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14. Dialga

It was presented as the fundamental Legendary for Pokémon Diamond, with a body that appears to be made of some sort of metal and other tough materials that add to its weight.

Any individual who’s been around this Earth for some time realizes not many things are heavier than the progression of time. 

Dialga weighs 683.0 kg/1505.8 lbs, weighing impressively more than its Pearl partner Palkia that weighs just 740.8 lbs. (336.0 kg).


It’s probably Dialga’s Steel-composing that makes its weight more impressive, and it’s by all account not the only Steel-type to be among the heaviest Pokemon.

13. Mega Steelix

Steelix is a double sort Steel/Ground Pokémon that develops from Onix when it is exchanged while holding the Metal Coat developmental thing.

The ordinary rendition of Steelix is a negligible weight contrasted with other Pokemon, tipping the scales at simply 881.8 lbs. (400.0 kg). 

Mega Steelix

In any case, when Mega Evolutions were included age VI, Steelix got another structure that put its new weight up to 1,631.4 lbs. (740.0 kg). Players can develop their Steelix into Mega Steelix by utilizing the Steelixite thing.

12. Giratina (Altered Forme)

Giratina, the crate unbelievable of Pokemon Platinum, comes in two flavors. The unique flavor is Origin Forme, where Giratina loses its legs and more than 200 lbs (90.7 kg).

The Altered Forme, found in both Platinum and the first Diamond and Pearl, checks in barely enough to crush its direction onto the rundown. 

Giratina (Altered Forme)

Strangely, albeit Altered Forme Giratina gauges more, Origin Forme is taller in tallness. Moreover, for anybody that has seen a portion of the released beta plans of Gen IV Pokemon, Giratina surely looks… extraordinary. Difficult to discern whether it would’ve had a similar weight if they had stayed with its unique plan.

11. Zamazenta

Zamazenta, the crate amazing of Pokemon Shield variant, isn’t that hefty as a wolf. Its kin, Zacian, is likewise around half of Zamazenta’s base weight. Notwithstanding, no one minded who Zamazenta was before it put on the veil (and shield). 

With this tough steel shield, Zamazenta picks up just shy of 1300 lbs (589.67 kg). The shield it conveys is heavier than numerous amazing Pokemon. The shield alone is heavier than Crowned Sword Zacian, which is crazy.


It’s a supernatural occurrence that Zamazenta can convey a metal that thick, yet maybe it’s an even shield. That leaves an issue of exactly how solid Hop/the player is for conveying its rusted structure.

10. Melmetal

 In case you’re one of the numerous individuals who are as yet viewing the Pokemon anime, you may perceive this legendary Steel-type Pokemon.

We are alluding to Melmetal, one of the heaviest Pokemon in presence. As a component of Ash’s group, Meltan joined with another to shape a Melmetal during the Manalo Conference finals!


At an incredible 800.0 kg / 1763.7 lbs. Melmetal has a body that is made generally of fluid metal. Its hexagonal nuts shield it from self-destructing. Toward the finish of its life, Melmetal self-destructs and returns to Meltan.

9. Stakataka

Age VII presented an alternate sort of animal called Ultra Beasts, creatures from a different universe that meandered into Alola coincidentally. Among them, Stakataka is one of the most un-natural looking. 

Stakataka is the heaviest Rock-type Pokemon that we’ve found hitherto. It has an enormous load of 820.0 kg/1807.8 lbs, which isn’t astonishing thinking about its titanic size.


This Rock/Steel-type is a flat-out tank in battle. This is horrendously fitting for what’s a “blockhouse”.

8. Guzzlord

Another Ultra Beast to make the rundown is Guzzlord, the Junkivore Pokémon. Like most Ultra Beasts, Guzzlord has a plan that varies on a key level from that of an ordinary Pokémon. 

For its situation, it would appear that something you’d find toward the finish of a prison in a Final Fantasy game. In appearance, Guzzlord can be very startling.


