How to Build a Ship in Minecraft?

Minecraft allows you to construct many things, such as castles, homes, farms, and much more.

However, one of the most intriguing ways to construct Minecraft can be found not on the earth, but rather in the sea.

What’s a better way to start your journey into the maritime world than to construct your vessel to cut through the seas?

It’s time for you to get your sea legs, and you can learn what it takes to construct a vessel.

How to Build a Ship in Minecraft

In a nutshell:

To build a vessel in Minecraft, it is necessary to first determine the ideal place to build it.

Once you’ve found it, create the foundation and structure of your ship. 

Then, build the skeleton of the ship starting from the bottom to the top, and then construct the front and back ends in a manner that resembles the beak and tail of the ship.

Then finish the ship by painting the deck and including a sail, a navigational compass, and a steering wheel.

Building the Skeleton:

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Before we begin any type of construction, we have to select a place.

It is in the water, so beaches are great for searching.

I came across this area near the Jungle biome that gave me an incredibly striking canvas in the beginning.

ezgif 2 fd7143c165 How to Build a Ship in Minecraft?

In the beginning, as with any project, we’ll need an appropriate block palette. 

That is mostly wood.

I went with some beautiful deep red shades that include dark oak wood, dark oak as well as spruce wood planks and their stairway, slab, and fence versions.

If you’re looking to have a lighter-colored vessel, use oak and birch, or use Acacia for a fiery red vessel! 

Make sure you have a minimum of two types of wood, which are essential to ensure that you have a good amount of detail and break up the colors of the build.

ezgif 2 9cc05a8550 How to Build a Ship in Minecraft?

Once we have access to the building, we need to build the structure of the skeleton.

The skeleton of a building is the most basic shape into which the building is sculpted. 

It’s important to have this as a base, so it’s easier to add on and the structure retains its shape when you finish it. 

Start by creating a flat version of the boat.

Think of it as an outline, like you were viewing the boat from above. 

Keep in mind that the outside of a boat is curved upwards and pointed, while the back is curved outward and circular.

ezgif 2 7b52b3ca5b How to Build a Ship in Minecraft?

Then, construct the blocks.

This will give us our complete structure to begin carving the intricate forms of the structure.

How to shape your ship?

ezgif 2 68e5b10be7 How to Build a Ship in Minecraft?

First, you need to design the form for the front part of the vessel, also known as the forepeak or the beak of the vessel. 

This is the principal portion of the vessel that cuts through waves when you move the vessel.

Now add stairs and slabs to smoothen your designs and add some details.

ezgif 2 a398eab79e How to Build a Ship in Minecraft?

The floor of the ship is flat, so you can give it some form as well as add a few layers of water beneath it. 

Keep the floor flat, but keep in mind that ships do not typically keep their entire interiors accessible for walking around within.

There’s a space beneath the floor that is hollow and aids in buoyancy.

ezgif 2 3b46a67ded How to Build a Ship in Minecraft?

To get back towards the top, we’re ready to build the quarterdeck, which is the elevated part of the rear of the vessel where the controls for the rudder are. 

In this structure, there is the place where we’ll be putting the cabin of the captain.

ezgif 2 fe4c9c44f4 How to Build a Ship in Minecraft?

Add your masts now and we’re not adding sails yet to make changes to the deck less difficult to make.

Details on Deck:

ezgif 2 2c0f456442 How to Build a Ship in Minecraft?

The next step is to make the deck more attractive. 

In the beginning, we need to install rails and also the means to access them. 

We must get on the ship! 

I’ve seen an example of fences that are lighter shaded being utilized as rope. 

Since there isn’t any rope in Minecraft, I’ve decided to use these fences that are lighter as rope throughout the building to create the structure of the ship.

ezgif 2 c6153b7c6f How to Build a Ship in Minecraft?

Then add rails on the quarterdeck. 

We don’t want the quartermaster to fall into the sea right now, otherwise, they’d be screaming!

ezgif 2 a99c7c920d How to Build a Ship in Minecraft?

Then, you can add that famous large steering wheel. 

Also, of course, any boat needs a compass that will guide its direction.

You might be eager to set those massive sails and think it’s a good idea to have a good plan. 

The next step will be to start sailing. However, I will not put any sails on my boat…

ezgif 2 be2383e3b5 How to Build a Ship in Minecraft?

This is right. I’m sailing under the Black Flag! 

