21 Sims 4 Wedding Dresses CC & Mods

First of all, I want to say congratulations! This article indicates that you’re getting ready to get married to your love of life. That’s right, it’s your Sim’s love regardless. Isn’t that wonderful?

After many pick-up lines flirting and WooHooing in the bushes, Your Sim is finally popping the question.

You’re now looking for the perfect wedding dress. Your spouse must likely have agreed and you weren’t embarrassed to death. You’re doing a great job!

All that’s left is to plan the wedding simply, you think? Wrong.

I’ve witnessed Simmers working hard on wedding preparations. From downloading numerous bouquets to designing the entire venue from scratch it’s admirable to witness the number of effort put into the perfect wedding.

If there’s something more laborious than planning the perfect wedding venue, it’s selecting the bride’s dress.

If you’re set with your hair and makeup then you’re half completed. The next step is to focus on the other 50 percent which is the dress. 

To help you make your dream Sim wedding into a real thing I’ve collected the top custom-designed content dresses that will cut your space.

Don’t forget to invite me to the big day, okay?

21. Bella Dress

bella dress mod sims4 21 Sims 4 Wedding Dresses CC & Mods

Belle’s gown from the live-action Beauty and the Beast has everyone imagining the chance to wear something like the one we saw on the screen. 

While that might will not happen for many of us, our Sims can wear the dress!

With gloves that match and the famous yellow that we’ve all fallen in love with, being a Disney Princess on your wedding day is the most romantic thing to be in.

20. Gram Set

gram set sims4 21 Sims 4 Wedding Dresses CC & Mods

It’s the Gram Set is the perfect setting for your Sim who is trying to be as over high as they can- and they’re not shy about it! 

The dress is a fashion statement that one would expect to find on a red carpet, including its beaded detail that is found everywhere on the dress, the mesh collar, waistline with a belt as well as an elongated cape hanging off the skirt!

There is no white wedding dress here! Instead, this Gram Set comes in a beautiful royal blue shade ideal for creating an impression that lasts for a long time after your Sim gets married to their true love.

19. Enna Dress

enna dress mod sims4 21 Sims 4 Wedding Dresses CC & Mods

Who doesn’t want the classic mermaid-style dress? It’s the perfect dress for people who like to look just a bit more, but not too much- it’s the perfect combination of both! 

In Enna Dress The Enna dress you can display all their curves without being too visible ideal for the time their grandparents and parents show up at the wedding reception.

Contrary to other wedding gowns, this one has sleeves, making this dress a great wedding dress as the snow starts to fall!

18. Edwardian Wedding Dress

edwardian wedding dress mod sims4 21 Sims 4 Wedding Dresses CC & Mods

The Edwardian wedding Dress is an excellent option for those who appreciate vintage fashions as well as gothic Sims. 

The lace collar, the exquisite attention to detail, as well as the gorgeous appearance, is all we would want when it comes to adding something unique to your Sims Wedding day!

It is important when dressing them for the occasion to wear an old-fashioned hat as well as classic teardrop earrings.

They will make the right impression. This gown is one that people are going to be discussing for quite a while.

17. Bohemian Wedding Dress

bohemian wedding dress sims4 21 Sims 4 Wedding Dresses CC & Mods

Indeed, people don’t want to have a traditional ceremony in the backyard, where you’re required to rearrange everything that’s already there to ensure that your Sims can be married. 

For those who like to change things up a bit, they’ll require an outfit as different as the wedding venue they envision.

This Bohemian Wedding Dress is an ideal choice for those who would like to host a wedding that is as fun and fun as the people who attend. 

This dress with a shortcut is a fantastic choice for Sims who prefer to hold their wedding during the warmer months and regardless of which color you choose to pick the Sim will be stunning in this elegant moment.

16. Amour Butterfly Dress

amour butterfly dress mod sims4 21 Sims 4 Wedding Dresses CC & Mods

Everyone would like a fun, fairytale wedding day. What could be more appropriate than a bridesmaid’s dress that’s covered head-to-toe in butterflies? 

The winged creatures will swarm around your Sim while they make their way across the skirt, creating a stunning dress.

