20 Sims 4 Short Female Hairstyles CC & Mods

Short hair conjures up images of cuteness.

Trendy, Modern, Unique, Low-maintenance.

And a half-dozen or so more synonyms for “cool,” as well.

I think you’re right.

Short hair, especially when done creatively, has an aura of casual cool about it.

In the same spirit, I’ve chosen to compile a list of the finest short CC haircuts for girls in The Sims 4 — in no particular order this time.

They’re worth a look!

20. Disanity-Sims Farren Hair

20 farren hair girl glasses cc sims4 20 Sims 4 Short Female Hairstyles CC & Mods

It’s a lovely, distinctive bob cut by Disanity-Sims’ Farren that says “eclectic,” “trendy,” and “cool.”

Straight, short hair is combed back in multiple parts and carefully wrapped up to provide the desired look.

Considering how low-maintenance short hair is, it’s unlikely that you’ll see it tied up or groomed very often.

So now I see why this particular hairdo is so uncommon.

However, this Farren CC stands out even more because of it.

A flower-crown-like accessory is also included, which you can locate in Hats.

Or, you could just go out and get a genuine crown. Isn’t your Sim lady a king or queen?

Colors: 18 EA colors to choose from.

No mesh is required.

19. Syaovu Niccole Hair

19 maxis match syaovu hairdo cc 20 Sims 4 Short Female Hairstyles CC & Mods

Syaovu’s Niccole hair, another of my personal favorites, makes up for the dearth of blunt-cut bobs on this list.

The ends of this hairstyle truly stick outwards, unlike most of the other objects on this page (as opposed to curling or swooping inwards).

In addition, it has been straightened into a sleek style.

This isn’t a place for soft waves or tight curls.

Because of its length and “clayified” texture, I think the bluntness of this maxi suit works nicely.

This one comes with a nice bobby pin as well.

The good news is that you can now locate it on the Accessories section of the website.

Colors to Choose From: Hair: 18 EA colors; 38 custom colors for accessories.

No mesh is required.

18. Anto Thorns Hair

7c0bebfade54f5dd81dd84f1ad2312e3 20 Sims 4 Short Female Hairstyles CC & Mods

Anto’s Thorns hair is another example of a “mom” hairdo that works well on Sims with longer or angular features.

Instead of being “approachable mother” like Lois’ hair, this CC is more “momma that mastered the work/life/self balance.”

The alpha CC texture enhances the clean, elegant, and modern appearance of this hairdo.

This one has a lot of light blues and some unusual greens in its color scheme.

The brownish-red swatch, on the other hand, is my favorite.

18 unique colors are available for you to choose from.
No mesh is required.

17. Greenllamas Lois Hair

921a199b73ae97f3bbbe8f9155566c8a 20 Sims 4 Short Female Hairstyles CC & Mods

If you’re looking for a style that screams “mom next door,” then Greenllamas’ Lois hair CC is a clear choice (if there is such a thing).

The hairstyle’s inventor defines it as “hair that can make anyone seem like a mother.”

In this case, I’d have to agree with you.

However, this isn’t necessarily a negative aspect.

Anybody can appear like Willow Creek’s nicest Momma Sim thanks to the subtle dips, small poofs, and adorable side-parts.

Finally, there’s the adorable flower clip accessory that comes with it (which you can locate in Hats, if you’re curious).

Colors: 18 EA colors to choose from
No mesh is required.

16. Greenllamas Soleil Hair

soleil 20 Sims 4 Short Female Hairstyles CC & Mods

The Soleil hair is a favorite of this designer’s. And it’s easy to understand why.

It’s similar to Maple in appearance, but it’s much shorter and more curly.

Soleil’s hair is, in fact, “crimped,” but only in the sense that there are some noticeable curls tucked away within the waves.

In contrast to Maple, Soleil is more likely to make your Sim appear like a typical high school girl.

Honestly, it gave my Sim a more friendly and welcoming appearance (which is a far cry from her usual look, believe me).

Colors: 18 EA colors to choose from
No mesh is required.

