26 Best Sims 4 Horns CC Mods: Horns & Antlers

Who doesn’t love the thrill and mystical nature of mythological beings? Perhaps you’re a fantasy geek (like mine).

If we had the chance to we would most likely take a break from our boring, routine life as humans and opt for being able to fly, have special abilities, and, yes you guessed it that’s Horns.

Here’s the list of them…..

26. Horns Pack Valhallansim Mesh Edit from Gerbithats

Horns Pack Valhallansim Mesh Edit from Gerbithats 1 26 Best Sims 4 Horns CC Mods: Horns & Antlers

This mesh version that Valhallan’s World of Warcraft Demon Hunter Horns offers players unique choices for our damned demon, fae, or amazing Sims.

The concept of these horns is believed to be “asymmetrical”.

It’s also something I can easily get behind.

There are four variants that are all included: Bune, Petrus, Lucius, and Damien.

25. Horns for small Dogs

Horns for small Dogs 1 26 Best Sims 4 Horns CC Mods: Horns & Antlers

Beginning our list with a bang today, we’ve got an option that can transform your ordinary, tiny dogs into something truly amazing! 

Through The Horns for Small Dogs by The Kalino, the pets can be transformed into diverse animals, including a ewe or a ram.

Great for those who love animals or a farm you could want to incorporate into the game or to mix things up whenever you feel that your Sims already have had every pet the Sims offers before.

24. Lifebinder Alexstrasza Horns by Valhallan

14 lifebinder alexstrasza horns by valhallan sims 4 1 26 Best Sims 4 Horns CC Mods: Horns & Antlers

It’s probably a sure assumption that Valhallan is just a rock star at making Horns to The Sims 4.

This particular pack isn’t really a specific horns package. It’s actually a complete character (or at the very least, the clothes of the character) conversion, especially Alexstrasza of Heroes of the Storm.

If she’s a familiar face, she has a stunning pair of horns. You’d expect nothing less from a woman of power who has the ability to transform into the form of a dragon whenever she wants you think?

23. Unicorn Horn

Unicorn Horn 1 26 Best Sims 4 Horns CC Mods: Horns & Antlers

Are you aware of a few years ago when the entire world was amazed by the notion of magical unicorns dancing all over the world? 

A few of us enjoy the concept of unicorns but aren’t quite ready to let this era and since they’re magnificent, mythical, and beautiful, which is exactly what we all require from time to time.

If you’d like to channel that magical energy into your engagement, adding a unicorn horn to your Sims appearance is the best option to make them appear young and spirited What more can you want?

22. Horns by Decayclownsims

Horns by Decayclownsims 26 Best Sims 4 Horns CC Mods: Horns & Antlers

A lot of us as we imagine horns don’t imagine cute creatures that live in the woods. Instead, we think of a dark, devilish feeling from the word which is what I’m talking to you about.

The horns look like the classic devil horns. The horns are lengthy, slightly curled upright, gorgeously textured, not to mention that they are available in a range of dark shades.

These Horns made in the hands of Decayclownsims are ideal for any Sim who could be an actual spawn of Satan his demons.

21. Cenarius and Highmountain the Tauren Horn

13 bloodtotem world of warcraft cenarius and highmountain tauren horn by valhallan 26 Best Sims 4 Horns CC Mods: Horns & Antlers

In fact, it is the best part of this collection.

Valhallan’s Bloodtotem Horns are extremely well-designed and very terrifying.

They extend across to the edges of the head of the Sim, like powerful, dazzling wings. The words can’t describe how majestic impressive, powerful, and straight-up majestic these objects are.

They’re similar to antlers from the earth. They’re just fewer deer, plus Goddess from the Forest.

20. Hathor Headband

Hathor Headband 26 Best Sims 4 Horns CC Mods: Horns & Antlers

The Hathor Headband is a set of Horn’s, but without the pressure to make your Sim appear as if they came from another planet.

The Hathor Headband is a charming simple accessory that gives your Sim a distinctive style.

Halloween celebrations parties, costume celebrations, or even for an in-game costume idea, you won’t be wrong with a headband that has horns.

19. Flapjack’s Ribbed Horns

03 cherryvanillasims recolor of flapjacks ribbed horns 26 Best Sims 4 Horns CC Mods: Horns & Antlers

the Flapjack’s Ribbed Horns are a fantastic option for those who believe that creatures sporting horns don’t have to be terrifying and vicious. 

Their tiny shape, delicate texture, and, of course, adorable colors are ideal for the gentle Sims who were born with horns on their heads.

