Which Pokémon Go Team Should I Join?

There are three Pokémon Go teams: Mystic, Instinct, and Valor. Blue, Yellow, and Red are also names for the teams.

Before you choose a team, you should take a moment to really think about what you want to do.

In level 5, you can’t change your choice of allegiance once you’ve made it. Gamers who knew about the Pokémon series were able to make smart choices when they were given a choice.

Others just made wild guesses based on what they knew about the leader, like what their best color was.

Part of what makes the virtual reality game fun is that the teams are competing against each other. Everyone wants to “catch them all” and be the best team in their town.

We’ve come up with great accounts of each team and reasons why you should or shouldn’t join that team to help you make the best choice in the game.

Team Mystic (Blue)

Pokémon Go Team

Coach Blanche is in charge of Team Mystic. Blanche is very smart and works hard to make the other team members feel like a group.

The thing that most interests Mystic about Pokémon is how they change over time. Articuno, an ice legend that is hard to catch, is the group’s sign.

Team Mystic’s goal is to use knowledge to take over as many gyms as possible. The people on the Blue team will study the Pokémon they catch to figure out how to make them as strong as possible.

Mystic has the most people on it. Team Valor is the enemy of both the blue team and Team Instinct. You’ll know right away if you see someone from Team Mystic near a Pokéstop.

They are the ones who run around looking for Magikarps to put in gyms that they take from Valor.

Team Instinct (Yellow)

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Spark is in charge of Team Instinct, which is the yellow team. The yellow team’s Pokemon Go plans are based on trust.

Team Red and Team Blue members often make fun of Team Yellow members by saying that they have a “victim complex.”

Team Yellow’s motto is that all Pokémon, even Weedles, have natural skills. Their plan to take over gyms is to trust their instincts and pick their Pokémon carefully for fight.

Even though their plan seems good, you may have a hard time finding yellow clubs in your area.

But Team Instinct loses gym fights not just because of how they fight, but also because they have less people.

Team Instinct is the least popular Pokémon Go team to join by a huge amount. Without people who are doing well, it will be hard for the team to take over gyms or find new members.

People are making fun of Team Instinct and even Zapdos, which is one of their most famous Pokemon. Team Yellow doesn’t have a lot going for it, but they do have friends on Team Blue.

Mystic is more successful and more well-known than Instinct, but both teams hate Team Valor and everyone who joins it.

If you join Team Instinct, you will get a perk of being able to hatch eggs better. It might be the best chance for Team Yellow to add something good to their Pokédex.

Team Valor (Red)

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Team Valor (the red team) gets a lot of criticism from other team members and on social media. What they might not know is that the people who question and hate Team Red are the ones who make them stronger.

Team Valor’s goal, which is led by Candela, is just to be the best. Team Valor is a good fit for you if you want to battle as much as possible and take over as many gyms as you can.

When it comes to competition, the people on Team Valor are aggressive, driven, and tough. Members of Valor look for Pokéstops and work on hatching their eggs when they aren’t fighting in gyms. Team Red battles a lot, so you need a big Pokédex, a lot of potions, and to evolve fast.

The Moltres is the team’s famous bird. Even though Mystic has more members than Valor, it is a much better team than Valor.

Every gym on your team will probably shine red early in the morning and late at night, but when Mystic wakes up, the fight to keep those gyms will be fierce.

If you choose Team Red, you will not only be one of the “cool kids,” but you will also get help with evolving Pokémon.

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