15. Greenllamas Maple Hair (+ Bonus Ombre Accessory)

maple 20 Sims 4 Short Female Hairstyles CC & Mods

This style is a real pleasure.

A center part and delicate waves characterize the vanilla Maple haircut.

If you’ve got a heart-shaped face or a triangle-shaped face, this is the perfect hat for you.

With its rounded and wide-set face forms, the top is versatile enough.

There are just 18 maxi match colors available, which isn’t as wide a selection as I’d like, but it’s still plenty for most people.

The best part, though, is yet to come.

This download comes with a free “ombre accessory.”

In essence, it’s a means to recolor the ends of vanilla Maple hair.

As a result, you end up with an ombre hairdo that perfectly complements the softly ruffled waves.

EA offers an additional 18 color variations for the ombre accessory.

Because the ombre accessory doesn’t have to match the base color, even the most daring simmer should be able to find something they love when it comes to color combinations.

Optional Colors: Maple Weave: All 18 EA shades | Ombre Accessory: 18 EA color options
No mesh is required.

14. Marsosims’ Nahi Hair

nahi hair 20 Sims 4 Short Female Hairstyles CC & Mods

Nahi, a member of Marsosims, continues the full-bangs, tucked-behind-one-ear motif with another full-bang.

This is unquestionably a classic bob.

Hair is teased inwards, the ends are neatly tucked away and bangs are brushed to one side.

Sims of all ages will find this hairstyle to be both stylish and easy to maintain.

I’m a fan of how it exudes a sense of effortless style.

Because of this, it’s probably best suited to Sims with laid-back personalities.

It looks stunning in auburn and blonde, in particular.

Colors: 18 EA colors to choose from
No mesh is required.

13. Marsosims’ Sehana Hair

13 20 Sims 4 Short Female Hairstyles CC & Mods

The Sehana hair CC from Marsosims is a must-have for anybody who loves retro, vintage, or Pin-Up Girl styles.

Your hair in loose curls with long bangs and one side tucked under your ear for a fun look?

This haircut is so adorable that you can use all the synonyms for “cute” in this paragraph.

It looks excellent on just about everyone, although I think the curls at the ends look best on faces that are softer or rounder.

It’s your life, after all, and your tastes are supreme, so do as you like!

Colors: 18 EA colors to choose from
No mesh is required.

12. Simmerstesia’s Tangerina (part of Organic Flavors Hair Dump)

12 20 Sims 4 Short Female Hairstyles CC & Mods

This form of hairdo, known as a tangerina, screams attention to itself.

It’s huge, bold, and unafraid of being who it is.

An undercut and tight, bouffant curls stacked carelessly to one side.

This haircut is unlike any other.

Exactly what I want in a style for Sims that are unapologetically themselves: a distinct, diversified look.

Sims with pronounced cheekbones look quite stunning in this color.

There are five package files to be downloaded from the URL.

The package file with the name TANGERINA should be the one you click on.

The other three package files or the “organic flavors hair dump (all hairs)” RAR file must be downloaded if you want all four hairstyles (and I don’t blame you; they’re all amazing).

Colors: 18 EA colors to choose from
No mesh is required.

11. Meghewlett’s Yukino Hair in NoodlesCC Sorbet Remix Palette

11 20 Sims 4 Short Female Hairstyles CC & Mods

Meghewlett uses Yukino hair in her Sorbet Remix Palette for a charming, innocent appearance.

With the addition of the 76 new custom colors and the 18 EA colors, the total number of available colors rises to an astounding 94.

Also, you may be sure that the swatch collection has something for everyone.

Do you want your hair to be green?

Emerald, lime, turquoise, and seafoam green are all options.

It’s not enough to be blonde.

Straw yellow, golden yellow, and sunflower are among the colors available.

Natural and neutral shades in this palette have me drooling.

We’ll be here for a while.

Regardless, the three-bang bob is a lovely and stylish style.

With all of the hues of the rainbow, though, it will appear much better.

Colors to Choose From: Sorbet Remix has 76 custom colors, whereas Yukino has 18 EA colors.
Yukino’s mesh is required.

