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The Sims 4 unveiled the new infant life stage alongside the Growing Together DLC. Bringing a much-anticipated enhancement for babies, the infant life stage offers additional gameplay for Simmers who appreciate family and legacy gameplay.

The milestones that infants achieve through Growing Together can enhance the rewarding experience of raising them.

If that’s the case, it could be a good idea to switch up your gameplay by downloading some fantastic Sims 4 infant mods.

These mods offer a variety of new features, interactions, and customization options tailored to enrich the early stage of your Sims’ lives.

Wave goodbye to monotonous gameplay and welcome fresh adventures with these essential Sims 4 infant mods!

Here are Some of The Best Sims 4 Baby Mods

10. Bad Parent Trait

Baby Mod 10 Sims 4 Baby Mods

The Bad Parent Trait mod changes the moods that usually occur when your baby is born.

This modification ensures that one or both parents experience joy when they (or their partner) are not expecting, or frustration when the baby arrives.

It offers a unique perspective on the typical game experience, allowing users to play based on their mood.

Discover the exciting ways the mod enhances the experience!

  • Introduces a unique perspective to the game where not all characters desire to start a family
  • Provide a challenging scenario where one parent sim is delighted about not being pregnant while the other is feeling down.

9. Shorter/Longer Pregnancy Mod

Baby Mod 9 Sims 4 Baby Mods

The Pregnancy mod is quite straightforward. Users can easily extend or terminate their sim’s pregnancy.

This mod is quite useful if you require extra time to prepare the nursery or child’s room, or if you wish to expedite the birthing process for your sim.

Discover the exciting ways the mod enhances the experience!

  • You can select the perfect time for your sims to have their baby, ensuring they are fully prepared.
  • Opt for extending your sims’ pregnancy to maintain maternity leave benefits and boost their skill levels

8. Instant Morning Sickness

Baby Mod 8 Sims 4 Baby Mods

The Instant Morning Sickness mod is ideal for simulating the unexpected experience of pregnancy.

This modification eliminated the moodlet that indicates when your sim is about to get sick. It can be challenging during pregnancy when your sim starts feeling sick without any clear reason, especially before the pregnancy is noticeable.

Overall, the mod enhances the game by providing a more realistic experience.

Discover the exciting ways the mod enhances the experience!

  • Experience a realistic pregnancy sensation by never knowing when morning sickness will strike
  • Random morning sickness can also surprise the user by indicating their sim’s pregnancy, unless a pregnancy test is taken.

7. Risky Woohoo

Baby Mod 7 Sims 4 Baby Mods

The Risky Woohoo mod offers the possibility of having a highly fertile sim or a sim who is completely infertile.

Having a highly fertile sim can expand the range of potential partners for woohoo and increase the chances of having a baby with them, even ghosts.

Discover the exciting ways the baby mod enhances the experience!

  • Connects smoothly with the earlier mentioned mod Instant Morning Sickness to introduce the element of unexpected pregnancy
  • How about the Bad Parent mod, which provides a positive moodlet when the sim is not pregnant?

6. Pregnancy Mega Mod

Baby Mod 6 Sims 4 Baby Mods

With the Pregnancy Mega baby Mod, you can have complete control over your sims’ pregnancies.

You have the option to end the pregnancy, choose the baby’s gender, and decide how many babies you want. This mod is perfect for users who enjoy having full control over their game.

Discover the exciting ways the mod enhances the experience!

  • Select the gender you prefer for your family, whether you desire a mix of boys and girls or two of the same gender.
  • Select the number of babies you’d like to add to your family to work towards the Long Lineage aspiration.
  • Experience the power of controlling virtual lives through sims… This is clearly enjoyable without any need for further explanation.

5. Baby Showers

Baby Mod 5 Sims 4 Baby Mods

The Baby Showers mod is connected to the Ultrasound mod, enabling the sim to discover the gender and celebrate the upcoming baby with the pregnant Sim’s closest friends.

This event is similar to others in the base game, with the usual tasks required to earn rewards.

Additionally, there are a few extra decorations and interactive items that become available with this mod.

Discover the exciting ways the baby mod enhances the experience!

  • Celebrate the upcoming arrival of the baby and announce the exciting news to your nearest and dearest
  • Unlocks greeting cards for the pregnant Sim and a stack of presents the Sim can choose to open

4. Ultrasound

Baby Mod 4 Sims 4 Baby Mods

With the Risky Woohoo and Instant Morning Sickness baby mods, the Ultrasound mod enhances the excitement of your Sim’s baby journey.

This baby mod enables Sims to visit the gynecologist for a lifelike ultrasound experience!

Usually, your Sim is away for approximately an hour.

When they come back, you’ll receive a notification informing you that the ultrasound results will be in their inventory soon!

Discover the ways the baby mod enhances the enjoyment!

  • Enhances the experience by simulating real-life scenarios.Allow the sim to host a gender reveal/baby shower to announce the exciting news of the gender and potential name,

3. Baby Skins

3 Sims 4 Baby Mods

It’s worth noting that all babies in the base game have a similar appearance until they grow into toddlers.

The Baby Skins mod alters the preset to include three different options.

There is a baby with a lighter complexion, one with a medium olive skin tone, and another with a darker skin tone! This is great for them to take after their parents.

There are a few additional enhancements available for your baby.

Discover the exciting ways the baby mod enhances the experience!

  • Ensure the baby takes after the parents.
  • You can opt for a more realistic appearance by selecting hair and eye colors that stand out when holding the baby

2. Slice of Life

2 Sims 4 Baby Mods

The Slice of Life baby mod is a straightforward mod that enables your Sim to have independent thoughts.

It provides additional moodlets on top of the ones available in the base game.

It’s a great feature for pregnancies as it lets your Sim anticipate the gender of their baby, leading to excitement upon finding out and joy upon the baby’s arrival!

Discover the exciting ways the baby mod enhances the experience!

  • Enhances the user’s experience by making it more immersive and lifelike.
  • Overall, it enhances the realism of other pregnancy mods and complements them effectively.

1. Cribs and No Cribs

1 Sims 4 Baby Mods

This baby mod lets you replace the default crib in the game with a different one that you can download separately, which also includes a changing table.

A hidden crib is included in the mod and must be placed before the baby arrives.

Once you’ve positioned the baby, you can easily move them around like any other object, placing them in the downloaded crib or any other location.

Discover the exciting ways the baby mod enhances your experience!

  • Enhances your interaction with the baby by providing a more engaging experience rather than simply watching from above the crib
  • You can place the baby in various locations around your home, such as your bed, the floor, or even a counter if desired.

Final Words

We are all aware that the mods enhance the Sims 4 experience!

Sims 4 baby mods are just as unique! Some mods cater to new players, others enhance Sims 4 gameplay with Growing Together mods, and a few focus on family gameplay.

All of these baby mods enhance realism and add enjoyable game mechanics to keep your game engaging, thrilling, and charming!

I trust you will find this post enjoyable and appreciate some of my preferred Sims 4 baby mods!

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