Minecraft Guide: Cartography Table

The cartography table is a crafting station that allows you to modify your map or create a copy.

Cartography tables are a Minecraft block that has a few functions.

It is the block that houses the cartographer job for villager.

It allows you to copy maps and make them larger, rename them, or transform them into locator map so that you can track where you are.

If you want to map the terrain in your world, the cartography table is a great tool.

Cartography Table

Wooden Planks (Any overworld)Wooden Planks (Any overworld)
Wooden Planks (Any overworld)Wooden Planks (Any overworld)

The recipe can be copied to the other side, and the cartography table can still be created.

You don’t have to use a specific type of plank.

You can also mix and match planks to create the cartography table.

How do I get a Cartography Table for Minecraft?

Some villages will naturally generate cartography tables.

The carpet on the floor and the paper in the chests are two ways to tell if a house is occupied by a cartographer.

Minecraft Cartography Table. Minecraft Guide: Cartography Table

You will find flowers and stairs on the exterior of your home.

Minecraft Cartography Table.. Minecraft Guide: Cartography Table

It can be difficult to find a cartography table.

However, it is much easier to make one.

How to Make a Cartography Table In Minecraft?

  1. 2 pieces of paper
  2. Four wooden planks (Of all overworld planks).

Two pieces of paper are required to make a cartography board.

A row of sugarcane can be turned into paper at a crafting station.

You don’t have to make any special plans for the four wooden planks.

This recipe doesn’t recognize crimson or warped wood so any wood from the Overworld will do.

To make a cartography board, you can mix and match different types of wood.

Place the wooden planks on a 2×2 grid in the bottom spaces of the crafting menu.

Next, place two pieces of paper over the planks.

Minecraft Cartography Table.... Minecraft Guide: Cartography Table

Cartography tables can be used as a cheap way to find it in nature.

How to use a Cartography Table within Minecraft?

To open the UI of a cartography table, right-click on it.

The inputs are represented by two squares to the left and the output by the square to the right.

How to Use a Cartography Table in Minecraft Minecraft Guide: Cartography Table

Only the Bedrock edition contains the map name.

To simplify the purpose of the map, you can change its name.

A map can be made larger by using the cartography table.

How to Use a Cartography Table in Minecraft 1 Minecraft Guide: Cartography Table

Place a map that is already open in one of the slots to the left.

Add some paper to the other slots.

Clicking on the output will eat both the items on the left and give you a zoomed-out map.

How to Use a Cartography Table in Minecraft.. Minecraft Guide: Cartography Table

This can be repeated up to four times.

A cartography table can be used to add a locator on the map to help you keep track of the location of the player.

Add your map on the slot to the left and add a compass to it.

How to Use a Cartography Table in Minecraft..... Minecraft Guide: Cartography Table

The map will now show you the position of the player on the map as well as the direction they are facing.

How to Use a Cartography Table in Minecraft1 Minecraft Guide: Cartography Table

Multiplayer servers will show the location of all players on the map.

They will be shown at the edge of map with their assigned colours if they don’t fit within the bounds of the map.

You can make sure that the map you’ve created is correct at a cartographer table.

Add the map to lock and then add a glass pane in the slot to the right.

You cannot lock a map to make it a locator map.

How to Use a Cartography Table in Minecraft 2 Minecraft Guide: Cartography Table

Also, a locked map won’t reveal extra spaces or allow for changes in the environment.

This is useful if you are looking to record the route you took to reach a stronghold or distant jungle.

A cartography table can also be used to duplicate maps.

To copy a map from one map to another, simply take an existing map and an unfilled map into a mapography table.

If the base map contains a locator, the new copied map will contain a locator.

A locked map can be copied and the new copy will also be locked.

Cartography tables can also be used to create jobsite blocks by cartographers.

How to Use a Cartography Table in Minecraft 1 1 Minecraft Guide: Cartography Table

Maps to important places of interest, such as shipwrecks and the nearest woodland mansion, can be sold by cartographers.


It doesn’t matter what kind of wood you use for a cartography table, the final result is always made from dark oak wood.

Zooming out maps can be done without a cartography tablet.

However, zooming out a map will require eight sheets of paper, whereas a cartography tableau only requires one.


Q-How can I make a Minecraft map?

You can copy the map by placing it on a cartography tablet and putting it on an empty map.

Q-How do I find a Minecraft woodland mansion?

Maps for woodland mansions will be sold by journeyman-level cartographers.

These mansions will have a large house icon marked on them, most likely in an unknown region.

A cartographer is a great way to save time and find a woodland home, as they are not often located in the same area.

Q-How do I find Underwater Temples within Minecraft?

Cartographers can sell you ocean explorer maps, just like woodland mansions.

These maps can help you find underwater treasure or temples.

These maps can be used as locator maps to help you determine the best route to take.

A cartographer can be a great help when you are exploring.

Q-How can I convert my map into a map that is used as a locator?

Place your map in a cartography table and then add a compass.

The locator map will be created from your map.

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