15 NTR Anime That Will Corrupt Your Heart

It's time to face your NTR fears.

Ah !!! NTR Anime. These three simple letters are enough to trigger anime fans. It’s refers to a couple, or a perceived couple, that is broken up due to cheating.

Sometimes, it’s a one-off affair, and other times it leads to some serious consequences. In fact, here’s a song explaining it!

Often times, NTR anime is not shown as a power fantasy, which is why so many people speak out against it.

But I don’t care. I want to share that despair with you. Here are some non-hentai NTR anime for you to enjoy.

15. Sakura Trick

Sakura Trick 1 15 NTR Anime That Will Corrupt Your Heart

The NTR anime tells the story of Yuu and Haruka’s lives.

When they find out that the school they always went to is closing, they both decide to do something different, which leads to a kiss between them.

So, things get more serious between the girls, who start kissing more and more as the anime goes on.

14. Koi to Uso (Love and Lies)

koi to uso 1 15 NTR Anime That Will Corrupt Your Heart

Koi to Uso, which means “Love and Lies” in Japanese, tells the story of a Japan where the government picks who will marry whom.

Since there aren’t many babies being born, the anime is about Nejima, who is in love with one of his friends and has been since they were kids.

But another girl comes into the story. This one is picked by the government to be the boy’s girlfriend.

Among other things, another character has feelings for the boy that they can’t show. It’s a very interesting anime whose ending can make people disagree.

13. NTR: Netsuzou Trap

Netsuzou Trap 15 NTR Anime That Will Corrupt Your Heart

The anime is about Yuma and Hotaru, who have been friends since they were young and are now in their second year of high school.

Hotaru gives Yuma some tips on how to get her boyfriend to like her more, and the help ends with a kiss from Hotaru, who tells her that she sure knows how to kiss a boy.

After thinking about it for a while, Hotaru realizes that the kiss was better than the one she had with her boyfriend.

Things start to go in a different direction, and Yuma starts to worry that her boyfriend will find out what’s going on between the two girls.

12. School Days

School Days

Let’s face, most of the NTR anime on this list can’t hold a cuck stick to School Days.

What begins as a generic harem descends into the mad world of cheating, emotional manipulation, and nice boats.

Be warned, none of the characters are likable and get what they deserve in the end.

Makoto Itou is a normal high school student who lives in Harahima, a made-up town.

On the train to school, he sees Kotonoha Katsura, a girl he likes, and falls in love with her.

As time goes on, he gets to know Sekai Saionji, another student he meets when they switch places in the study area.

He and Sekai become closer friends.

11. Scum’s Wish

Scum’s Wish

Hoh boy, Scum’s Wish is something else. The big theme is unrequited love and the scorned feelings that young love comes with.

Most of the “scum” relationships are consensual with an understanding that no emotions are involved…except for one. Poor Sanae never had a chance.

The main character in the story, Hanabi, used to spend a lot of time with her teacher, Kanai.

Hanabi slowly started to make her teacher like her and feel strong feelings for her, even though she already liked her and felt strong feelings for her.

One of the other people the girl knows is Mugi, a boy who didn’t show that he felt so strongly about her.

But as she learns more about herself and her sexuality, she starts dating her school friend Ebato. If you want to see Netorare, this is a strong suggestion.

10. A Town Where You Live

A Town Where You Live

A Town Where You Live is a lie.

What looks like a sweet and gentle romance series will bring nothing but emotional ruin.

It’s a stressful series that emotional masochists will adore.

9. Nozoki Ana

Nozoki Ana

Nozoki Ana is crass and borders on hentai at times.

It follows the love life of college student Tatsuhiko Kido and his fateful meeting with a peephole.

There is only one OVA, so fans will want to check out the 13 volume manga series.

You’ll feel dirty.

The anime shows Tatsuhiko Kido’s love life after he goes to Tokyo to study art. He starts watching his neighbor’s room and sees that she is doing something private with her boyfriend.

Turning into an anime about two people who spy on each other through a hole in their apartment wall.

