Minecraft Guide: What is Smite?

Smite is an enchantment for Minecraft that can be applied to swords and axes.

It will increase the damage that players do to undead monsters.

Minecraft is home to many deadly undead mobs.

Players can use the Smite enchantment to reduce the damage that the mobs can inflict by using a sword and an axe.

What is Smite in Minecraft and how does it work?

The Smite enchantment works as a buff to the damage dealt.

Smite is a powerful enchantment that increases damage to undead mobs.

Smite enchantment can be added to swords or axes only and has five stages.

Each additional stage increases the damage by 2.5.

This can lead to death.

There are many undead mobs within Minecraft.

It can be difficult to remember which ones are not dead.

Here is a list of undead mobs:

  1. Skeletons
  2. Zombies
  3. Zombie Villagers
  4. Husks
  5. Phantoms
  6. The Drowned
  7. Zoglins
  8. Wither
  9. Wither Skeletons
  10. Zombie Piglins
  11. Skeleton Horses
  12. Zombie Horses
  13. Traitors

How to use Smite in Minecraft?

An enchantment table can be used to apply to smite to a sword, axe or another weapon.

You will need four blocks of obsidian and two diamonds to create an enchanting table in Minecraft.

Higher levels will grant you more enchantments.

This is why lower-level attachments might be easier to find.

You can increase your enchantments by placing a bookstore near the enchanting table.

To achieve the best delights, you will need to create a complete bookshelf border of at least 15 blocks.

Right-click the Enchantment Table to open your magical screen:

This screen will display the menu above with 3 buttons and options to place items.

What is Smite in Minecraft.. Minecraft Guide: What is Smite?

To enchant, choose the sword or axe

Lapis lazuli can be used to power the enchantment tables:

What is Smite in Minecraft.... Minecraft Guide: What is Smite?

Three random options are displayed on the GUI right after you place the item.

These glyphs do not affect the enchantment.

However, hovering over an enchantment will reveal one to be applied.

Select the smite option

Only two options are available: a player must be at least on level 1 and a requirement for lapis lazuli equal or lower than the number of lapis lazuli in the table.

Each option infuses the item with a random set of enchantments, which are dependent on how many experience levels the player has.

Clicking on an enchantment will change the appearance of your tool, symbolizing that you have chosen it.

Each hit causes damage


WeaponBase damageSmite ISmite IISmite IIISmite IVSmite V
Wooden sword4 (6)6.5 (8.5)9 (11)11.5 (13.5)14 (16)16.5 (18.5)
Sword in gold4 (6)6.5 (8.5)9 (11)11.5 (13.5)14 (16)16.5 (18.5)
Stone sword5 (7.5)7.5 (10)10 (12.5)12.5 (15)15 (17.5)17.5 (20)
Iron sword6 (9)8.5 (11.5)11 (14)13.5 (16.5)16 (19)18.5 (21.5)
Diamond sword7 (10.5)9.5 (13)12 (15.5)14.5 (18)17 (20.5)19.5 (23)
Netherite sword8 (12)10.5 (14.5)13 (17)15.5 (19.5)18 (22)20.5 (24.5)


WeaponBase damageSmite ISmite IISmite IIISmite IVSmite V
Wooden axe7 (10.5)9.5 (13)12 (15.5)14.5 (18)17 (20.5)19.5 (23)
Axes made of gold7 (10.5)9.5 (13)12 (15.5)14.5 (18)17 (20.5)19.5 (23)
Stone axe9 (13.5)11.5 (16)14 (18.5)16.5 (21)19 (23.5)21.5 (26)
Iron axe9 (13.5)11.5 (16)14 (18.5)16.5 (21)19 (23.5)21.5 (26)
Diamond axe9 (13.5)11.5 (16)14 (18.5)16.5 (21)19 (23.5)21.5 (26)
The Netherite axe10 (15)12.5 (17.5)15 (20)17.5 (22.5)20 (25)22.5 (27.5)

How do I remove smite from Minecraft?

You can swap them out if it’s Smite or Bane of Arthropods or Sharpness.

However, you can only have one sword at a given time.

Sharpness vs Smite

Both Sharpness and Smite are essential enchantments to your main swords.

They both increase the weapon’s damage.

You already know that Smite and Sharpness cannot be used on one blade.

Which one is better?

Now that we know what Smite can do from the table, let’s take a look at how sharpness compares.

Sharpness l: Add 1 more damage

Sharpness ll: Add 1.5 extra damage

Sharpness lll: Add 2 more damages

Sharpness lV: Add 2.5 extra damage

Sharpness V: Add 3 more damage

The above list shows that smite has greater power than sharpness.

However, there is one thing you must remember: you can only use smite against undead creatures.

The debate boils down to what purpose you are trying to achieve.

Smite is the best option for fighting undead mobs like the wither.

Smite, fully powered up to level V can do 12.5 damage to any weapon with any base damage.

If you have a diamond blade, it will even be more effective and will kill mobs without any effort.


Q-What is the best way to play smite in Minecraft?

The table shows that smite 4 can deal severe damage to undead mobs and is very effective.

Q-What is the best smite V?

Smite, fully powered up to level 5, can do 12.5 damage to any weapon with any base damage but it is only available to enemies of the undead such as Skeletons, Zombies, Drowned or Withers.

Q-Do you have the ability to put smite on your bow?

The Smite enchantment cannot be applied to an axe or sword.

Q-Is smite good for Enderman?

No, the Enderman cannot be given additional damage points because it is not classified as an undead mob.

Q-Is there a way to get one-shot zombies in smite V?

Yes, Smite V can be applied to Diamond axes.

It can also one-shot zombies or skeletons.

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