Sims 4: City Living Apartments Guide

The Sims 4: City Living, the third expansion pack in The Sims 4 franchise, was released on October 1, 2016.

This expansion highlights the vibrant city life, with endless activities in each neighborhood, making it a stark contrast to a small town.

This City Living pack allows players to fully experience city life by discovering new locations, taking part in different activities, and joining festivals with friends or on their own.

When it comes to the core features of City Living, The Sims 4: City Living shares similarities with The Sims 2: Apartment Life and The Sims 3: Late Night, providing some of the top game-play features from previous versions.

This City Living pack highlights the reappearance of apartments as residential lots, giving players the chance to experience city living in all its glory.

City Living is widely regarded as one of the top expansion packs available for the game and is essential for players who enjoy the hustle and bustle of city life over the tranquility of a townhouse.

Know More About Sims 4 City Living Rent, Deposit, Furnishings and Lot Traits

city living 4 1 Sims 4: City Living Apartments Guide

To move into an apartment, a Sim needs to have at least the deposit amount and should be prepared to cover the weekly rent for a while.

The deposit is a fixed fee required to secure the apartment. Rent is due on a weekly basis for the duration of your stay.

Sims need to cover the cost of Furnishings, which can significantly increase the move-in expenses, but does not impact the weekly rent.

As you browse apartments on the city map, you may notice an arrow pointing up or down to the right of the selected building.

Here you can view other levels. This message is displayed when a rental property has multiple levels.

If the price seems high, it could be due to the apartment having multiple floors.


city living pent Sims 4: City Living Apartments Guide

Penthouses stand out from Apartments, and City Living has a selection of them.

Penthouses are owned and do not involve rent. Living in a penthouse can be costly upfront, but it can lead to long-term savings for a multi-generational family.

Lot Traits Guide

city living 3 Sims 4: City Living Apartments Guide

Lot Traits provide unique advantages or disadvantages for residing in a particular apartment.

To modify Lot Traits, simply click on the icon located in the upper-left corner while in build mode. Certain Lot Traits, like Historical, are unable to be altered.

You can assign up to three Lot Traits to an apartment. If you only see one listed when you’re moving in, you can add two more after moving in.

Building In Apartment

city living 2 Sims 4: City Living Apartments Guide

One of the key aspects that builders will immediately notice when designing an apartment is the size limitations.

One must make do with what they receive, especially when it comes to starter homes.

Other residents may live in the building, and you must abide by the apartment’s original boundaries.

You can definitely make significant changes to the apartment to better fit your requirements.

Players who enjoy creating large families in Sims will find that they need to move out of the starter home to accommodate their growing family, or risk dealing with limited space.

Another issue with apartments is the challenge of constructing additional floors. With a bit of creativity, you can enjoy a cozy and roomy apartment while taking advantage of the opportunities available in the city.

Here is a List of Sims 4 City Living Apartments

Below is a comprehensive list of all the apartments available in City Living. I have also included the occupied places, so you can either evict Sims or rearrange them to rent out any property you desire.

Higher expenses for rent and deposits do not necessarily mean more building space. Focus on that for the primary distinctions.

Of course, the Penthouses listed here are exempt from this and are definitely the largest housings that you can own in the new city of San Myshuno.

The Old Salt House stands out as the sole traditional residence in San Myshuno. In other areas, you’ll find 2 luxurious Penthouses and some high-end Apartments, perfect for Sims with a lot of wealth.

Spice Market

AddressRent/WkDepositFurnishedLot Traits
17 Culpepper House, 1 Bed, 1 Bath$400$800$8,095Gremlins
18 Culpepper House, 1 Bed, 1 Bath$600$1,000$11,090Historical, Haunted
19 Culpepper House, 2 Bed, 1 Bath$600$550$18,335Needs TLC
20 Culpepper House (Occupied, Rasoya)$1,200$4,800$44,690Chef’s Kitchen
2A Jasmine Suites$400$800Good Schools, Romantic Aura
2B Jasmine Suites, 2 Bed, 1 Bath$500$1,000$8,240Good Schools, On Ley Line
Old Salt House, 3 Bed, 2 BathNone$50,448$62,815Convival

Arts Quarter

AddressRent/WkDepositFurnishedLot Traits
910 Medina Studios (Occupied, Benali), 1 Bed, 1 Bath$400$500$8,194Needs TLC
920 Medina Studios, 2 Bed, 1 Bath$1,000$800$29,380Quiet, Haunted
930 Medina Studios, 3 Bed, 1 Bath$1,200$1,000$17,545Gnomes, Penny Pixies
121 Hakim House (Occupied, Jang), 2 Bed, 1 Bath$1,200$4,800$46,904Home Studio
122 Hakim House, 3 Bed, 2 Bath$1,400$5,600$67,535Historical
Fountainview Penthouse, 1 Bed, 1 BathNone$33,768$49,420Great Soil, Natural Light

Fashion District

AddressRent/WkDepositFurnishedLot Traits
701 Zenview (Occupied, Karaoke Legends), 2 Bed, 2 Bath$700$2,100$37,914Quake Zone, Party Place
702 Zenview, 2 Bed, 2 Bath$1,200$4,800$37,065Quake Zone
1310 21 Chic Street, 2 Bed, 1 Bath$500$1,000$14,164Lively Neighbors
1313 21 Chic Street, 2 Bed, 1 Bath$300$600$7,855Needs TLC
21 Chic Street (Occupied, Pizzazz), 1 Bed, 1 Bath$400$600$20,264Lively Neighbors
1 Torendi Tower Penthouse, 3 Bed, 3 BathNone$109,445$134,898Party Place, Sunny Aspect


AddressRent/WkDepositFurnishedLot Traits
1010 Alto Apartments, 4 Bed, 3 Bath$3,500$15,500$100,215Chef’s Kitchen
1020 Alto Apartments (Occupied, Lobo), 1 Bed, 2 Bath$2,500$12,500$63,580Romantic Fireplace
VIII Landgraab, 2 Bed, 2 Bath$5,000$25,000$98,420Great View, Serviced Apartment
IX Landgraab (Occupied, Feng)$3,750$16,500$76,630Great View
888 Spire Apartments, 2 Bed, 3 Bath$7,500$37,500$88,605Great View

Final Words

As we near the conclusion of this blog, it’s worth noting that one of the standout features of The Sims 4 City Living Expansion is the availability of apartments for Sims to rent in San Myshuno.

In this guide, I tried to cover almost everything you need to know about rent prices, deposits, and the differences between apartments, penthouses, and houses in various neighborhoods.

I would be glad to know your thoughts and recommendations in the comment section below.

Until then happy simming!!

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