The horns are modified to reflect what the creator describes as a component within”the “sorbet palette”.

This means that no longer are you required to settle colors for boring neutrals, or traditional red huesMix the colors and experiment with colorful hues!

18. Horns Pack of Azentase

12 horns pack by azentase sims 4 26 Best Sims 4 Horns CC Mods: Horns & Antlers

The horn CC pack is similar to Valhallan’s Qunari Horns, having different forms and a more uniform texture.

There are four variants: Panic, Bambous, Kleptomania, and Maniac.

They’re all different degrees of “curved” and “swept back,” which honestly makes these hairstyles look stunning with hairstyles that are in the same style.

Personally, I believe they look beautiful when paired together with Alpha CC hair (instead of Maxis Match styles).

17. Little Demon Horns the Rotteneyed Cerberus-Sims

11 little demon horns by rotteneyed and cerberus sims 1 26 Best Sims 4 Horns CC Mods: Horns & Antlers

If you thought the Goop Horns were too bright for the Sim’s colors and Flapjack’s ribbed horns were a bit big for their story, these Little Demon Horns may be just what you’re seeking.

They are also placed across the front (instead of being on the top of your head).

It’s quite cool that there are four variants here You can also combine up to two different variations for up to four Horns.

The perfect gift for the little monster who would like to be different from the rest. Maybe.

16. Fantasia Headdress by Suzue

09 fantasia headdress by suzue sims 4 26 Best Sims 4 Horns CC Mods: Horns & Antlers

Similar to Capricorn Horns by Screaming Mustard This Fantasia Headdress is basically horned with some bling.

Similar to Capricorn Horns, these appear delicate and elegant. They’re slim, long, and they drop just at the right angle at the tip.

15. Capricorn Horn Accessory

Capricorn Horn Accessory 26 Best Sims 4 Horns CC Mods: Horns & Antlers

The Capricorn Horn Accessories are ideal for those who have an affinity for Capricorns however, their style attracts anyone else!

Rings that sparkle to add some flair and a delicate marbled look You and all of your friends from Sims will look stunning. Sims will look gorgeous with their horns out.

14. Flapjack’s Small Horns

Flapjacks Small Horns 26 Best Sims 4 Horns CC Mods: Horns & Antlers

Horns do not need to be huge and flashy. For our Sims who like to play the main attraction at a gathering, These are the horns suitable for you.

Small Horns like those are adorable because they are tiny, and come in a sorbet-colored palette similar to Flapjack Horns we have discussed before.

They are an excellent option to add a unique accent to any of your Sims from your household.

13. Rein Headband made by Blahberry Pancake

08 rein headband by blahberry pancake 26 Best Sims 4 Horns CC Mods: Horns & Antlers

The previous model is more suited to realistic deer hybrids The present Rein Headband CC made by Blahberry Pancake is better for Holiday Costume Parties.

It’s made to look like a headband that has antlers and ears of deer. It also shows.

But it’s adorable, it’s distinctive, and is the perfect thing for your ugly Winterfest photoshoots with sweaters.

12. World of Warcraft Demon Hunter Horns

World of Warcraft Demon Hunter Horns 26 Best Sims 4 Horns CC Mods: Horns & Antlers

Is anyone here a lover of World of Warcraft? Even in the absence of a fan case, these unique horn designs are able to meet nearly any horn needs.

There are 6 possibilities to choose from with these horns. There are also 25 different colors available once you have found the right pair to match your Sims fashion. 

Pick from extravagant and big to subtle and simple. This selection of W.O.W-inspired Horns is certain to include all you need and more.

11. Trapping’s Antlers from Deetron Sims

07 trappings antlers by deetron sims 26 Best Sims 4 Horns CC Mods: Horns & Antlers

Here’s a cute and quick break from antlers and antlers.

In particular, the antlers have appeared in the CC.

If you’re creating a deer-human hybrid, or you’re looking to tell the story of the druid that can’t change shape to the fullest extent… Deetron Sims”Trapping’s Antlers” works well in both scenarios, and more.

These are simple and straightforward antlers resembling deer that rest on top of your Simmy head.

They’re also available for kids too. This means you can be a complete family if you wish.

10. Demon Horns V2

Demon Horns V2 26 Best Sims 4 Horns CC Mods: Horns & Antlers

The demon horns in this game are one of the most unique items you can find for your Sims. 

What makes these horns distinct is their intriguing design, standing tall and long, with a gorgeous texture that looks so good, you’ll forget they’re for demons.

They come in five colors that you can pick from with a brown hue for a natural-looking look and even a purple shade for something slightly more playful with the exact style you’ve been searching for.