It’s even more amazing that this dress isn’t only available in the traditional white color for those looking for something different from the norm. 

You can make their dream come true by wearing an outfit that’s unique in Amor Butterfly Dress!

15. Wedding Dress 9

wedding dress 9 sims4 21 Sims 4 Wedding Dresses CC & Mods

This list is starting with a strong entry by the renowned CC creator Colores Urbanos.

When you start looking to find wedding dresses CC you’ll notice that the majority of the content comes taken from the real-life designer.

Maybe that’s the reason why her creations are so stunning.

This wedding dress that is back to basics is the stuff of fairytales.

A strapless, white A-line dress is always an ideal bridal dress to match any theme for your wedding. It’s a secure choice, but it’s also a classic. 

The dress comes in 30 different colors which range from kiwi-green and hot pink. So get wild!

14. Lorena Wedding Collection

lorena wedding collections sims4 21 Sims 4 Wedding Dresses CC & Mods

This double threat collection from Beo is a stark contrast to the classic design of the dress previously worn.

Brides who wear pantsuits instead of gowns aren’t something new.

It’s unique, but also it’s bold and shouts female boss.

The beauty in this line is the double style.

If you’re not sure if you want to wear pants, you can opt for a high-low dress. In any case, you’ll have two stunning dresses in your collection!

13. Natasha Dress

natasha dress sims4 21 Sims 4 Wedding Dresses CC & Mods

Weddings don’t have to be extravagant.

A simple wedding ceremony in the backyard of a friend can be more romantic than a lavish wedding at a church.

In this instance, the Natasha Dress from Slyd would suffice to stun the stunning Sims.

Although it might not be the glamour of ball gowns, however, you’ll certainly be the center of attention for your bride-to-be or groom.


It’s that easy to do and the beauty of your Sim will be evident! Test it out if you doubt my assertion.

12. Romantic Wedding Gown

romantic wedding gown sims4 1 21 Sims 4 Wedding Dresses CC & Mods

With a dress title like Romantic Wedding Gown, you know that this post will be authentic.

It includes all the modern bridal gown basics such as a sweetheart neckline and A-line silhouette, as well as lacy embellishments.

It has a book style as well. The illusion neckline that fuses into long sleeves that fit snugly with lacing reaching to the back of your hand is so beautiful.

If this dress makes you feel lusty, make sure you arrange a wedding that is romantic to go with it.

11. Lily Dress

lily dress mod sims4 21 Sims 4 Wedding Dresses CC & Mods

Imagine Aphrodite If she were an individual character and was about to be married within the realm of The Sims.

Do you think that your Sim will look exactly like her in a game outfit? Do you think so?

If you’re looking to dress just like the Greek god of love you can purchase the CC to dress like one.

Syd has once again blown the roof off his sails in the Lily Dress designed by Lily-Rose Depp in Cannes 2017.

This dress will look better on the Sim than it does on the model.

10. ZM Inspiration

zm inspiration mod sims4 21 Sims 4 Wedding Dresses CC & Mods

Did I mention the fact that CC Beo’s creator Beo is an amazing designer who continues to delight us with exquisite wedding dresses? No?

Here we go again, this time with a distinctive design that made me think “Oh my god I’d like this.”

The transparent top of the gown is an unusual twist on the standard wedding dress. However, this is not the realm of The Sims.

This dress exudes sensual elegance. It’s a perfect shocker for the conservative Sim relatives.

9. Bridal 13

bridal 13 mod sims4 21 Sims 4 Wedding Dresses CC & Mods

This is a chic bridal gown that makes you appear like the Simoleons of the world, without cheating money!

Dressing in a dress with a mermaid shape is the ideal way to showcase the body’s shape.

If you’re Sim has curves that you want to show off with, then this tummy-plunging look will be the perfect match.

8. Katya Wedding Dress

katya wedding dress sims4 21 Sims 4 Wedding Dresses CC & Mods

If the dress on the left is a dramatic plunge, it’s the Katya Wedding Dress that took the plunge.

While the front has an elegant look the back shows that you’re a flirty bride.

