25 Best Anime Otaku & Gamer Girls

Otaku in common English is define as someone who is really into Japanese culture like a weeb or anime gamer girls though this website is also called my Otaku world due to that reason.

But if we talk about purest form an Otaku is a geek or a gamer or maybe a geeky gamer.

But of course there is more. NEETS, Gamers, Hikokomori all are related to otaku culture and lets be honest we all anime fans also consider us as Otakus right ?

Well today we are going to talk about anime gamer girls in this list these are the my up most favorite anime gamer girls characters at one place.

So… without wasting any time lets begin the list of anime gamer girls.

25. Moriko Morioka From Recovery Of An MMO Junkie

Recovery Of An MMO Junkie Moriko Morioka 1 25 Best Anime Otaku & Gamer Girls

Moriko plays her favorite MMO every minute she is awake. Because she was hooked on this online computer game, she lost friends and didn’t take care of herself.

Moriko’s only happiness comes from playing her favorite game, and the only time she leaves her house is to go to the store for food.

In the real world, Moriko is a very quiet person who does everything she can to avoid talking to other people.

Moriko, on the other hand, feels like she can be her real self in her favorite online game, so she plays it all day long.

24. Marin Kitagawa From My Dress-Up Darling

My Dress Up Darling 25 Best Anime Otaku & Gamer Girls

Dress-Up Darling’s Marin is a famous girl at her school because everyone thinks she is pretty, nice, and perfect in every way.

This is why Wakana Gojo was so shocked when he found out about her little secret. Marin is an otaku. She likes to play video games and watch cartoons like “Magical Girl.”

Marin wants to be a cosplayer, and Gojo helps her reach her goal by making outfits for her to wear.

Shizuku Kuroe, a character from one of her favorite video games, is her first costume. This may be a good choice.

23. Futaba Sakura From Persona 5

Persona Futaba Sakura 1 25 Best Anime Otaku & Gamer Girls

Persona 5, a very popular video game, has also been made into an anime. In it, Futaba Sakura is the Phantom Thieves’ guide through the castles and works with them.

Futaba likes to play video games, and before she met the Phantom Thieves, she rarely left her room.

Futaba would spend all day in her room on her computer, and in the game version of Persona 5, the player can even make Joker play video games with her.

Futaba is presented as a “nerdy” girl who likes science fiction, computer games, and video games.

22. Tsukino Usagi From Sailor Moon

22 tsukino usagi sailor moon transformation scene 25 Best Anime Otaku & Gamer Girls

Before she was Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon was a big fan of Sailor V, a superhero and pop culture star who had her own show and game.

Usagi Tsukino was a big fan and often wished she could be a fighter like Sailor V.

She went to the arcade every day to try to play the new Sailor V game with her crush.

It’s hard to call Usagi a gamer girl because she’s so bad at games, but it wouldn’t be fair to leave her off this list.

So now she’s here.

21. Haruhi Suzumiya From The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Haruhi Suzumiya From The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Haruhi is a blunt and bossy anime gamer girl who always wants people to either do what she says or give up.

When people don’t do what she wants them to do or don’t meet her (usually unreasonable) standards, she gets angry.

She is smart, active, and sporty, and she does well in both schoolwork and sports. She goes from being sad to having a lot of hope, which is hard to guess because she doesn’t like to talk about how she feels.

Haruhi is stubborn and doesn’t like to accept when she’s wrong. Sometimes she blames other people, but most of the time she just goes with the flow and acts like it was her plan all along.

20. Nao Kamiya From iDOLM@STER

20 nao kamiya solo mv screenshot 1 25 Best Anime Otaku & Gamer Girls

Nao is a secret anime gamer girl who turned into an idol to get used to being a girl.

Nao is called a tsundere because she has trouble expressing herself and gets angry and defensive quickly.

Even though she wants to be more girly, she often refuses that she could ever be considered cute, and she thought it was impossible for her to become an idol.

She chose to keep pushing herself in her idol career and toward her goals with the help of her friends and other idols.