Sometimes they both get involved, but they keep living their own lives. Over time, Kido starts to feel something for Emiru.

8. White Album 2

White Album 2

White Album 2 is a fairly popular series, and was the first introduction to NTR for many people.

Without spoiling the deed, it follows the love triangle between three friends who try to create a band.

The story is told from the points of view of several different people. Everything centers on the members of a band, which is breaking up.

Kazusa Touma and Setuna Osigo play together at a big fair.

After the big play, Setuna tells Haruki that she likes him, and the two then start dating.

The front has a big impact on how the story of the characters unfolds.

7. Yosuga no Sora

Yosuga no Sora

Yosuga no Sora is a non-linear, extremely ecchi series. A couple of the story arcs include NTR as a plot point.

Kasugano Haruka is an orphan with a twin sister named Kasugano Sora. Her story is told in the anime.

Haruka spent most of her time at home because she was sad about her parents’ deaths and couldn’t get used to the new place.

But when he becomes friends with Ryouhei, Akira, Nao, and Kazuha, some of his pain goes away. This show has a lot of Netorare, that’s for sure.

6. Rumbling Hearts

Rumbling Hearts

Rumbling Hearts is kind of iffy. 

Without spoiling anything, some people think it’s NTR due to the implied relationship between two characters.

Other fans think it’s just a ship being sunk. Either way, it’s still a series worth exploring.

In the anime, Suzumiya and Hayase are shown to be very close friends.

One day, Haruka asks Hayase to help her get closer to a boy she really likes.

Over time, she tells the boy, Takayuki, who she is, and then they start going out together.

Then, Haruka is in a stupor for three long years after a terrible accident.

A romantic story that goes on for a long time and shows how the characters change in many ways, such as getting older.

5. Peach Girl

Peach Girl

Peach Girl plays with NTR as Momo’s “friend” is constantly trying to steal Toji from her.

The story is all about Momo. When he gets to his new school, he meets Sae, who becomes his friend.

Momo loves Tojigamori in secret, but Sae is jealous of her and will do anything to stop her from being happy.

Momo has too much melanin, which makes her skin tan easily. She never went out with Toji because she thought he wouldn’t be interested in someone like her.

So, Momo finds out that Sae is jealous of her. She then says that she likes Kairi, the most controversial boy at school.

The twist is that Kairi was actually very interested in her. If you want to see Netorare, this is a strong suggestion.

4. Nana


Cheating plays a big role in Nana.

Unlike most portrayals of cheating (which is shown from the perspective of the cheater), Nana covers the emotional toll it has on someone that is being cheated on.

Nana tells the story of two young women who meet by chance. They end up on the same train, and when they look at their tickets, they both see that they have the same name on them.

The girls start to talk to each other, and despite the name, they all have very different personalities.

One person goes to Tokyo to study, while the other wants to become a punk singer.

As the work goes on, we see that they both have to live together and that their lives become more and more linked.

3. Kotoura-san


Actually…Kotoura-san is just sad. Underneath the cute art and funny jokes is a very depressing backdrop.

You see, Kotoura has a psychic power that let’s her read people’s minds, and she has a tendency to blurt things out.

All this leads to Kotoura accidentally causing her parents to get a divorce and disowning her. Tears and laughter, my friends.

2. Berserk


Berserk is a very uncomfortable example of NTR anime, which fits right at home with the series.

So, Guts and Casca have a sweet relationship and are expecting a baby!

That’s until Griffith shows up, and forcefully takes Casca, breaks her mind, corrupts the fetus, and drives Guts insane.

It’s NTR in a nutshell.

1. Hen Zemi

Hen Zemi

Hen Zemi is a sex-comedy that mocks everything – including NTR. Unlike every other series on this list, NTR is played for laughs.

Hope you like this list i just want to know Have you embraced the dark, cruel world that is NTR?

P.S. Rem wasn’t NTR’d in Re:Zero, people. She couldn’t get cucked if she wanted to.

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