojo ga KanojoNa Konai Wake shows Ai cheating on Seiji in the same room. This is a great way to satisfy Netorare and NTR fans. This has created the perfect environment for a Netorare chance.

Final Thoughts

Hentai allows us to explore ideas and fetishes we might not enjoy in real life. Netorare is a great example of this. 

Although not everyone would like to cheat on their partners, it might be tempting to watch that forbidden act between two people. 

You might find it something you enjoy in real life, making Netorare/NTR an appealing genre. 

The Netorare hentai is a unique addition to the hentai range. It offers something new and different to enjoy, while also sticking to a theme from the real world.

How does Netorare/NTR affect your feelings? 

Are you left feeling enraged? Sad? Or happy? 

Is it something you are going to try out, or just stay away from it when it is listed? 

We would love to hear about this rare and overlooked genre. 

We want to hear your thoughts, favourite Netorare/NTR and any other “What’s…?” topics. 

We’d love to hear what you think of the next article!

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