Minecraft Dragons Mod

9 Best Minecraft Dragon Mods

I’m not sure what is about dragons that makes them so beloved.

It is the opposite the lizards should be demonized and resentful by everyone with an ounce of common wisdom in their heads. 

Do you want to be slain to ashes by flying creatures? 

However, we’re humans and the contradictions that we face are what make us who we are.

Since the very beginning of video games, creators have offered dragon-lovers around the globe the games they enjoy the most.

Mojang isn’t… therefore it was the modders’ job to find creative ways to incorporate dragons in the Minecraft Sandbox.

Did they achieve their goals? Let’s find out.

9. Dragon World RPG

dragonworld rpg mod mc

Minecraft is the place where all things, I truly refer to everything is an actuality.

A world where dragons live peacefully alongside humans.

Do they exist?

Dragon World RPG Dragon World RPG is more than just a Dragon-themed mod pack for Minecraft. 

It’s almost a full game overhaul that alters many aspects of the game to make it seem like a fantasy RPG.

It’s a role-playing sport that lets you take on dragons and fight monsters, dragons, and other mythical creatures, with your fellow players from all around the globe.

Is anyone else playing a brand new MMORPG?

8. The DragonLoot App by Pois1Xlive Java Edition

dragonloot mod mc

This Minecraft mod lets players take loot and items from the dragon that lays an end from the egg after it is killed. 

It is similar to leather in that it can be used to make armor.

This is an excellent option for those with an aversion to the ender dragon or who are looking to show off their accomplishments with their peers.

7. Dawn of Fire

dawn of fire mod mc

Dragons have changed significantly since their appearance in our fantasy worlds.

In earlier games, they were able to breathe the flames. Today, they can breathe anything that comes to their mind!

Dawn of Fire mod introduces many different dragons to Minecraft including classic dragons that breathe fire, to dragons that breathe lightning!

I’m sure we’re all bit stunned by this.

6. Wyrmroost by WolfShotz, Kindomall, Ukan, and Shannieann: Java Edition

wyrmroost mod mc

This mod will keep players entertained with various dragons.

Wyrmroost is available to download from CurseForge and is compatible with Java Edition.

This mod has a broad range of gorgeous dragons that can be controlled. 

According to the mod’s developers, the mod is designed to be more than just a travel companion. 

It’s easy to get attracted to dragons, and they should be offered sometimes by those that are into fantasy or dragon Minecraft mods.

5. Dragon Mounts: Legacy

dragon mounts mod mc

The complicated mechanics and the plethora of exciting new options are good, but what happens if we simply like riding dragons?

The Dragon Mounts: Legacy mudpack is ready to save the day.

This mod is very easy, so far as Minecraft mods are concerned.

Download the mod and make sure you take care of the dragon eggs to ensure they are fertilized, and after that, you receive the dragons that fly in your dreams.

Simple and enjoyable. It’s Minecraft the way to describe it you think?

4. Dragon Add-On from mno: Pocket Edition

dragon addons pe mod mc

The mod is available for download from MCPEDL and then applied to PE worlds that support 1.16 or greater.

This Minecraft add-on features dragons that breathe fire, speedy dragons, and much more. 

With a 4.65 rating by players, it’s clear that this mod is a hit within the Minecraft community.

The dragons can be outfitted with an armored riding saddle as well as armor so players can take them on a ride and bring them to combat if they choose.

3. Ice and Fire: Dragons

ice and fire dragons mod mc

This Ice and Fire: Dragons mod isn’t introducing anything new or innovative.

The dragon-themed mechanics is top-of-the-line.

Ice, fire, and lighting dragons are not new (as they relate to Minecraft mods go).

However, allowing them to appear in their natural habitat is an innovative feature.

And no, I’m certainly not speaking of scorching deserts or freezing tundras. These are treasure caverns! Isn’t it true that The Hobbit gave you any lessons?

2. Baby Ender Dragons Addon by Editor: Pocket Edition

baby ender dragons addon mod mc

It is a Minecraft PE add-on that lets players create a dragon ender in the overworld. It is a challenging but risky game.

The dragon goes through two phases after hatching. One stage of the dragon is neutral toward players and will not harm players, however, Stage 2 is hostile.

The first stage is when the dragon is healthy to 100 as well as the ability to fireballs.

The dragon then expands and progresses to the second stage, in which it turns aggressive towards endermites, players, and even villagers. Its health will also increase by 20 percent.

1. World of Dragons

world of dragons mod mc

Magic and technology collide with magic and technology in World of Dragons, one of the most impressive Minecraft dragon-themed mods ever created.

With this system installed, you’ll get the most efficiency from both sides!

This mod is based on the fantastic mechanics of the “Ice and Fire: Dragons” mod “Ice and Fire: Dragons” mod.

With World of Dragons, you’re transported to a world in which dragons are not just a part of the sky and power two technology trees that allow you to forge your path.

Add some awesome multiplayer options with the ultimate Minecraft dragon-themed game. A must-try.