Sims 4 Social Activities Mods

Social activities are enjoyable events that your Sims can take part in.

They can range from paying a visit to a pal to dropping off your pet at doggy daycare!

The Sims 4 social activities mod is a fantastic addition to the game, adding a lot of depth to the gameplay.

It’s truly wonderful to be able to go on a proper date or have some time away from your toddler with a babysitter.

We would love for you to try it out since it enhances many aspects of the game for us!

Sims 4 has not excelled in social gatherings, events, and family holidays.

Indeed, certain DLCs allow you to bring your family on trips while others provide entry to nightclubs.

Is that all there is to it? The Sims 4 social activities mod transforms everything!

Let’s dive deeper into the content of the Sims 4 social activities mod!

Here’s Something About Sims 4 Social Activities Mods

Firstly, I want to express my gratitude to the amazing creator LittleMsSam for developing and generously sharing this mod with the community. We adore her work as a mod and CC designer for The Sims 4. Her creations never fail to impress us. It’s safe to say she has once again exceeded expectations and definitely deserves your attention.

Click on the link to download the Sims 4 social activities mod!

Once the installation is complete, you’ll be able to access the social activities using your Sim’s phone. Simply click on the phone icon and choose the activity you’d like.

There are various categories of social activities available in this Sims 4 mod.

The activities cater to Sims of all ages, from adults to toddlers and pets. Let’s explore each category individually and discover all the social activities available!

Social Activities

Social Activities ds Sims 4 Social Activities Mods

This social category is accessible to all Sims in Sims 4, primarily utilized by adults. Keep in mind that all of these activities, except for “Go on a Date,” are pet-friendly.

Engaging in these activities will also help fulfill needs for enjoyment and social interaction. Another benefit is that your children always complete their homework while spending time with their friends.

  • Visit Friends
  • Visit Family
  • Visit Acquaintances
  • Visit Crush
  • Go On A Date

Activities For Toddlers

social activities toddler Sims 4 Social Activities Mods

In The Sims 4, toddlers are absolutely adorable, full of curiosity, and always bring joy and laughter. Indeed, infants are undeniably cute, but toddlers steal the spotlight with their endless energy and charming mischief that can warm anyone’s heart. Engaging in social activities with toddlers can be a time-saving solution. The mod also enables them to have a more sociable lifestyle in Sims 4!

  • Send to Daycare

Activities For Pet

social activities pet Sims 4 Social Activities Mods

It comes as no surprise that the primary new feature involves owning your own animals in the game. There are different options available for you to choose from. Do you prefer having a cat or a dog? Do you lean more towards being a raccoon-type-of-Sim?

The pet category is a positive improvement to enhance your experience. Both activities are highly beneficial, so be sure to incorporate them into your pet’s routine!

  • Send to Pet Sitter
  • Send to/Go to Dog Trainer


Social Activities vacation Sims 4 Social Activities Mods

In the vacations category, you will receive two social activities. You have the option to take a short trip with your whole family or just send your kids on one. Yet, the honeymoon vacation is exclusive to Sims who are married.

  • Mini Vacation
  • Honeymoon

Other Activities

The other activities category is definitely the most enjoyable of all. And that’s because there are numerous engaging activities to take part in. Check this out!

  • Hiking Trip
  • Music Concert
  • Circus
  • Cooking Competition
  • Art Exhibition
  • Read and Meet Book Group
  • Museum of Technology
  • Go to Church

Final Words

The Sims 4 social activities mod provides a wide range of enjoyable activities to engage in with your friends and family.

Our Sims now have the chance to travel with their family, bond, and create lasting memories.

Individuals can focus on improving their skills, addressing their needs, and reflecting on their values during these social activities to make the most of their time.

Although we are quite fond of this mod, we are eagerly awaiting an update for it.

There are numerous additional interactions that could be included, like riots or sleepovers. We suggest giving this mod a try and sharing your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

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