15 Sims 3: Late Night Apartments

This guide provides a brief overview of apartments in the latest expansion pack for Sims 3.

It would be beneficial to provide information on the location of the apartments. Is it possible for your sim to reside in the apartments?

Are there neighbors for your sim? Is it possible for you to construct an apartment complex? Even further than that, as well!

The apartment buildings in the game are essentially spacious structures with a home inside for your sim to reside in.

Even though the apartment building is in Bridgeport, you can easily move it to any city by accessing the “Edit Town” section in the “options” menu. Each apartment has its own unique qualities based on your selection.

Some complexes offer various bedroom options, with different sizes and layouts. Every apartment will include the essentials. If the apartment does not meet your expectations, feel free to redecorate your complex however you please.

This involves incorporating new furniture, updating floor tiles, and even constructing additional walls within your complex.

When attempting to enlarge your living space by incorporating additional elements like plants or walls beyond the designated area, you may encounter limitations.

A notification will appear stating that such modifications are not permitted according to the homeowners’ association regulations.

Ultimately, apartments operate much like any other house. To reside there, you must cover the costs to sustain life and ensure your sim’s well-being and contentment.

Living in a tall building with an awesome view and being only moments away from all of the action, trying out apartment living is definitely appealing.

Here are Some of the Best Sims 3 Late Night Apartments

15. The Tidewater: 2br, 2ba

apartment 15 15 Sims 3: Late Night Apartments
  • Address: 1787 Bayshore Highway
  • Lot size: 40×38
  • Occupied by: Hemlock

With some of the most stunning views in the city, The Tidewater is a frequent highlight on postcards from Bridgeport. While the building remains calm throughout the day, it truly comes to life at night.

14. Hieroglyph Condos: 1br, 1.5ba

apartment 14 15 Sims 3: Late Night Apartments
  • Address: 2707 Mall Street
  • Lot size: 36×33
  • Occupied by: Talon and Striker

This unique Egyptian Deco structure is located near the vibrant downtown scene and features some unconventional landscaping. Maybe a Sim who has journeyed to Egypt could provide the answer?

13. Off Ramp: 4br, 1ba

apartment 13 15 Sims 3: Late Night Apartments
  • Address: 2 Peak Parkway
  • Lot size: 30×49
  • Occupied by: Mixture of Good and Bad

Spared from demolition during bridge construction, The Off Ramp was saved by a last-minute design change. With all the residents gone, this building now has a youthful and trendy vibe.

12. Founders Peace: Studio, 1ba

apartment 12 15 Sims 3: Late Night Apartments
  • Address: 32 Canal Avenue
  • Lot size: 40×30
  • Occupied by: Shutter

Constructed as the counterpart to its more prestigious neighbor, Founder’s Peace was soon overshadowed by the massive bridge constructed alongside it. The residents frequently wear earplugs to sleep.

11. Sanguine Arms: 1br, 1ba

apartment 11 15 Sims 3: Late Night Apartments
  • Address: 9378 Sterling Parkway
  • Lot size: 40×40
  • Occupied by: Slayer

In a bustling city, Sanguine Arms appears to awaken after dark. Located near the Goth Gazebo, there have always been whispers of strange occurrences in this area, particularly when the moon is full.

10. Breach House: 2br, 1ba

apartment 10 15 Sims 3: Late Night Apartments
  • Address: 1101 Bayshore Highway
  • Lot size: 34×29
  • Occupied by: Atkins

The most prestigious apartment building in town, residing at Breach House signifies wealth… generational wealth. Once you secure an apartment in Breach House, you won’t want to let it go. There is no waiting list with any living individuals on it!

9. Raised Eyebrows: 4br, 5ba

apartment 9 15 Sims 3: Late Night Apartments
  • Address: 186 Windsor Drive
  • Lot size: 40×40
  • Occupied by: Littler

The two-story garage addition, complete with a mother-in-law apartment above, helped to improve the overall look of this quickly built house. However, the locals often refer to it as “Raised Eyebrows” due to the resemblance of the façade to an ornery face.

8. Two Leo Center: 1br, 1ba

apartment 8 15 Sims 3: Late Night Apartments
  • Address: 3203 Bennett Highway
  • Lot size: 36×35
  • Occupied by: Trill

Despite its newer construction and superior views, Two Leo Center always remains the second choice among Bridgeport’s top living spots.

7. Air Spray: 2br, 2ba

apartment 7 15 Sims 3: Late Night Apartments
  • Address: 152 Windsor Drive
  • Lot size: 40×40
  • Occupied by: Angelista

This contemporary house is perched on stilts to maximize the steep property, offering stunning city views, twin bedrooms, and several view decks. The traffic winds around three sides of the house, but it’s hardly noticeable.

6. Bachelor Tower: 1br, 1ba

apartment 6 15 Sims 3: Late Night Apartments
  • Address: 1486 Bayshore Highway
  • Lot size: 39×30
  • Occupied by: Rake

There seems to be a particular appeal for single male Sims at this building. Could it be the sports car parked under the cover?

5. The Eaves: 2br, 2ba

apartment 5 15 Sims 3: Late Night Apartments
  • Address: 332 Silvertone Way
  • Lot size: 50×50
  • Occupied by: Striker

Designed with a family in mind, this sophisticated modern home combines modern architecture with contemporary living. This view home boasts an effortless floor plan, two master baths, and a spacious recreation room, making it even more appealing.

4. Still Water: 3br, 4ba

apartment 4 15 Sims 3: Late Night Apartments
  • Address: 64 Queensbury Road
  • Lot size: 40×40
  • Occupied by: Belle

This understated home showcases a modern design with a large cantilevered wing. The large house’s modest and simple lines prevent it from appearing too imposing, but those with discerning taste understand that there is more than meets the eye.

3. Crib: 4br, 4ba

apartment 3 15 Sims 3: Late Night Apartments
  • Address: 302 Silvertone Way
  • Lot size: 60×60
  • Occupied by: Big Bling

If you’re looking for a five-car garage with stunning panoramic views, your search stops right here. Maybe constructed with a focus on luxury rather than elegance, the doorbell makes a “bling” sound.

2. Cliff Cottage: 1br, 2ba

apartment 2 15 Sims 3: Late Night Apartments
  • Address: 200 Windsor Drive
  • Lot size: 30×40
  • Occupied by: Hamming

Boasting a 180-degree unobstructed view of the ocean, Cliff Cottage is an ideal home for hosting large gatherings or simply escaping from the hustle and bustle.

1. Celluloid Heights: 2br, 2.5ba

apartment 1 15 Sims 3: Late Night Apartments
  • Address: 12 Bogaard Lane
  • Lot size: 30×40
  • Occupied by: Old and New Glam

This chateau was constructed during the golden era of the Silver Screen when Bridgeport thrived as the hub of film production. Just picture the stories this prohibition era mansion could share if it could speak. Featuring dual master suites and a speakeasy in the basement, this home boasts a variety of appealing features.

Final Words

Hi there, my dear Simmers. I hope my blog was enjoyable. To sum up, Bridgeport is a vibrant city with lots of “late night” activities, including bar hopping, relaxing, getting into bar fights, hanging out with celebrities, and even having the possibility of running across vampires.

Apartments are a new element that Electronic Arts added to the Sims 3 game to better suit the action-packed lifestyle shown in Late Night.

Apartments give your sims a modest place to live and a handy position close to all the action in Bridgeport’s downtown. There are certain differences between living in a house and an apartment.

I made an effort to explain a few of these small adjustments to you and to assist you get a better idea of how apartment living truly functions!

Do share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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