19. Maddy Iroaya From MegaMan NT Warrior

Maddy Iroaya From MegaMan NT Warrior

In the first MegaMan NT Marrior run, Maddy is one of the main bad guys.

In this possible future, the Internet has grown to the point where people use “NetNavi” to move through a different online world that can affect our own.

Along with her NetNavi “Wackoman/Colorman,” Maddy is shown to be able to control all of Tokyo’s traffic and cause car accidents everywhere.

And even putting our main characters’ lives in danger. Oh my!

18. Erika Karisawa From Durarara!!

Erika Karisawa From Durarara 1 25 Best Anime Otaku & Gamer Girls

Erika is a member of Dollars, an online gang whose members do both good and bad things.

Erika, on the other hand, used to be an investigator for a much more dangerous group.

Walter, on the other hand, was a person who set fires.

Walter and Erika get along well because they are both Otaku.

She loves anime and manga so much that it seeps into every part of her life.

Dollars told her to stay in the car during a raid because she would be too easy to spot.

17. Sensei From Denki-gai no Honya-san

17 sensei denki gai no honya san episode 1 25 Best Anime Otaku & Gamer Girls

Sensei works as a clerk at the Umanohone manga shop, but he is in no way a teacher.

She got her nickname from how hard she worked to be the next great mangaka.

She works hard at it, too. She sleeps in the back of the store and eats onigiri and bottled tea from the convenience store.

Instead of taking a shower, she washes her hair in the sink and puts deodorant on her arms.

16. Yuuki Asuna From Sword Art Online

Yuuki Asuna From Sword Art Online 1 25 Best Anime Otaku & Gamer Girls

Asuna is a young anime gamer girl who is kind and helpful. Like Kirito, she can’t leave someone in trouble alone.

She takes the game very seriously and wants to finish it before Kirito tells her to relax and enjoy SAO.

Asuna is also a bit proud, and even though she is a nice person, she won’t hesitate to get physical with people who question her power or make fun of her skills, like cooking.

After a fight over how to deal with a Field Boss, she even dared Kirito to a fight. She is not afraid to act on her own, and from time to time, she will take things into her own hands.

15. Tamiya Nika From Switch Girl

Tamiya Nika From Switch Girl 1 1 25 Best Anime Otaku & Gamer Girls

One common type of otaku girl is one who can “switch” between two different sides of herself.

The girl is perfect, beautiful, and friendly when she’s out in public.

But she’s messy, lazy, and only cares about manga when she’s alone.

Switch Girl is a comic and live-action series about Tamiya Nika, the most stylish and fashionable girl at her school. I’m sorry that it’s not an anime, but it’s too good to pass up.

But when she gets home, her room is full of trash, dirty mugs, and books that fell off the shelves.

In this version, she shows her crush she likes him by mistake by sniffing his neck without realizing it. Then, she trips and falls on top of him just as her mom and sister walk in.

14. Fubuki From Arcade Gamer Fubuki

Fubuki From Arcade Gamer Fubuki

Arcade player Fubuki is a parody of the whole gaming anime genre. It is the spiritual successor to the golden-age show “Game CenterArashi,” which was about a boy who became the best arcade player in the world.

Arashi does show up as a superhero and as the person who gave Fubuki her “gamer’s spirit” and pants.

Fubuki likes to play video games, but she’s only good at them when her skirt gets blown up and she uses her “passion panties” to turn into a magical girl.

In this state, she can beat anyone, so she quickly becomes Japan’s best player and is in the running for the world’s B.A.G (Best Arcade player) title.

A bad group, on the other hand, is using the same competition to do bad things. Can Fubuki and her pants keep them from doing it?

13. Narumi Momose From Wotakoi: Love is Hard For Otakus

Narumi Momose From Wotakoi: Love is Hard For Otakus

Narumi Momose and HirotakaNifujiare an otaku couple.

But Hirotaka, who Narumi has known her whole life, showed her how to live that way, and she tries to keep it a secret from her family.

Hirotaka, on the other hand, doesn’t care and brags about how good he is at games.

Narumi likes manga, anime, games, and other things like that, but she doesn’t talk about it as much as her boyfriend does.

