18 Hardest Pokémon to Draw

Drawing Pokémon is a tremendously fulfilling hobby that you may start with and advance with.

I’ve watched a ton of up-and-coming artists attempt to finish the Kanto dex and go on.

Finding any difficult Pokémon to draw can be a headache with only about 900 Pokémon in the national dex.

Many of them are on a completely other level from the hundreds that might be regarded as somewhat challenging.

I’ll go through the 18 Pokémon that are the most difficult to draw, making an effort to give a variety for you to draw.

You’ll greatly benefit from portfolio growth!

18. Raikou

243 Raikou 18 Hardest Pokémon to Draw

Drawing Raikou is a lot of fun because it has so many distinct colors and details!

You may be more accustomed to drawing cats or tigers than other Pokémon on this list because Raikou is more animal-based, but Raikou’s added details justify its inclusion on this list.

17. Dialga

483Dialga BDSP 18 Hardest Pokémon to Draw

There were several claws, spikes, and fins.

Despite being quite difficult to draw, Dialga can be an interesting Pokémon.

The light blue/white patterns are a key focus because getting them wrong will make them seem completely different.

The breast plate can also make or break your illustration!

16. Xurkitree

1200px 796Xurkitree 18 Hardest Pokémon to Draw

The seventh generation electric Pokemon Xurkitree is not known to develop into another Pokemon.

It belongs to the Ultra Beasts as well.

Like its name implies, Xurkitree resembles a tree made of electrical wiring that looks like a human being.

It could be difficult to draw because of its elegant appearance.

15. Kommo

784 Kommo o 1 18 Hardest Pokémon to Draw

Kommo-o, a Pokemon from the seventh generation that is also included on this list, is one of the most challenging to draw.

When a legendary Pokemon reaches level 45, it develops into Hakamo-o, a dragon and fighting type.

14. Buzzwole

8794 Mega Buzzwole 18 Hardest Pokémon to Draw

Buzzwole is a Pokemon from the seventh generation that is of the bug and fighting types.

The majority of the more difficult-to-draw Pokemon appear to be from this generation or the sixth generation.

Buzzwole doesn’t evolve into any other Pokemon, in contrast to the two Pokemon mentioned above.

It resembles a cross between a beast and a mosquito.

13. Lunala

8792 Mega Lunala 18 Hardest Pokémon to Draw

Lunala is a 7th generation legendary Pokemon of the psychic and ghost types.

It is Cosmog and Cosmoem’s developed form.

It is more difficult to draw than it appears because of the numerous pointed edges and other microscopic features on its blade-like wings.

12. Guzzlord

2799 Shiny Guzzlord 18 Hardest Pokémon to Draw

Guzzlord is a seventh-generation Pokemon of the dark and dragon types.

It is unknown if it can turn into another Pokemon.

Like Buzzwole, Guzzlord is an Ultra Beast who is renowned for his hunger.

This Pokemon is difficult to draw due to its size and the numerous intricacies on its body.

11. Celesteela

Pokemon Go Celesteela 18 Hardest Pokémon to Draw

Celesteela, a Pokemon from the seventh generation that resembles a contemporary robotic Pokemon with bamboo traits, is another Pokemon on the list.

Additionally, it is a steel/flying type Pokemon and an Ultra Beast.

Drawing it won’t be simple because of all the numerous intricacies and layers it has.

10. Zamazenta

zamazenta crowned 18 Hardest Pokémon to Draw

The eighth generation legendary fighting-type Pokemon Zamazenta is challenging to illustrate.

The difficulty level can be comparable to that of legendary cats like Suicune or Raikou.

Zamazenta has a ponytail on its head and the build of a large wolf.

9. Eternatus

18 Hardest Pokémon to Draw

The eighth generation legendary Pokemon Eternatus is a dragon and poison type.

It is unknown if it can turn into another Pokemon.

Its body is quite distinct because it is an alien dragon Pokemon.

It’s challenging to sketch this Pokemon because of its skeletal-like appearance.

Even after it transforms into the Eternamax Eternatus form, it’s still challenging to draw.

8. Chesnaught

652 Chesnaught 18 Hardest Pokémon to Draw

Chesnaught, a grass and fighting type Pokemon from the sixth generation, evolves from Quilladin at level 36.

It has traits of a mammal but looks like a plant.

Even while it’s not the toughest to draw on the list, it does require some talent.

7. Hydreigon

Cameron Hydreigon 18 Hardest Pokémon to Draw

Hydreigon, a fifth generation dark and dragon pseudo-legendary Pokemon, is another Pokemon that is worthwhile to take on.

It is Deino and Zweilous’ developed form.

Similar to a three-headed dragon with six wings, hydreigon.

It’s not the hardest to draw, but it still requires a lot of work to get it just right.

6. Cryogonal

615 1 18 Hardest Pokémon to Draw

Cryogonal, an ice type Pokemon from the fifth generation, is one of the more unusual-looking Pokemon on our list.

It is unknown if it can turn into another Pokemon.

Cryogonal has the appearance of a hexagonal snowflake.

It’s challenging to master sketching it because of all the edges and lines that make up its appearance.

5. Machamp

068 18 Hardest Pokémon to Draw

Machamp can be a nightmare if you’re not good at drawing Pokemon that look like humans.

It is an evolution of Machoke and Machop, and it belongs to the first generation of Pokemon.

Machamp has a champion belt and small shorts, giving it a more human-like appearance than many other Pokemon.

It also has four arms, possibly taking after a wrestler or bodybuilder.

4. Sigilyph

8561 Mega Sigilyph 18 Hardest Pokémon to Draw

Sigilyph, a Pokemon of the fifth generation, is a flying and psychic type. Additionally, it hasn’t been known to develop into any other Pokemon.

Sigilyph looks like a multicolored spherical form. In addition, it possesses a tail-like appendage made up of yellow, blue, and red feathers. Getting the colors perfect is challenging.

3. Zekrom

8644 Mega Zekrom 18 Hardest Pokémon to Draw

Zekrom is a legendary Pokemon of the fifth generation that is of the dragon and electric types.

Unlike other legendaries, it is not known to develop into any other Pokemon.

Along with Reshiram and Kyurem, it is a part of the Tao triad.

It is predominantly black in color and has two legs that resemble those of a dinosaur.

2. Yveltal

pogo yveltal 18 Hardest Pokémon to Draw

Yveltal, one of the most fearsome Pokémon ever, is not to be trifled with.

There are so many claws, and the skin and head are covered with delicate intricacies.

There are so many hues to take into account that the difference between a fairly drawn and perfectly drawn Yveltal is mind-boggling!

1. Blacephalon

806 Blacephalon 18 Hardest Pokémon to Draw

Blacephalon is a very straightforward shape, but the colors are where it becomes tricky.

No other Pokémon necessitates the same level of alignment in minute, unique shapes, which is a labor of love.

Gaining proficiency as an artist will be greatly aided by drawing this Pokémon correctly!

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