Why Jinwoo’s Shadow Iron had to abandon him in Solo Leveling?

Hello! Fans of the amazing manga Solo Leveling were absolutely thrilled to see their beloved shadow soldiers Beru and Igris make a triumphant return in the recent side stories!

These amazing beings fought alongside their leader, the incredible Shadow Monarch Sung Jinwoo, for an impressive 27 years.

However, there was one member of Jinwoo’s loyal army who unfortunately couldn’t make it.

So, I just wanted to let you know that Iron, the shadow that comes from A-Rank Hunter Kim Chul’s body, unfortunately, didn’t show up in the recent battles.

Oh, guess what? Iron got left behind when Jinwoo used the amazing Cup of Reincarnation to go back in time.

Fans were really bummed out when they heard this news and couldn’t help but feel a little sad for the missing member of Jinwoo’s once-unstoppable army.

Discovering the Magic of the Cup of Reincarnation

solo lveling 950x500 1 Why Jinwoo’s Shadow Iron had to abandon him in Solo Leveling?

I just pictured this amazing scenario: You have this incredible cup that can actually turn back time by a whole 10 years!

How cool is that? But here’s the catch: each time you use it, it becomes a little less effective.

Still, it’s pretty mind-blowing, right? Oh, that’s the Cup of Reincarnation! It played a really important part in the exciting finale of the super popular Manhwa series, Solo Leveling.

In the last chapter, our awesome main character, Jinwoo, decided to use the cup one last time, even though he knew it would break once he activated it.

This would mean that the people he turned into shadows, like his trusted comrade Iron, wouldn’t be a part of the new timeline anymore.

However, with the exciting release of Special Episode 5, fans were thrilled to see Iron make a comeback in some form!

He now goes by the friendly name of Kim Chul, a talented high school track-and-field athlete.

When he was Iron, Kim Chul was a confident and determined hunter who always wanted to show his value to Jinwoo.

But in his new life, he has become a lovable giant who radiates a much friendlier vibe.

The episode left fans curious about how much of Iron’s personality transferred to the present Kim Chul.

I have a big question that could be on everyone’s mind: what role will this awesome new and improved Iron have in the Solo Leveling universe?

I can’t wait to find out!

Solo Leveling has released an exciting new chapter without Dubu!

solo leveling anime trailer edited Why Jinwoo’s Shadow Iron had to abandon him in Solo Leveling?

Solo Leveling started as a web novel on KakaoPage and has since become a beloved series that has captured the hearts of fans all around the world.

Its exciting plot and captivating characters have made it a favorite among readers.

The story is all about Sung Jinwoo, who starts off as the world’s weakest Hunter.

But guess what? He gets this amazing chance to level up thanks to a mysterious system.

With this system, he can defeat monsters and complete tasks without any limits. I find it very cool. Isn’t it?

The webcomic adaptation, beautifully illustrated by the talented Dubu, came to life in March 2018 and received amazing reviews, capturing the hearts of countless fans.

However, unfortunately, tragedy struck when Dubu, who had been bravely fighting a chronic illness, passed away before he could witness the well-deserved success of his work.

REDICE Studio is excited to announce their plans to launch a wonderful set of side stories!

These stories will feature a talented team of artists who had the privilege of working with Dubu to complete the artwork.

We can’t wait to share this special project with you all!

I have good news for all the fans out there! You can still enjoy the complete Solo Leveling series, along with the ongoing special episodes.

They are readily available for you to read on popular platforms like Tappytoon and Tapas.

So go ahead and dive into the amazing world of Solo Leveling!

And the excitement just keeps on going!

I just wanted to share some exciting news with you, and, you know, a super cool anime adaptation of Solo Leveling is currently being worked on by the awesome folks at A-1 Pictures!

So get ready to see all your beloved characters and their thrilling adventures come to life on the small screen.

How awesome is that?

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or new to the series, now is the perfect time to jump into the amazing world of Solo Leveling!

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