What Is Sauce In Anime? Explained!

Keeping up-to-date with all the new anime series and manga is easy when you do it by using social media. You will receive regular updates on the latest news and what’s hot. The web is bursting with forum discussions about anime, and each will have its own unique features and similarities. 

However, one thing that is common to all of this community is the ad-hoc use of the term “sauce.” What is this sauce used for in anime? It is a term that often appears in many parts of the comment section of any anime article. 

I’m sure there have been numerous times when you’ve thought about why a tweet was overflowing with comments stating “sauce” and how the word came to be used.

The web is a huge space with users around the world sharing their knowledge. It is not long before things become viral and turn into “inside jokes” for many people. 

The anime community is expanding by the minute, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that there are a large number of memes and other references that are derived from anime. 

Even people who don’t use anime as a source have been making use of these references without knowing the source of their references.

The anime character “sauce” is among the most well-known quips. This is what the word “sauce” means and where the source is derived from.

What Exactly is “Sauce” in Anime?

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The term has been used in a slang sense for quite a while now. It is not uncommon to find at the very least one person who frequently uses the word under posts about anime. 

The word “sauce” in anime refers to the source of the word. When someone uses the word “sauce,” they are looking for the title of an anime or movie that is featured in the article. 

Although it can be a hassle to ask the entire query, many people make use of the word sauce and wait until someone who is a cultural weeb answer them with any info they require. Sneaky, right?

Saying sauce is extremely popular among manga and anime fans. It is possibly the most popular anime reference, along with terms such as “Otaku,” “Baka,” and “Ara Ara.” These words have become a standard for anime fans. 

Therefore, if you see someone commenting using “sauce” in a comment, ensure that you’re courteous and leave an e-mail address for the series in the comment.

How did this Started “sauce” Source?

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It’s been said that “sauce” is a reference to anime. This means that even the slang itself has its own “sauce” (see what I did there?). 

The term has been used for a long time, so when you think it’s an old anime, it’s probably true. But, it’s taken from a serious-minded anime rather than a comedy

The word sauce is derived from an anime entitled “Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex“. It is a futuristic-themed anime dating back to 2002. The show was produced with the help of IG Production and had quite a few fans. 

In Episode 9, a character states that he received information from a certain source. But, the other character asks him about the “sauce” he received from him and then mocks the character by asking whether it’s an oyster or a pork cutlet. 

Here’s a brief overview of the scene that led to one of the more famous anime references.

What happened to the idea of it all?

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It’s true that Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex was an extremely popular show. But there has to be someone who started it, or at least a place where it started.

The sauce in anime started in the same place that other references to anime, such as “nice boat,” started in 4Chan.

4Chan is a Chinese discussion forum that resembles Reddit. 

The posting of anime-related content was frequent, and people would usually post comments on these posts, asking for the source of the anime. 

A year ago, a specific user used the word in the first instance, and since then, a lot of users have used it instead of the word “source.” The term is still recognized in the Urban Dictionary today.

There are many excellent anime references, but the word “sauce” from anime is the clear winner as being the most well-known of these references.

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