21 Best Sims 4 Vampire Mods & CC

Vampires have been a part of our collective for hundreds upon hundreds of years. At least, they have been in some way.

They are so popular now (thanks to Twilight), it’s not surprising that they found their way into The Sims 4.

This was a huge content update that included new goals, traits, and many CAS additions. Yet, many people don’t have enough.

21. Modification for Child Vampire Manifestation by Dipper

Modification for Child Vampire Manifestation by Dipper

Mod from Dipper gives Vampire Children greater powers. Image courtesy Dipper at Mod The Sims

What is more frightening than a vampire? Vampire children, of course. Vampire Sims can have children in Sims 4.

However, vampire abilities and traits only start to manifest in your Sims’ teens. This mod fixes that problem and allows your Vampire children to feed on other Sims.

It’s now a family affair!

  • Vampire children can transform other Sims with enough skill, creating a creepy effect.
  • The mod adds the thirst requirement while removing the hunger and bladder energy needs. Your child Sims will need to drink plasma in order to remain alive.
  • This mod allows you to age your vampire Sim and will eventually cause death.

20. Temerion: Kill the Other Vampires

Vampire can kill Vampire

Vampiric Duels in Temerion’s mod can cause death. Image courtesy Temerion at Mod The Sims

This mod increases the stakes of vampire duels by making your Sims win.

A win for your Sim will result in the death of the challenger. Your Sim will win a Mourn Enemy Mooodlet and a tombstone when they win. 

This mod is quick and easy to give your vampire sims an extra boost in power and confidence.

  • The mod will kill one vampire, but your vampire will be safe if they lose. Also, the mod won’t run independently, so this mod is risk-free.
  • Vlad’s persistent pestering may finally be stopped by someone.

19. Daywalker Mod by Twisted Mexi

Daywalker Mod by Twisted Mexi

Twisted Mexi’s mod allows you to avoid accidentally crisping your Vampire Sims. Image courtesy of Twisted Mexi at Mod The Sims

This mod is very simple and easy to use. It allows you to extend your playtime with your vampire Sims. (Daytime is too long for our undead family) 

You can invite your Vampire Sims to daytime pool parties in summer without having to fry them.

  • Although there is an immunity to sunlight reward in Sims 4, it only applies to high-ranking vampires. This allows you to skip the tedious work of ranking and earning points, and just enjoy the benefits of day-walking.
  • Because they didn’t arrive in time, you no longer have to run the risk of accidentally killing their Vampire Sim.

18. Letisiya-Blood Not Plasma Mod

 Letisiya-Blood Not Plasma Mod

This mod by Letisiya can turn plasma into the bloodstream. Image courtesy of Letisiya at Mod The Sims.

We love the Sims because of their innocence. There is always a little humor in dealing with adult content. 

Simmers often seek mods to enhance their gameplay and add authenticity to their games

However, it does not include the gore for those who don’t want to get too involved in the real world.

  • The drinking blood option adds a touch of reality to your Sim’s vampire lifestyle.
  • You can still make Blood Fruit Salad just like you did with the plasma.

17. Vampire Sun Immunity

Vampire Sun Immunity

What is it that sets Twilight and Sims 4 vampires apart?

The TS4 vampires die in seconds, while Twilight’s just… sparkle.

This mod by RevyRei won’t make your vampires shine.

However, it will make them more resistant to UV rays.

Your trendy Millenial nosferatu will now be able to enjoy the beach, picnics, and Coachella with the team without having to worry about the Reaper coming after them.

16. Vampires – Free Perks

Vampires - Free Perks

This modder Baibaihe has another cheaty, but very useful, addition to your Sims 4 mod collection.

You probably guessed from the name that this makes all vampire perks completely free. This means you don’t have to spend any points to be the greatest vampire you ever were.

It is ideal for cheating outright or softening the vampirism difficulties by purchasing stuff like Tamed Thirst, so you don’t have to kill.

You can also choose a more moderated version, which only reduces the cost of the perks and does not eliminate them. It’s still not game-breaking.

15. Vampires – No Weakness

Vampires - No Weakness

Why stop there? Why not remove all negative aspects of vampirism as well?

These mods are meant to allow you to play around with no restrictions or worries.

Didn’t Sim the immortal being that had fun?

You can also make Sims with all of your weaknesses, which is a miserable being filled with hatred and frustration. Why?

I don’t know.

You must do it.

14. Slower Thirst Decay

Slower Thirst Decay

Do you ever feel like your vampires can be a little greedy?

A couple of neck sips per week should suffice to keep them going.

Yet, they seem to love to drink the entire neighborhood.

This small modification by Baibaihe will make your vampire’s thirst motivation half as fast. 

You don’t need to be afraid of losing your life hunting during the middle of the night.

Yes, it is possible to make plasma packs. Who wants to hunt so many frogs?!

13. Turn Into Vampire Always Succeeds

Turn Into Vampire Always Succeeds 1 21 Best Sims 4 Vampire Mods & CC

A minor problem that vampire Sims might encounter from time to time, is trying to make someone a vampire but failing.

Particularly during the day.

This modder Couch makes it easy to transform another Sim into a night-time denizen. If you wish, you can turn anyone in your town into a blood-bound slave.

12. Plasma Fruit Pack

Plasma Fruit Pack

A Plasma Pack is a way for a vampire not to have to feed another Sim. It involves converting frogs and fish into bootleg blood bags.

Isn’t it unfair to them?