As a Pokemon that weighs 888.0 kg/1957.7 lbs, it has a long tongue that moves in a waving movement to suck up food. Indeed, even with its tremendous craving, nobody has ever discovered droppings left from a Guzzlord.

7. Mudsdale

Mudsdale weighs 920.0 kg/2028.3 lbs, making it one of the heaviest Pokemon in presence. The tail looks like dreadlocks; however, it is missing dark indents. This Pokemon shows a lot of flexibility notwithstanding a warmed fight. 


This Pokémon is so substantial, it’ll wreck any hard surface it runs on, similar to black-top. Hence, Mudsdale is restricted from crossing numerous public streets.

6. Mega Metagross

Shockingly, it additionally makes Mega Metagross a lot crueler in a fight. Regardless of having a carnal appearance that is suggestive of a crab, Mega Metagross is profoundly shrewd that is comparable to a supercomputer. Its different minds permit it to perform progressed computations. 

As indicated by Mega Meatagross’s Pokedex passage, “When it realizes it can’t win, it burrows the hooks on its legs into its rival and starts the commencement to a major blast.”

Mega Metagross

When super advancing into a Mega Metagross, its weight almost pairs. Mega Metagross weights 942.9 kg / 2078.7 lbs

5. Groudon

The following Pokémon in our positioning is the principle Legendary from Pokémon Ruby: Groudon. The thing is, Groudon has been sleeping for a very long time. Groudon is a Ground-type Legendary Pokémon presented in Generation III. 


For a Pokémon that should have brought the various landmasses of the world into reality during its fight against Kyogre over control of the powers of nature, with the heaviness of 950.0 kg/2094.4 kg appears to be pretty chill.

4. Eternatus

Presented in Pokémon Sword and Shield, Eternatus has an impact in the two games’ accounts. Its tremendous size arranges it as the tallest Pokémon we’ve experienced hitherto.

At the focal point, all things considered, stands – or coasts – Eternatus, the Gigantic Pokémon. 

Its enormous weight probably has more to do with size than it does with force or structure.


As an Eternatus, it has a heavyweight of 950.0 kg/2094.4 lbs, however, when it changes structures, it might turn into the heaviest Pokémon in presence.

3. Primal Groudon

Weighing at a gigantic 999.7 kg/2204.0 lb, Primal Groudon has no known transformative structure. It is a double sort Fire-type and Ground-type. In the same way as other Pokémon with high loads, Primal Groudon has details in Defense. 

As the mascot of Pokémon Omega Ruby, Primal Groudon is bigger than its customary partner. Base Groudon what’s known as the “Mainland Pokémon.”

Primal Groudon

With the capacity to bring and demolish lands up in a moment, Primal Groudon isn’t just one of the heaviest, however quite possibly the most impressive Pokémon up until now.

2. Cosmoem

Beginning as a lightweight Cosmog, Cosmoem gets one of the heaviest Pokémon. Cosmoem is one of few Pokémon which gets in shape when it develops.

This Pokémon develops into Solgaelo or Lunala if you bought Pokémon Sun, Ultra Sun, Moon, or Ultra Moon. 

Weighing 999.9 kg/2204.4 lbs, it assumes the type of a blue circle with the universe envisioned around its middle. It is, unquestionably, the densest Pokémon, given its little size.


Cosmoem can’t move and can’t eat. The Alolan public acclaim this Pokémon for being a blessing from the high sky.

1. Celesteela

Celesteela is a double kind Steel and Flying-type Pokémon. Taking after a space transport and a bamboo shoot, Celesteela is one of the Ultra Beasts of Pokémon.

It has no s*x, yet it can incubate from an egg. Celesteela previously showed up in Generation VII of the Pokémon fundamental arrangement.


As a Pokémon that looks like a space carry and can take off into space, it is viewed as the most monstrous Pokémon in presence. It weighs 999.9 kg/2204.4 lbs. I know it’s unusual yet besides, these games come from Japan so it’s normal.

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