10. Gabbie Hair by aharris00britney

8b5987766189cfd792a114cc1bb3d700 20 Sims 4 Short Female Hairstyles CC & Mods

A particular favorite of mine is here.

I don’t know what more to say.

I’m a great fan of naturally curly hair and thick, full locks.

Gabbie CC hair by aharrisoobritney ticks all the boxes, and then some.

The maxis match texture enhances the beauty of this loosely curled haircut.

The waves, the shorter bits, and the untamed strands are all well delineated.

And the braided design on the left is really appealing to me.

It’s a little but incredibly distinctive strand of hair that gives the hairstyle its unique look.

While the curls look great in dark hues, I think bright colors really enhance the side braids.

Colors: 18 EA colors to choose from
No mesh is required.

9. Kismet’s Oceans and Clouds (Revamped)

9 20 Sims 4 Short Female Hairstyles CC & Mods

This CC’s hair comes in three variations, all of which are essentially the same.

The most notable variation is the range of available colors.

The texture is the next huge difference, but it isn’t as noticeable.

An aesthetically disheveled, bob-length Clouds hairstyle by Kismet is available for purchase.

The hair’s pattern works so well with the maxis match texture because it accentuates the strands’ randomness.

Others appear to have been put into position with a casual hand, while others stick straight out.

Innocent, contemporary, and casual at the same time, it’s a unique cut that somehow fits.

In comparison to the Clouds version, Kismet’s Oceans CC is a bit longer and a bit wider. However, it’s short enough that we may include it in our list as well. ‘

In addition, she reworked the Clouds’ hair to give it a more “clayified” look.

All three alternatives – Oceans, Clouds, and Clouds Revamped – appear to be stunning in their own right.

In the end, your choice will come down to personal preference.

EA has a wide variety of unique colors to choose from, including a total of 36 for the clouds, as well as two for the oceans.

Neither Oceans nor Clouds necessitate mesh.

8. Sul—Sul’s Conjure Hair

8 20 Sims 4 Short Female Hairstyles CC & Mods

If you want to give your female Sim a more youthful appearance, the Sul—Conjure Sul’s hairdo is an excellent choice.

It may appear plain from the front.

But from the other side?

That’s where all the character is located!

There are just 13 custom colors available for this hairdo’s color swatches.

Even so, they’re all intriguing, especially the tangerine orange and the one with a mix of pink, purple, and orange.

13 different unique color options.

No mesh is required.

7. BLZ’s Roxanne Hair (+ Bonus Unicorn Hair Retexture by Margeh-75)

7 20 Sims 4 Short Female Hairstyles CC & Mods

Roxanne hair from BLZ joins Eric hair from S-Club in the Undercuts United (along with Margeh-75’s Unicorn Hair retexture for extra fun colors).

Let’s take a closer look.

Margeh-75’s Unicorn Hair retexture caught my eye because of the vibrant hues.

The original mesh is required, though.

We present Roxanne, an alpha CC undercut with various two-tone choices from the talented stylists at BLZ Hair (specifically for the roots and bangs).

Adding the Unicorn Hair retexture will give you even more exciting color possibilities than installing only Roxanne.

There are a variety of tri-colored (and even four-colored) combinations, but they all work.

There are 14 custom colors and 8 custom colors for unicorns.

No mesh is required for the original hairstyle.

Roxanne is in need of mesh (for the Unicorn Hair Retexture).

6. Wingssims’ Wings-OE0202

6 20 Sims 4 Short Female Hairstyles CC & Mods

Similar to the Alicia hair, the Wings-OE0202 CC from Wingssims has a very fashionable and elegant look.

Short bangs are worn with the hair parted to the right and clipped just above the earlobes.

There is a definite sense that this hair is wavy and difficult to manage, but it actually works in its favor.

The bangs that sweep in and out are my favorite style.

I think it gives a lot of character to the overall appearance.

It also serves to frame the face while revealing just enough.

Wingssims’ other Wings hairdo has the same color scheme as this one (the OE0528 one).

