Why Did Kaneki Join The Aogiri Tree In Tokyo Ghoul?

Kaneki being a part of the Aogiri Tree was a key element of the series that shaped his character. Tokyo Ghoul readers were even more shocked at the change of events, as this had not occurred on the page! 

What is the reason this change happened? What exactly was the reason Kaneki became a part of the Aogiri Tree? An Aogiri Tree?

The Aogiri Tree was a ghoulish terrorist organization that was violent in its style of activism, which was an axe to the CCG’s back. Humans and peace-loving ghouls were afraid of them. 

While searching for Rize, they come across Kaneki on Anteiku. They abduct him, after the way that Yamori (Jason) severely beats him. This causes a massive transformation in his character.

However, rather than renunciating his former employer, Aogiri, Kaneki decides to join the same organization that made his life miserable.

Fans couldn’t be able to resist questioning this decision. But, Kaneki had valid reasons to join Aogiri Tree! 

Why did Ken Kaneki decide to join Aogiri Tree? An Aogiri Tree?

Kaneki was a member of the Aogiri tree because he was looking to become stronger in order to protect those around him. He was also keen on being vigilant about the Aogiri, which he considered a threat to the Anteiku.

As he was brutally beaten by Jason, Kaneki came to the conclusion that a lack of power is the major reason why people aren’t in a position to protect those closest to them. 

Kaneki realized that if he was to keep the residents of Anteiku secure, he’d be required to be strong. By joining the Aogiri, he could fulfill his purpose.

Let’s look at his motives in more detail!

Get stronger with the Aogiri.

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As an Aogiri Tree member, Kaneki could fight more powerful foes (top CCG investigators and other powerful monsters) all day long and into the night. 

This would help him grow in his character similar to the actions Ayato took to ensure that Touka was secure. Kaneki was also keen on drawing the attention of CCG detectives from the Anteiku and 20th wards.

The 20th ward has become the center of attention following Rize’s frequent eating habits and the murder of Detective Mado. In Aogiri, Kaneki could draw the attention of detectives from the 20th Ward by moving around. 

The raid on the vehicle of Naki and even Ayato playing the role of the black rabbit indicated these details. However, getting stronger wasn’t the only reason behind his actions.

Find out more about Aogiri Tree and its leader.

Kaneki was aware of the danger the Aogiri Tree could pose to Anteiku as well as other peace-loving ghoul groups. He was essentially sticking to the idea of “keeping your friends close, but keeping your enemies closer.”

If ever Kaneki believed that Aogiri was an imminent threat to Anteiku and other peace-loving ghouls, he would swiftly take it down (that’s the way Kaneki was determined to make it). He also wanted to learn more about the One-Eyed Owl that was getting a lot of attention.

Kaneki was also looking to discover more information about Rize. He wanted to find out more about her, and the reason she was being pursued. 

Because Aogiri was already looking for Rize, Kaneki thought he could gather some information about her if he joined Aogiri. That’s also how Kaneki came across Shachi during his Cochlea raid.

Did Kaneki join Aogiri Tree’s Tokyo Ghoul Manga?

Kaneki becoming a member of the Aogiri Tree was an event that was exclusive to the anime. In the manga Tokyo Ghoul, he created his own small group along with Banjo as well as Tsukiyama. They were gathering information on Rize as well as Kanou. 

They also fought Aogiri in the shadows (ok it’s not fighting). However, the motives behind it were the same as well. Make sure that Anteiku is protected by becoming stronger and keeping an eye on Aogiri.

However, the actions of Anteiku in the manga and the anime do not meet their goals because Anteiku is attacked and destroyed during the course of a CCG attack towards the conclusion.

Do you think that the anime was better at making Kaneki a part of Aogiri? 

Do you think the plot and plot development of the Tokyo Ghoul manga is much better? 

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