With a little black or white wool, I’ll show my enemies that I’m a true and legitimate pirate!

ezgif 2 6b728c5070 How to Build a Ship in Minecraft?

It is not necessary to create these sails, but there are a few points to remember while making sails. 

Sails don’t simply bend one way; they create a kind of partial dome, with the sides curving back. 

Additionally, put struts of large size to the sides as a support for your sails at first. 

They will assist you in starting to set your sails in the right place as well as aid in determining how large they’ll be.

ezgif 2 a32e433ef1 How to Build a Ship in Minecraft?

With all the details in the sails, the rest of the deck looks somewhat bare.

ezgif 2 cfce417818 How to Build a Ship in Minecraft?

The time is now to make it right! 

Start with some barrels for storage of items for long sea trips and a big wheel to rotate when it’s the right time to raise the anchor.

ezgif 2 c630b6801f How to Build a Ship in Minecraft?

Make sure to include those sides on your boat as well. 

The sides can be made more intriguing by adding trapdoors to add some specifics. 

Do not be afraid to use too many of the ships; they’re huge piles of sticks joined together with nails as large as needed, so they will naturally look quite messy.

Making the Interior

The Captain’s Cabin

ezgif 2 93afdffac2 How to Build a Ship in Minecraft?

After you’re happy with the appearance of the exterior, it’s time to tackle the inside. 

The first is the most lavish, which is the captain’s quarters beneath the quarterdeck.

ezgif 2 f00aa12e07 How to Build a Ship in Minecraft?

It’s going to be dim in this area, so you’ll need some light sources of your choice. 

In this case, I’ve selected lamps; however, torches could also be used.

ezgif 2 62867d507b How to Build a Ship in Minecraft?

There ought to be a huge window at the back of the cabin where the captain is. 

The captain will need something that he can look solemnly at after enduring a tough situation!

ezgif 2 700f54fd5f How to Build a Ship in Minecraft?

Then, you can fill it with tables and, of course, a large treasure map that is unfurled in the middle! 

Also, using trapdoors on the edges of blocks can be great for features such as shelves or cabinets.

The Bowls Below Deck

ezgif 2 42e75ce547 How to Build a Ship in Minecraft?

It’s now time to get below the deck.

Create a hole through the area with more space on the deck, and then place trapdoors over it to let it in.

ezgif 2 650081bdc6 How to Build a Ship in Minecraft?

There is no need for the fancy doors that captains get in the cabin with the crew.

It’s important to ensure that there’s enough lighting; however, not too much.

This is a great spot to put a large amount of your second wood shade since every floor and wall will be the same colour as your first wood, and the large blob of one colour has to be broken up.

ezgif 2 dc2eae8a10 How to Build a Ship in Minecraft?

Near the entrance, you can find an excellent side room.

This little nook is home to the vault, which houses the entire treasure on the boat.

ezgif 2 688b13f66b How to Build a Ship in Minecraft?

Then fill it up with wealth beyond your wildest imagination.

And ensure that no one can sink your vessel without picking it up during your escape.

ezgif 2 c2812bb77b How to Build a Ship in Minecraft?

The crew requires a place to rest, and ships need a crew.

This area is likely to be cramped, but that’s a good thing.

Remove the clutter from the deck and flip it upwards to make the space seem as spacious as possible.

ezgif 2 4eef0805e3 How to Build a Ship in Minecraft?

Make the beds tight over one another and then create shelves using slabs that can support beds behind them.

Be sure to have ladders in place so that those who have the most comfortable spots, such as those on top, will be able to get to their beds.

ezgif 2 32322c87df How to Build a Ship in Minecraft?

Then, we’ll need an area for our artillery.

Make holes in the walls of your ship and ensure that they’re in a high position.

We do not want seawater to enter your vessel!

Then add your ammo.

Large cannonballs can be represented by several items. However, I decided to go with some large Netherite cannonballs.

They’ll surely slash open the hull of any person who would traverse my vessel!

The Finished Build

ezgif 2 b365623ef2 1 How to Build a Ship in Minecraft?

And there she is! The Creeper of the Seas! A terrifying ship that will take you into Davy Jeb’s Locker.

There could be a vessel that is just as terrifying, or perhaps a vibrant one, or an elegant modern one.

Simply by mixing the blocks, you can take on a myriad of shapes and this will take you down the path of building aquatically with great speed through the turbulent waters of Minecraft.

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