9. Halloween Demon Horns

Halloween Demon Horns 26 Best Sims 4 Horns CC Mods: Horns & Antlers

While Halloween is over and gone in real life This set of Halloween Demon Horns is a great option all year long or at the next Halloween celebration to which your Sim is invited. 

The horns are one of the most popular in terms of the devil horns’ capabilities and they’re the classic red color that many of us associate with and come in adorable little nubs that you can put over the top of your Sims head.

Allow your Sim to showcase their sinister side The horns are certainly designed to do just that.

8. Crown of Horns by Nolan Sims

06 crown of horns by nolan sims 26 Best Sims 4 Horns CC Mods: Horns & Antlers

Let me hear you out. Technically, I can tell that this is a headpiece accessory that has horns, but not actual horns or antlers.

The way it looks is so stunning, I had to share it!

The placement of the crown’s horns appears to suggest that they are emerging from the actual head of your Sim. This is the aim, right?

7. Maleficent Horns

Maleficent Horns 26 Best Sims 4 Horns CC Mods: Horns & Antlers

An iconic Disney character is attainable to play within the Sims game! Maleficent your design could be complete without her distinctive hairstyle.

And what could be more awesome than this? Yes, these aren’t just hairstyles, but they’re the entire hairstyle of her!

Disney fans and lovers of the idea of putting horns on your character to the end of time.

The Maleficent Horns from Leah Lillith will be the perfect icing on the cake in the event that you decide to put a curse on your new princess.

6. Devilia Horns

Devilia Horns 26 Best Sims 4 Horns CC Mods: Horns & Antlers

The fun part of discovering new content can be found in finding the most original item that you can find within an area. It’s a fact in the case of The Devil’s Horns!

Get rid of the conventional concept of having only two horns. Instead this quartet of four, including two large and two small with a dazzling color scheme that can be used to create any kind of creature you’re looking to create, even fairy tales and the mermaids!

5. Goop Horns by Blahberry Pancake

Goop Horns

In keeping with the “small and delicate horns” trend The latest horns to join the trend are Blahberry’s The Goop Horns of Pancake.

The cute little nubs rest at the upper part of the Sim’s face and they’re absolutely adorable.

I’m thinking they’re referred to as goop due to the multi-colored lava on their tips resembling the word.

And I’ll add that the bright neon colors and the smooth edges sort of remind me of pastries.

They’re adorable. Find them.

4. Chain Horns

Chain Horns 26 Best Sims 4 Horns CC Mods: Horns & Antlers

If the horns you have aren’t enough for your needs, take a look at horns with an additional piece of jewelry to make them more interesting. 

Like the Capricorn Horns mentioned earlier, these horns come with, yes you read that right chains.

A more industrial-looking look as opposed to the horns that were embellished before, would be well for Sims who don’t want to appear cute and elegant. 

Pick from eight different colors that will give your Sim the perfect look to fit their personality and personality.

3. CherryVanillaSims Recolor of Flapjack’s Ribbed Horns

03 cherryvanillasims recolor of flapjacks ribbed horns 1 26 Best Sims 4 Horns CC Mods: Horns & Antlers

For those who aren’t averse to demons, devils, and horned races who do not wish to display their accessories, Flapjack’s unique mesh comes with four basic (yet elegant) designs of horns:

  • Ribbed
  • The smaller (if you really want subdued demon horns)
  • Thiccc, and
  • Thicc (forehead)

Each has its own distinct charm absolutely. However, they’re not available in numerous color choices.

2. Quinari Horns

Quinari Horns 1 26 Best Sims 4 Horns CC Mods: Horns & Antlers

We have another set of horns to give your Sim All distinct from each other and appear to be like they were inspired by the horned animals that we all recognize and admire. 

The Quinari Horns Collection provides nine different horn styles and shapes, so you can build a family that has horns an integral part of their heritage.

The horns were designed to look similar to Dragon Age: Inquisition, the horns are perfect for those who want to bring their love to their Sims and even for people who, generally believe that having horns is cool.

1. Horns Pack Vol 1

Horns Pack Vol 1 1 26 Best Sims 4 Horns CC Mods: Horns & Antlers

The collection of horns to select from, we’ve got an assortment of horns from The Horns Pack Vol 1 created by the Tumblr user Zanedia and the Sims 4.

The headpieces look as if they’re from a different world that is full of fantasies that are left to your imagination to come up with your own!

Furthermore, this option comes with a skin-like detail to make your work appear more authentic than horns alone could have achieved.

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