Attack on Titan Chapter 139 Explained!

It’s time to leave our beloved manga on mass genocide with the release of Attack on Titan’s last chapter is unveiled. Chapter 139 has set our hearts at peace after the many battles we’ve fought with Eren, Mikasa, and Armin.

The spoilers have been eliminated The spoilers are gone, and Eren has no intention of returning. 

The majority of people have been washed clean and the retribution is too heavy for Eren to be saved. 

The chapter wraps up all loose ends and gives an idea of what is to come for this Eldian Empire.

What Made Eren Change and To Kill Civilians?

What Made Eren Change and To Kill Civilians Attack on Titan Chapter 139 Explained!

Chapter 139 offers an answer to the question of the reason Eren had been rumored to be a villain. We may be partially right; he had unintentionally a motive. 

It was believed by him that the destruction of Eldians or the other human race could bring peace to the world.

But, he was unable to stop Armin and the other members from taking him down. He told the group to kill him so that peace is created. 

He was portrayed as the greatest threat, which would bring humanity together to defeat him.

What was the reason why Eren hurt Mikasa and his Friends Get Together?

Eren tells Armin that he did this to eject them all from the other. Because Armin, Mikasa, and others Paradisians were part of the murder of The Founding Titan, the world has a responsibility to them.

They will eventually be beacons that could create unity among all. The centuries-old hatred for Eldians could be quelled when they can owe their lives to the Eldians who they are.

What made Ymir submit to King Fritz and How did she get released?

The founder Ymir has power that is comparable to the power of Gods but she remained loyal to an individual who oppressed her. Eren had witnessed the emotions of Ymir in her past and confirms his belief that Ymir loved Fritz. She had long longed for freedom for more than 2000 years, but she was unable to attain it.

The one who ultimately released her was Mikasa. 

Mikasa is in love with Eren but she was able to kill Eren. In an aspect, Mikasa might have shown the way to freedom to Ymir. When Mikasa chose to murder Eren she also escaped her Ackerman-like tendency.

Eren He finally confesses his feelings

Eren He finally confesses his feelings

Who would have thought that Eren was in fact as in love with Mikasa amid all the tough and feelingless actions? 

It was, of course, an attack from Armin in the face for him to acknowledge his feelings and now Eren has finally admitted that he is in love with her.

He even goes a step further, admitting that he doesn’t wish for her to be loved by anyone else than him, after which he quickly states that he wants her to be happy.

Is Eren Dead?

The Eren was dead and is dead for the first time. Chapter 139’s majority content is comprised of Eren’s final chat with Armin. 

80percent of humanity has been killed and Eren recognizes that there’s no way to get forgiveness for doing something that grave.

After Armin recalls her entire life and wakes in the morning, Mikasa enters with Eren’s cut-off head. She and Armin are crying for a final time before Mikasa is able to go on to bury the remains of her lover.

Do you believe still have the Power of Titans Still Exist?

The rumbling is been stopped and it is now quiet, the Founding Titan is dead, and Ymir is no longer in prison. Its power as Titans is also gone from the world. 

The great titans are gone nor can the Eldians transform into Titans.

The Wall Titans have also disappeared without any sign of their disappearance (apart from the trail of destruction that they left).

What Will the World Recover?

Attack on Titan Chapter 139

The harm that was caused by Eren is far too extensive to repair. 

The majority of humanity has died and the survivors have suffered a great deal of grief. 

The scars they have left are not going to be healed, and their beloved relatives will never come back.

The heroes that were born after the death of the Founding Titan attempt to bring peace throughout the world.

Eldia’s Fates What is the Chance of Peace within the World?

Paradis is concerned that survivors on the other side of the island could attack them again in search of revenge. The Jaeger faction has increased its military force and is united in fighting against any attack from the outside.

It is believed that the future for humanity is uncertain as people continue to segregate themselves. However, Armin, Jean, Connie, Levi, and others return to Paradis as ambassadors to help negotiate for peace. 

They believe that together with Historia and Historia, they will come up with a solution to stop the unnecessary violence.

They will reveal to the world what they have witnessed with the eyes of their witnesses. Humanity must know the truth and believe that the truth is their choice.

Was Eren Correct or Not?

Eren was acting to defend Paradis. It was already known that the entire world’s army was going to attack Paradis soon. 

Eren decided to defend his home country. We are all aware that massive killing and the killing of 80% of people isn’t the ideal thing to do.

What could have been done differently? 

Only a handful of titans could not have been able to defend Paradis. Even if Paradis was destroyed, Marley would’ve continued enslaving the Eldians who lived outside the boundaries of Paradis.

Eren’s motivation to bring everyone against him was appreciated by his fellow members until the very end. Once he began his rumblings, he was able to never stop the rumblingEldians are at risk no longer there because there’s no military strength that is sufficient on Earth.

He was aware that he was on the road to destruction and gave Mikasa along with Armin the responsibility of rescuing whatever was saved. The issue of whether it is right or wrong gets a bit muddy when you must choose the better option.

We say our final goodbyes to the manga that has both fueled our rush of adrenaline and depression. 

The tragic love story of Mikasa and Eren is set to be an amazing, yet melancholic model. Violence and hate are not over however there’s still the possibility of a bright future.

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