LittleMsSam, a prolific creator, certainly believes so.

This is why she created this mod to allow you to take Plasma Fruit and make Plasma Packs instead of eating it straight.

They are 50% more effective at quenching thirst than homemade Plasma Packs made from the previously mentioned critters.

This is the ideal option for Sims who have aspirations to be Good Vampires.

11. Vampires, Stop pestering me!

Vampires, Stop pestering me! sims 4

After installing the Vampires Game Pack, you will notice one thing: they are very determined to consume you at all times.

They will make unsolicited calls, invite you to dark places, and even break into homes to seduce you every second day.

They can be too much for sims.

This mod by Vwaryloth allows you to rest assured that vampires won’t enter your home. Vlad will leave you alone and they’ll stop being creepy towards your home.

10. Harvestable Heart Tree

Harvestable Heart Tree 1 21 Best Sims 4 Vampire Mods & CC

This mod by IceMunMun is meant to be a Valentine’s Day celebration for vampires. It introduces edible Vampire Hearts to quench their thirst.

It can also be used to make vampire food, provided that the recipe uses fruits.

These heart-shaped trees can be planted and nurtured by you.

They may also grow other types of heart fruit that glow different colors and give you moonlets such as flirty and happy.

It adds to the enjoyment.

9. Airianna’s Vampire Tweaks

Airianna's Vampire Tweaks

A few things about vampire gameplay are just plain absurd.

These Vampire Tweaks from modder Airianna allow Vampires to use Dark Meditation to replenish their Vampire Energies whenever they are not using them.

Some traits, such as Never Weary and Hardly Hungry, have been modified to affect Thirst Energy and Vampire Energy in the same manner that they affect normal sims.

8. Vampire Powers

Vampire Powers

This immersive mod by LittleMsSam is a better alternative to installing a mod that makes you avoid the sun and requires you to drink human blood.

This mod adds a few extra powers to vampires’ energy, such as enabling them to reflect in the mirror, stopping their uncontrollable hissing, and making them immune to sunlight.

These effects last seven days and then fade. These effects are perfect for when your sim can’t attend a particular daylight event.

7. KM Vampire Eyes

KM Vampire Eyes

KM Vampire Eyes can be a great option if you are looking for more variety in the looks of your vampire Sims.

KittyMeow’s mod adds 10 eye colors and a few variations. These are available for all sims, but can only be used on vampires.

One of the most unusual is a pair that turns the sclera (the white part of the eye) completely dark black. This creates a striking contrast with the bright iris colors.

6. Vampirify – Vampire Creation Spell

Vampirify - Vampire Creation Spell

Learning as much about vampires is vital in a world that has them realizing their existence is possible.

This is something that all magicians should be aware of.

This mod by R3Mallows spellcasters to learn vampire lore and eventually obtain the Vampirify spell. This spell turns anyone into a vampire and makes the spellcaster their master.

All this, even though they are not bloodsuckers. Dark, yeah?

They’ll also be able to turn vampire denizens into normal people, and thus gain the bonus of reverse vampirism.

5. Vampires Can Kill

Vampires Can Kill

This mod by Zero, despite being called “Vampires Can Kill”, is a collection of vampire-related tweaks. It goes beyond whether drinking blood can kill a person.

Its main feature is the ability to over-drink and potentially kill other sims. It can happen by accident or on purpose.

It’s not an accident, I’m sure. All those years of lifting the ladder from the pool?

The most intriguing addition to this mod is the transformation of all sims into cattle by using the Manipulate Life Spirit interaction.

4. Immersive Vampires

Immersive Vampires

Immersive Vampires is another mod by Zero, a vampire-lover, and modder.

This makes it more realistic and more fun to live as a vampire sim.

This adds a new dimension to the vampire game by allowing you to confide your vampire nature to Sims.

But not all Sims will react in the same way. They all have different opinions about vampirekind, based on their past experiences and traits.

Although you can convince them that vampires aren’t so bad, it won’t always work. 

Some might even go on to become vampire hunters, making it their life’s work to uncover you and your species.

3. Event: Vampire Initiation Ritual

Event: Vampire Initiation Ritual

It is not a good idea to try and become a vampire.

You are becoming immortal. This is at least as important as a wedding!

Polish creator IlkaVelle decided to host an event with both vampires and humans.

If you have a successful turning party, you will receive a large starter pack that includes Plasma Packs, Plasma Fruits, and the Ultimate Vampire Tome.

You also get a Coffin so that you can rest in peace. It’s so sweet.

2. Darkside Vampire Career

Darkside Vampire Career

Rumors circulated about the Darkside Club all over town.

This nightclub is new and has a secret: it’s an entertainment hub for vampire operations.

This mod by TiaraM opens up three career paths that all start at the Darkside.

It’s up to your choice whether you want to be a vampire, become a denizen, or dedicate your life to hunting them.

My dream job is to be a premium vampire escort and get paid to let them suck my blood. At least it’s better than McDonald’s.

1. Bloodborne Aspiration

 Bloodborne Aspiration

This mod, by Sresla, is based on vampires: “Don’t Sleep Alone: Your Guide for Meeting, Dating and Seducing a Vampire.”

Elizabeth Barrial wrote it. It introduces a new goal for vampire sims who are determined to discover the truth about their ancestry.

It’s also a nightmare.

You will go through many stages learning about vampires, and then completing tasks that slowly reveal the truth about your Vampiric caste.

The Bloodborne aspiration could be the perfect way to add narrative structure to your adventures.

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