It’s a stunning collection of softly desaturated peaches and pinks and subdued blondes.

The soft, fluffy quality of the ends really adds to the peaceful-clouds-and-cotton-candy mood of the scarf.

Custom Colors: 20 colors to choose from.

No mesh is required.

5. Alicia Hair by Liliili

5 20 Sims 4 Short Female Hairstyles CC & Mods

Looking for a hairdo that perfectly reflects the dragon lady nature of your Sims?

Then Liliili’s Alicia hair is the one for you.

Short, gently parted hair that finishes just above the chin.

And it’s the greatest way to describe what I mean when I say “I-mean-business”.

Crisp and clear lines.

The strands are beautifully arranged.

Side bangs that cover only a little portion of the face are another an option.

This hairdo is just so fashionable and stylish.

Colors: 18 EA colors to choose from.

No mesh is required.

4. Dua Hair + Flower Accessory by Jao Custom Content

4 20 Sims 4 Short Female Hairstyles CC & Mods

This CC is a must-have if you’ve got a Sim residing in or planned to reside on the Sulani island paradise.

Flowing to just over the shoulders, Jao’s Dua hair is full and beautiful.

Their rich and opulent feel is further accentuated by the maxi-match texture.

The CC’s color palette is restricted to 16 EA colors, but what’s the big deal?

I can’t complain about the hair because it looks so wonderful.

To top it all off, there are 14 distinct color options for the extra flower accessory (located in Hats, not Accessories).

That’s a good number of selections to choose from, in my opinion.

The combination of the red blossom and blue-green hair is quite appealing to me.

You know how it shouts, “I’m a mermaid secretly!”?

16 EA colors and 14 accessories colors are available.

No mesh is required.

3. Wingssims’ Wings-OE0528 (+ Bonus Ombre Hair Retexture by Lisaminicatsims)

3 20 Sims 4 Short Female Hairstyles CC & Mods

I’ve never seen a more beautiful color palette for a short, wispy, whimsical haircut than Wingssims’ Wings-OE0528.

More than half of the 20 unique colors are variations of light blonde, light strawberry blonde, and light peach yellow.

This haircut, with its soft waves and delicately curled tendrils, appears effortlessly ethereal and exquisite when it’s styled this way.

A lot of E’s there!

I’ve tried it on people with round faces and people with angular faces, and this style works on both.

Additional retextures of this hair are available from Lisaminicatsims.

Just like the original hues, there are now 12 bespoke ombre choices.

It’s hard to describe the uniqueness of the color combinations — like cotton candy pink, ocean blue, and seafoam beige, and dawn orange, and dark purple.

It’s a visual pleasure that you won’t soon forget.

Custom color options include: 20 solid colors and 12 gradations of those solids in an ombre effect.

No mesh is required for the original hairstyle.

To retexture the wings, a mesh is required.

2. S-Club’s Eric n22 Hair

2 1 20 Sims 4 Short Female Hairstyles CC & Mods

For your cool and edgy Sim, how about an undercut?

I believe it’s wonderful that this hair may be worn by both men and women.

The alpha CC texture and color swatches complement the pushed-to-the-side design.

There are only 13 different custom colors to choose from, so they’re quite restricted.

When it comes to tints, there isn’t a lot to choose from.

Somber, straw-colored hues appear to be its preference.

Putting that aside, this haircut is just perfect for a motorcycle-loving chick because it is so distinctive and individual.

13 different unique color options.

No mesh is required.

1. Newsea Footprint Retexture by Aveira

cb7557900a1488f35e6489583b6d5d77 footprint hair 20 Sims 4 Short Female Hairstyles CC & Mods

A short, layered haircut with wispy tips and a crazy side-part appeals to everyone, right?

Newsea Footprint hair was retextured by Aveira to include 70 different colors, and each one is a stunner!

Naturals, neutrals, darks, and light colors may all be found here.

Swatches with softer, more vibrant hues are my favorite. Because they give the hair a really quirky appearance.

There is no need to download the mesh separately because it is included in the download link.

70 different unique color options.

Included in the Download Link: Mesh

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