21 Best Red Shiny Pokémon of All Time

The color red evokes strong feelings in many people.

It can stand for wrath, fervor, and peril.

This is why red has always been a staple color in the Pokémon franchise, starting with the original Pokémon Red Version.

That being the case, red shiny Pokémon must be among the greatest in the franchise.

In this piece, we will examine the finest examples of red-themed shiny objects available. If you’re on the prowl for anything with a crimson tinge, we have lots of recommendations.

21. Alolan Raticate

16020 Alolan Raticate 21 Best Red Shiny Pokémon of All Time

Rattata and Raticate are two Pokémon who never seem to get much love or recognition, and in fact, neither one ever makes it onto any “best of” lists.

In light of the fact that the Alolan variation of Raticate has a deeper brownish red glossy appearance, it seemed fitting to have it appear first on the list.

It seems fitting that the Alolan variant of Raticate would share a color scheme with the usual shiny version, which is a vivid burned orange.

While owning and actively using a Raticate in combat is not common, doing so to flaunt a Raticate is a rare and eye-catching color like red can be justification enough.

20. Glalie

20 shiny glalie pokemon swsh 21 Best Red Shiny Pokémon of All Time

Let’s take a low-key approach, to begin with.

Just as I stated before, the color red is associated with anger. And there aren’t many Pokémon that can match Glalie’s level of anger.

Red’s glossy look is therefore not surprising.

The blue eyes of a Glalie change to a fiery crimson when it is shining.

The only thing that has changed is spelling.

and it’s wonderful for me!

Somehow, this makes the sight of a floating ice skull all the eerier.

While I would have liked to see other adjustments done to make Glalie more frightening, I think this is a good place to start.

19. Solgaleo

19 shiny solgaleo pokemon swsh 21 Best Red Shiny Pokémon of All Time

This next one is the least nuanced of the bunch.

Simply put, Solgaleo is a real-life Zoid (go ahead, kids, Google it up), and it has the iconic metallic silver and black aesthetic of a Zoid.

All the glossy version does is make Solgaleo red instead.

This is fantastic, by the way! It’s quite childish and absurd, especially coming from a Pokemon with Solgaleo’s regal appearance.

This is so far out there that I had to include it, even though it makes no sense at all.

18. Heliolisk

18 shiny heliolisk pokemon camp 21 Best Red Shiny Pokémon of All Time

Let’s have a look at Heliolisk and not stray too far from the solar theme.

The hood of the Heliolisk lizard allows it to soak up sunlight, which then powers its electric attacks.

That’s why I find it so amusing when its normally yellow body suddenly becomes scarlet.

This sun-loving lizard appears to have suffered sunburn on the one region of its body not covered by its hood.

For what reason do Heliolisk’s jaw and other yellow features still appear to be that color?

Once again, it’s illogical, yet it makes me smile.

17. Ferrothorn

17 shiny ferrothorn pokemon swsh 21 Best Red Shiny Pokémon of All Time

As far as defense goes, Ferrothorn is perhaps the greatest Pokémon in the series.

Its design is a clear indication that hitting it causes pain to the attacker.

As a shine, however, Ferrothorn’s demeanor changes drastically.

Its once-metallic skin has become yellow, and its vines and under-eye lines are now a bloody crimson. With this information, Ferrothorn takes on a far more bellicose persona.

The Pokémon appears like it would launch spikes at you from the cave’s roof.

Seriously, check out its entry on the Pokedex.

Ferrothorn is not one to play games.

16. Breloom

16 shiny breloom pokemon oras 1 21 Best Red Shiny Pokémon of All Time

Breloom has always been one of my favorite bands.

It was robust, yes, but it also looked silly and amusing.

However, its glossy appearance belies this claim.

The normally green skin of a Breloom has acquired a rusty orange color.

At least I know I’m not staring at some sort of fungi-kangaroo monstrosity.

A solitary warrior appears before me, its eyes obscured by its cap.

Though it would rather avoid conflict, it will engage in combat if provoked. Breloom has become a badass overnight!

15. The Rotom Forms

15 shiny frost rotom pokemon camp 21 Best Red Shiny Pokémon of All Time

Since Rotom was initially introduced, I’ve been a fan of all of its incarnations.

Every one of the orange appliances has its own electric aura, which helps to emphasize the individuality of each shape.

This is intriguing since the glossy versions of these shapes used by Rotom really have the opposite effect.

All the outlets around the appliances have turned an orangey color, and the appliances themselves are now a dark crimson.

In this way, they all start to look the same.

It’s the reverse of what you’d expect from a shine, but I think it looks better on Rotom.

Rotom is always on the lookout for new and exciting gadgets to show off to his friends.

If you’re trying to shock people, wouldn’t it make sense to have a consistent approach?

That’s what I hope, at least.

14. Skuntank

14 red shiny skuntank pokemon swsh 21 Best Red Shiny Pokémon of All Time

I have always had a special place in my heart for Skuntank.

A farting skunk, indeed.

Yet, with its tail in a mohawk/pompadour style, it presents an amusing appearance.

The sheer absurdity of this item makes it all the more appealing.