The dress comes in six different colors ranging from pure-as-angel White to Hot Sauce Red.

Whatever dress code you’ve decided to use for your wedding, you must make sure you’re the most fashionable bride there!

7. Wedding Dress 12

wedding dress 12 21 Sims 4 Wedding Dresses CC & Mods

What’s more romantic than being the bride?

Being a bridesmaid and princess all at once.

There’s a reason that these dresses can also be known as princess-line dresses.

For the most important moments in your Sim’s life, This dress will only be worn one time. Maybe two times if you love dressing up.

The one-shoulder neckline and the back’s strappy finish are an elegant addition to the simple look.

Since Colores Urbanos developed this CC, it is expected to have 30 different designs to pick from. Best of luck!

6. Fiona Wedding Dress

fiona wedding dress mod 21 Sims 4 Wedding Dresses CC & Mods

I love this dress created by April.

It perfectly captures the iconic blushing bride look. If a bride can be all blushing, this blushing pink dress is the perfect option.

You’re probably making plans for a romantic garden-themed wedding right now, and this dress is sure to have your Sim looking stunning on your wedding day.

5. Vintage Wedding Dress

vintage wedding dress mod 21 Sims 4 Wedding Dresses CC & Mods

Oh, Beo You never stop dazzling Sim fans.

This is without a doubt among the best stunning designs I’ve seen for an elegant bridal dress CC.

Perhaps this is the tiered skirt retro look, or lacy sleeves off-the-shoulder. It’s all a work of art.

It’s a given there’s no doubt that your Sim will look nothing less than gorgeous as she is walking through the doorway. 

No matter whether it’s in a farmyard or mansion, or inside a dining room inside your home.

This dress can be adapted to match any style in your mind.

4. Wedding Dress 18

wedding dress 18 sims4 mod 21 Sims 4 Wedding Dresses CC & Mods

I might have a love for dresses with open backs. The mermaid-inspired dress makes me want to make this look.

The likelihood of me getting married to the Sim is very low, the chances of me marrying a Sim.

In addition to the lacing, it’s the single-shoulder strap that’s made of flowers that defines the look. 

I’m not saying that you or your Sim to wear it dress at the beach however that’s precisely what I’m suggesting.

3. Duchess of Cambridge Wedding Dress

duchess of cambridge wedding dress sims4 21 Sims 4 Wedding Dresses CC & Mods

In the year Kate Middleton married Prince William in the summer of 2007, she wore an iconic wedding dress. famous wedding gowns of all time.

Naturally, the cost of the gown was $434,000. Yikes.

If you’ve ever thought of something like the style of this royal dress If you do, then your Sim has a better chance.

There’s no price too high for a committed Sim After all. The CC is offered at no cost which means you’re in good hands!

If an official wedding of the queen is coming up If so, the Sim deserves nothing less than an elegant look.]

2. Gown with a low V-Cut

low v cut gown 21 Sims 4 Wedding Dresses CC & Mods

I thought a puffy skirt was not going to convince me. Here it is and I’m at 2.

It’s not designed specifically as an actual wedding dress, however, it certainly looks as if it was.

Simply add a bouquet and your Sim’s set to be a lady.

It’s a revealing dress, no doubt. However, it’s also sophisticated and beautiful.

With 20 different colors to pick from, this dress will be perfect for all occasions. However, it is best to reserve it for the wedding day initially.

1. Klaudia Wedding Dress

klaudia wedding dress 21 Sims 4 Wedding Dresses CC & Mods

They stayed happily forever!

The time has come to walk at the final step to present you with the most beautiful wedding dress CC that fits the TS4.

With a dress like that, what woman wouldn’t like to be married right there?

From its lace-trimmed top to the golden belt down to the flowing skirt, this dress has all the features you need to make your loved one look stunning and to say “I will.”

Slyd has gifted Simmers the wedding dress that is worthy of a Gold Medal.

In addition to the rewards that can be reaped the dress is a reward in itself. 

Let your Sim remain married and live happily ever after the wedding wearing this dress. 

Also, congratulations to the newlyweds!

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