How Did Luffy Get his Scars?

Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece is best known for his distinctive straw hat, but he also has scars that make him stand out.

A stitch under his left eye and a bloody X scorched across his chest are Luffy’s two scars.

These scars can be difficult to conceal, but because of the violence in the anime, their origins in some cases remained a mystery.

However, the manga revealed the scar beneath his eye’s origin quite early on.

Although scars don’t necessarily make a guy, they might reveal a lot about his experiences and travels.

The Stitch Scar

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When spending time with Shanks and his crew, Luffy was motivated to join them since he could see how much fun living the life of a pirate might be.

Sadly, Shanks continually passed him up because he was too young.

Luffy grabbed a dagger and stabbed himself beneath the left eye to show the pirates how brave he was.

The incident left him with a scar that undoubtedly enhanced his pirate persona.

Although there was some humor in it, the brutality was too much for the anime.

However, in the manga, it was the first thing the reader saw following Gold Roger’s well-known appeal for people to locate One Piece during his execution.

X Scar on His Chest

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There is controversy around how Luffy acquired the scar on his chest, but I recently watched episode 223, in which Zoro injured Luffy during a fight.

So why is there disagreement over how he acquired his scar?

It’s questionable because the ‘X’ mark on Luffy’s chest was not visible after that seahorse arc when Zoro slashed Luffy.

It is therefore presumed that Luffy is unaffected at that point.

The ‘X’ mark was initially displayed during the Marineford War when Akainu punched through Jimbei’s bodies and also hit Luffy two years after the time skip.

The horror of witnessing his brother Ace during the Paramount War was too much for Luffy, and he accepted his death at Admiral Akainu’s hands.

However, his comrades protected Straw Hat, the fisherman, and the Knight of the Sea, Jimbei.

Jimbei fled Marineford with Luffy’s comatose body, burning everything in his path with his molten devil fruit powers.

Akainu followed Jimbei into Marineford’s harbor.

The admiral used his magma fist to reach Luffy in Jimbei’s arms during the descent.

As expected, Jimbei was in excruciating pain, and the magma strike left the unconscious rubber man’s “x” scar.

Jimbei and Luffy would have died without Crocodile, Buggy, and the Whitebeard Pirates. Two survived thanks to Trafalgar Law and his crew’s unexpected arrival.

If I were Odda, I’d rather Luffy sustain a wound from a foe than from his own Nakama.

It’s more badass for a character to sustain damage from a powerful foe because the scar will serve as a reminder of the significance of the incident. 😉

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