Hirotaka asked her out by saying he would work hard for her. It was a perfect match.

12. Aoba Suzukaze From New Game

12 aoba suzukaze surprised aoba 25 Best Anime Otaku & Gamer Girls

Eagle Jump, a video game company in Tokyo, has just hired Aoba.

Even though she is young, she is a skilled artist who quickly moves up the ranks and takes over Kou Yagami’s job as lead designer.

Even though you can tell she plays games, you never really get to see her play.

And even when she does, there’s no reason to think she’s good at them.

On the other hand, making games isn’t just about winning. It’s important to know about them, and Aoba does.

11. Shiro From No Game No Life

Shiro From No Game, No Life

Shiro is a chess master and an anime gamer girl.

She has won every game of chess she has ever played. She can speak 18 languages, and it takes her less than 15 minutes to learn Imanity’s language, while it took Sora an hour.

She is also very good at games, and she and her brother are the best at more than 280 of them.

She has a dry and sometimes strange sense of humor, and if Sora pays serious attention to other girls, she gets jealous, which shows she has a brother complex.

She is also very sarcastic with Stephanie, even though she says that Stephanie is “just a friend.” She is also not above making fun of Sora’s slightly weird habits.

10. Kaho Hinata From Blend S

Kaho Hinata From Blend S 1 1 25 Best Anime Otaku & Gamer Girls

One of the waiters at Café Stille, which is a maid café where everyone plays a stereotype, is Kaho Hinata.

Kaho, who is one of the youngest and most innocent workers, plays the tsundere, a character that has nothing to do with who she really is.

She’s friendly and cute, but everyone in town knows that she’s also a great gamer.

She goes to the arcade almost every day, and when she plays DDR, people gather around to watch her (though they might be looking at more than just her scores!).

Once, she was locked in a café for the night, but all she could think about was whether or not her computer had enough power to get her through until morning.

9. Kirino Kousaka From Oreimo

Kirino Kousaka From Oreimo

Kirino can’t get enough of otaku culture. She does her best to keep it a secret, and for a while, she is able to do so.

But her older brother Kyousuke finally found out and was shown her entire otaku collection, which was hidden in her bedroom.

Kirino convinces Kyousuke to try out some of her favorite games, and he soon learns that his sister likes to play adult-rated games.

This surprises Kyousuke, and it takes him a while to really get used to it.

Eventually, though, he learns that these things really make his sister happy, so he does everything he can to support her and help her find friends who like otaku culture as much as she does.

8. Umaru Doma From Himouto Umaru-Chan

Umaru Doma From Himouto Umaru-Chan

Even though Umaru is the main character in a series called “Umaru,” she is a pretty dull figure.

Another “perfect in public, nerd at home” character, Umaru’s little sister has two different looks that only her brother knows are the same person.

In her otaku form, she is a two-foot-tall chibi hamster that is always having temper fits.

Her character is strong because it can be used in many different ways.

People gather around Umaru, one of the Umarus, and she does everything she can to keep them from seeing the other side.

It’s great for the story, but her character might not find it all that interesting.

7. Patricia Martin From Lucky Star

07 patricia martin lucky star 25 Best Anime Otaku & Gamer Girls

“Japanese society is proud of its otaku! My most important job is to learn as much as I can and bring it back to the United States!”

Patricia “Patty” Martin is an exchange student from the United States who goes to Ryoohigh School with the rest of the group. This is the first of two Lucky Star appearances, so don’t act surprised.

Before she went to Japan, she learned all of her Japanese from anime and manga, so she talks like an anime character, even for an anime character.

Surely, there are no real-life American exchange students in Japan like that, right?

6. Tsukimi Kurashita From Princess Jellyfish

06 tsukimi kurashita princess jellyfish 25 Best Anime Otaku & Gamer Girls

Tsukimi is one of five women who live in the Amamuzukan, a Tokyo apartment building where all the people who live there are Otaku.

They were mostly women, which is why they called themselves “Amars” (Nuns).

The youngest member of the group, Tsukimi is our main girl.

