Does Julius Have A Devil Or Is Julius Evil in Black Clover

Fans were talking a lot about the 286th episode of Black Clover. When it was found out that one of the masters of the underworld could control time, fans, including me, couldn’t help but think of Julius Novachrono.

Julius is not only very strong, but his type of power is also very rare. Surely, the fact that one of the strongest devils in the underworld also has time magic can’t be a mistake.

After the big plot twist in chapter 331, which changed the whole series, all signs point to our beloved Wizard King being a disloyal devil host. Well, not quite…

Astaroth, the Time Devil, lives in Julius’s body. But the real Devil Host is Lucius Zogratis, the oldest Zogratis child.

He went into Julius and hid. At the end of chapter 331, he comes out, which means he probably killed Damnatio, who had tried to stop him. Julius is not bad by himself.

Who Are The Rulers Of The Underworld?

Does Julius Have A Devil Or Is Julius Evil in Black Clover

In Chapter 286, Nacht had a flashback that showed that his family used illegal magic and tried to call the devil.

His father was very proud of him, so he gave him a piece of Lucifugus, the devil who helps the three rulers of the underworld.

It turns out that the three rulers of the underworld, Lucifero (hosted by Dante Zogratis), Beelzebub (hosted by Zenon Zogratis), and Astaroth (hosted by Lucius Zogratis), can control gravity, space, and time.

Megicula was part of the Dark Triad, which was led by VanicaZogratis, but she never had a real job in the Tree of Qliphoth. After Astaroth went missing, he took over his job.

So, Is Julius Evil?

During his fight with Patolli in Chapter 145, Julius thought about how much he didn’t like society’s social system and classes.

Julius thought that prejudice and discrimination kept magic and people from reaching their full potential.

As a Magic Knight, he wanted to change the society he lived in, which was based on class, and this is what led him to become the Wizard King.

Julius is very secretive, but he loves the country very much and isn’t really a traitor. Damnatio shows, though, that only Julius has ever used Astaroth’s Time Magic.

How Could He Be Hiding His Devil Powers?

Julius never tried to hide that he was a devil. He had no idea that he was hosting Astaroth.

Dante said in Chapter 256 that devil hosts have the same power as the devils they house. Since they are in a different world, devil hosts can’t use their full power.

If a gate is open, a devil host can use all of their devil skills, which brings me to my next point.

When Morris opened a gate in Chapter 280, the Dark Triad could use all of their skills at once. At the time, Julius and Damnatio were facing the ancient demon of the Spade Kingdom and protecting the Clover Kingdom.

Before Asta came, Julius was fighting the monster and was almost out of energy.

Julius had no idea that Asta would show up, but he was ready to die for his country. During the Spade Kingdom Raid, Julius would have been the strongest person on the battlefield if he had really been a devil host.

With the gate open, he could also use all of his devil skills. Julius wouldn’t put his life and the Clover Kingdom in danger to hide the fact that he had devil powers.

This shows that Lucius has been hiding his devil skills and waiting for the right time to show them.

Julius Novachrono’s Devil Identity Sets Up an Impossible Fight

It’s general knowledge that Julius Novachrono is the strongest mage still alive in Black Clover. He even beat death by saving a few years of his life, so he’s even stronger than death.

Now that we know he is a Devil and one of the masters of the Underworld, he may be a bigger threat than Lucifero.

It’s easy to say that he has as much magic power as Lucifero, but Lucius Zogratis, which is Julius Novachrono’s Devil name, doesn’t think humans are weak.

He is also smarter and more clever than Lucifero, as shown by the fact that he is said to have seen this turn of events coming.

Since the Wizard King is going to be the main bad guy in the Black Clover manga, Asta and the other characters are going to have a harder time in the last part of the story.

Julius is already a strong person in his human form, so his Devil form is probably a lot stronger. It makes people wonder how Asta will beat his hero and reach his goal while also dealing with his own problems, especially since Lucius has magic that is too strong.

