Sims 4: Road to Fame Mod Guide & Download

The Road To Fame mod is among the very finest that we have featured on SnootySims.

This mod is one of the most comprehensive and detailed on the market, and it also gives your Sims a superb celebrity lifestyle.

We can’t overstate how much your Sim will enjoy her new career as a singer.

Because of this, we felt it necessary to include it in our massive modifications and & CC library.

The “Road to Fame Mod” is available for download on this page.

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Let’s start with the basics: what is the Road To Fame Mod, and why should you attempt it?

  1. Upgrade your Sim’s career to that of a famous star.
  2. Many fresh musical exchanges
  3. More content and unlockable features

If you’re even somewhat interested in singing, you should try out the Road To Fame mod.

Please give this mod a shot if you’re searching for something different and fresh to try in The Sims 4.

Here’s a rundown of everything you’ll discover in the Road to Fame addon!

It’s important to note that this mod requires the City Living add-on in order to function properly.

Road To Fame Mod Professional Singing Skill

The Professional Singing talent, which can be learned and leveled up, is a new addition to the game with the Road To Fame patch.

With this mod, your primary occupation will be that of a pop or rock star, which means that you will spend most of your time singing.

That’s not all, though!

Day-to-day shifts become increasingly apparent the further along you go in a singing career.

If your Sim becomes a local celebrity, they may be subjected to unwanted attention from the media or scathing criticism on their simstagram account.

The level of your celebrity will be represented by your Professional Singing talent.

So, if you want to make history with your voice, you need to practice nonstop.

So, here’s what you can anticipate from it.

Road To Fame Mod Levels And Interactions

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Level 0

  1. Practice Professional Singing

Level 1

  1. Write lyrics
  2. Record songs on a recording set (requires to have lyrics first)

Level 2

  1. Upload songs to Simlishcloud
  2. Respond to comments on Simlishcloud
  3. Purchase lyrics
  4. Sing to impress
  5. Sell song (to a targeted Sim)
  6. Unlock more songs

Level 3

  1. Perform for tips
  2. The Song of Love
  3. Hire back-up dancers (they dance when the Sim performs on stage)

Level 4

  1. Record multiple songs at the studio
  2. Work on albums
  3. Release albums

Level 5

  1. Deliver singing telegrams

Additional Actions

There is an additional twist to the gameplay provided by the Professional Singing skill.

An intriguing bonus feature, HitBeat Points, is included.

Simply said, your HitBeat Points will grow everytime you engage in a singing encounter.

When your HitBeat Points total reaches 100, you’ll begin receiving concert invitations.


It is possible to host genuine events, such as concerts, at your venue.

It’s preferable to construct your own stage, but if you’re in a hurry, you can always borrow one from the Gallery.

The “Fan Indicator” should be used to direct the audience to a position in front of the stage.

It’s also possible to rent out a public space and hold the performance there.

When you perform, not only will there be a large number of Sims that are true fans, but there will also be photographers following you around to get the best shots.

A musical performance for them is required.

Every aspect of the concert has its own set of objectives, all of which must be met for it to be considered a success.

You may become famous and earn 10,000 Simoleons by completing a concert event.


The Sims 4’s Road To Fame mod is the best option for creating a famous Sim.

It’s so fascinating and exciting that you can’t help but be completely immersed in it.

All of the intricate exchanges felt extremely “real-life” to us, and we loved them for it.

The Sims 4 community could need more people who can perform in front of an audience, endorse products, and serve as role models for other Sims.

Everyone, whether they’re a first-time player or a seasoned pro, should check out the Road to Fame mod.

You’ll be glad you did it afterwards.

Best of luck in your Sims games!

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