Her late mother taught her to love jellyfish, and she wants to be the best artist in Tokyo.

Unfortunately, she is too much of an introvert, so she couldn’t even make it to an art show about jellyfish.

He is a great example for all Otaku.

5. Kou Yagami From New Game

Kou Yagami From New Game 1 25 Best Anime Otaku & Gamer Girls

Kou Yagami is Aoba’s model, and he was the one who first made the characters for Eagle Jump.

She spends all of her time making games and is known for her lack of poise in the all-girls company where she works.

She stays at the company most nights and sleeps in her underwear under her desk.

Most of the time, someone wakes her up before she does.

People all over the world know how good she is as a designer, and at the end of Season 2, she is asked to work as a designer in France. Beautiful finish.

As of this writing, Season 3 hasn’t come out yet, but the Manga has some pretty interesting scenes of the closed-in otaku being confused by French kissing practices!

4. Tomoko Kuroki From No Matter How I Look At It, It’s You Guys Fault I’m Not Popular

04 tomoko kuroki anime scene screenshot 25 Best Anime Otaku & Gamer Girls

Tomoko fits the standard image of an otaku.

She doesn’t know how to talk to people of the opposite sex, lives alone, and is wicked.

She only plays video games and reads books at home. She doesn’t work or go to school. She is a fangirl.

The whole show is about her trying to get out of this social rut but not being able to.

It’s not her fault, which is good news. She had been dating for 50 YEARS when she started high school, and she had already been out with 100 boys.…on her date SIM, but what matters is the thought.

3. Gabriel Tenma From Gabriel Dropout

Gabriel Tenma From Gabriel Dropout 1 25 Best Anime Otaku & Gamer Girls

There are many different kinds of fallen angels.

Lucifer used to be God’s right-hand man, but after a big rebellion, he was kicked out of heaven.

After being thrown out, he became the ruler of Hell. It’s not easy to do!

Unless you’re Gabriel, the best Angel in her class who was sent to Earth to learn about people and stop them from suffering forever.

When the angel gets to Earth, she finds herself playing online MMOs by mistake.

She hears characters who need healing calling out to her. How could an angel not help people who are in need?

She aids. helps, helps, helps.

And by the time she figures out that the online world isn’t real, she’s already hooked.

Now, she has no desire to go back to heaven or even do her job as an angel. She’d rather stay home and play games. Who doesn’t want that?

2. Konata Izumi From Lucky Star

02 konata izumi lucky star 25 Best Anime Otaku & Gamer Girls

Konata is the head (if you can call it that) of the Lucky Star gang.

She isn’t very busy. She does nothing, in fact.

Even though she is smart and athletic, she stays home all day to read manga and play video games instead of doing her chores.

In the first few episodes, Konata tries to get a part-time job. Working at a cosplay café seems like the perfect job for someone like her.

Another entry with a lucky star, but this one can’t be missed. Konata is the perfect Otaku from the perfect slice-of-life anime about a school girl.

1. Tachibana Sylphynford From  Himouto Umaru-chan

Tachibana Sylphynford From  Himouto Umaru-chan anime gamer girls

Probably a surprise choice for first place, since the main character of the show, Umaru, came in ninth.

But Sylphynford is a much more interesting person, at least in my view.

When she walks around making poses like Sailor Moon and ends every line with “desuwa,” it’s almost as if she knows she’s in an anime.

But the character writing is what really sets Sylphynford apart from other Otaku girls.

Sylphynford doesn’t feel the need to hide her two sides like Umaru does. She is perfect, and she is an Otaku.

In fact, she stays in Japan because of her Otaku side.

Sylphynford was raised in Germany by her European father. Her brother Alex, who went to Japan to live with their mother when Sylphynford was still a child, taught her about Japanese culture.

She learned everything she could about Japanese culture and finally moved there herself.

Otaku culture reminds her of the good times she had as a child, and she spends her whole life improving what she thinks is most important to her: being an Otaku.

Hope you like this list of anime gamer girls, which anime gamer girls do you like share it with your friends and don’t forget to bookmark MOW.

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