Has He Shown Signs Of Being A Host?

Julius has never done anything to suggest that he is a devil host. Even with Damnatio’s scale magic, Julius’s devil skills were never found.

Julius has always been tricked quietly by Lucius, and it has always been Lucius who has been hosting Astaroth. So that he doesn’t get caught, Lucius hides inside Julius, which fools people like Damnatio.

If Damnatio knew Julius was using devil magic but didn’t tell anyone, that would mean he was working with Julius, which would be out of character for him.

Another thing to think about is that Julius couldn’t read Asta’s grimoire, either. Julius could have been acting like he didn’t understand it to avoid getting into trouble, but he hasn’t shown any other signs of having a devil.

Julius also didn’t have wegs, which are signs of someone who does magic that isn’t allowed. Julius himself said that horns are a sign that someone has used illegal magic and explored a world other than their own.

Is Julius Connected To The Time Devil?

Megicula Does Julius Have A Devil Or Is Julius Evil in Black Clover

Julius is linked to the Time Devil in a roundabout way through Lucius. But it’s still not clear how Julius is related to Lucius.

Where Does His Time Magic Come From?

All signs point to the fact that Lucius and Astaroth live in Julius’s body, which is why he can use Time Magic.

Through Charlotte, we’ve learned that you can have magic linked to a devil even if you’re not a host or have been directly cursed by that devil.

Even though they aren’t directly linked and Megicula didn’t curse Charlotte, Charlotte’s cursed magic comes from her.

Could He Have A Contract With The Time Devil?

Gordon’s family is famous for being able to hack and use evil magic. We know that Gordon’s family made a deal with Megicula in the past, which gave them their cursed powers, from his grandma.

This contract also links Gordon’s skills to Megicula, but unlike Charlotte, it does so in a more direct way.

Julius’s family may have used illegal magic or made a deal with the Time Devil in the past, just like Gordon’s family did with Megicula.

Because he was related to Astaroth, Lucius may have been able to show up in Julius in this way.

Could Julius’ Time Magic Be A Coincidence?

There are strange ties between the Clover Kingdom and devils. People are also doing magic that is against the law, and the capital of the country has a gate to the underworld.

In Chapter 182, it was shown that the Shadow Palace had been sealed away under Clover Castle for thousands of years. This could have been one reason why the Clover Kingdom lost its natural mana defense.

Like Lolopechka said, the loss of this divine protection has led to strange kinds of magic. These odd types are strong enough to beat even devils. Lolopechka also used Julius to show how these things were wrong.

Julius could be one of these people born with magic that doesn’t make sense. Julius’s magic might be the same as the time devil’s by chance, just like the magic of many other witches in the Clover Kingdom is similar to that of devils.

Even magic types aren’t all black and white, since devils can use fire and ice magic like everyone else.

This could mean that Julius’s Time Magic came about on its own, not because of the Time Devil.

Does It Make Sense For Julius To Be A Devil Host?

It doesn’t make much sense for Julius to be a devil host, and nothing has ever suggested that he is.

Nothing about him has ever made me think he was a host. But the fact that Julius is indirectly receiving Astaroth will make things a lot more interesting.

His abilities will be much stronger than anything we’ve seen so far, which will make it very hard for Asta to beat him.

The Julius Theories Weren’t Right?

So after this i read this reddit post saying something like.

People keep saying that the “Julius is a traitor/evil” ideas are true, but I don’t think that’s true at all because Julius isn’t actually evil.

People who talk about these ideas usually try to show scenes or panels where Julius looks or acts evil or strange as proof.

But based on what we saw in the most recent chapter, it seemed like Julius didn’t know he was one of the Zogratis brothers, so it’s not like he was bad and trying to hide it, or that he was trying to pull a William and hide Patry.

The guy had no idea that he was actually bad. So far, what we know about Julius shows that he is not a liar or bad person, and there isn’t much evidence that he is.

You can read this whole thread on reddit here.

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