The fact that it’s now a garish shade of red just adds to the absurdity of its glossy appearance.

A reddish tint has been applied to everything, including the white stripes and feet.

Skuntank becomes somewhat more menacing as a result.

It’s true that the shiny form does nothing but add further absurdity to an already ridiculous Pokémon. That brings a smile to my face.

13. Rampardos

13 shiny rampardos pokemon usum 21 Best Red Shiny Pokémon of All Time

When it comes to Pokémon, Rampardos is already one of the most fearsome. It has a high attack rating and frequently bashes its skull on moving objects.

Because of these qualities, Rampardos’ shine is one of my favorites.

The creature’s head and all other formerly blue features have been painted crimson.

The rich crimson coloring on Rampardos’ head makes it appear even more menacing.

Its wrinkled brow and blazing crimson eyes are the perfect combinations.

The blue and grey tones of Rampardos’ design helped to unify the elements. As soon as you add the red, everything becomes strikingly clear.

12. Dhelmise

12 shiny dhelmise pokemon camp 21 Best Red Shiny Pokémon of All Time

The concept of Dhelmise has always appealed to me.

However, its overall form makes it appear to be little more than a jumble of boating accessories held together by seaweed.

Is there anything that can be done to make it appear more… eerie?

In fact, the opposite is true.

The seaweed should be red.

Dhelmise has taken on a sinister appearance recently.

Vinelike structures, dyed a crimson hue by the blood of the victims, are the glue that keeps everything together. Additionally, the brown ship’s wheel used to construct its face has been replaced with a white one.

The eye, which is a compass, is more noticeable once the color was changed.

Dhelmise is starting to expand its identity beyond being known as Drake’s garage sale.

11. Obstagoon

11 shiny obstagoon pokemon swsh 21 Best Red Shiny Pokémon of All Time

The aesthetic of Obstagoon was intentionally modeled on that of the punk music era. As a bonus, the monochrome design complements the theme’s black and white colors beautifully.

What else, though, is also considered punk rock?

Combining colors that don’t go together

Shiny Obstagoon has gone from an all-black look with some grey armor to brilliant red fur and a sky-blue suit of armor.

This is fantastic!

Its tongue, too, was painted a brilliant blue. That’s awesome, right?

My one complaint is that they could have given Obstagoon a bright green mohawk, but I suppose that’s where Toxtricity comes in.

10. Yveltal

10 shiny yveltal pokemon swsh 21 Best Red Shiny Pokémon of All Time

Yveltal is a particularly nasty Pokémon since it feeds upon the vitality of other living things. In addition, its primary colors, black and crimson, are the most sinister of any duo.

The polished version, though, is even more menacing looking.

All the dark accents have been whitewashed.

Its crimson body retains its color but darkens somewhat.

The new Yveltal, with its darker main body and brighter highlighting, is a far more menacing sight.

Additionally, it reminds me of raw bacon.

Moreover, I doubt you will be able to unsee it immediately.

9. Hawlucha

09 shiny hawlucha pokemon swsh 21 Best Red Shiny Pokémon of All Time

I feel like I’ve gone on and on in my writings on Hawlucha’s shininess.

And yet, here I am, admiring this stunning layout once more.

Hawlucha normally has a fantastic luchador appearance.

Many of the best Mexican wrestlers of all time would have worn a mask like this, along with a cape of feathers and vibrant colors.

The glossy form, however, is significantly darker.

Once bright red, the color has faded and become black.

White has turned crimson.

Furthermore, the once vibrant blue has transformed into a rich purple.

This portrayal of Hawlucha’s character is very wicked. This is something I strongly support.

8. Genesect

08 shiny genesect pokemon swsh 21 Best Red Shiny Pokémon of All Time

One thing I’ve learned while compiling this list is that:

Making a blue or purple Pokémon all crimson makes it seem more menacing.

The same holds true for Genesect.

Even at its current level of strength, Genesect is a formidable foe. Ancient Pokémon with a laser gun attached to its back, thanks to robotic modifications by Team Plasma.

When it was purple with red eyes, it was great, but now that it’s red all over, it’s much better.

When using the Burn Drive, this is especially the case.

Do you think the crimson hue makes Genesect look more menacing? Even though it has pink digits, this monster is still terrifying.

7. Solrock

07 shiny solrock pokemon swsh 21 Best Red Shiny Pokémon of All Time

Over put it simply, I prefer Solrock to Lunatone.

In contrast to the polished and smooth appearance of Lunatone, the angular and rock-like Solrock may give the impression that it was fashioned from the same material.

Moreover, Solrock’s shiny form is superior to that of any other Pokémon.

The orange flesh of Solrock has turned into a dark crimson. This certainly increases the sensation of warmth. Like the sun, for example.

And now the gleaming shape seems like a sun-made rock.

The fact that its once red eyes have been changed to blue, however, improves the device’s performance even further.

Like the blue rings that form on your eyes if you stare at the sun for too long.

Solrock is one of several well-designed Pokémon. The design components are highlighted by the polished exterior.

6. Grapploct

06 shiny grapploct pokemon swsh 21 Best Red Shiny Pokémon of All Time

Keep in mind what I already stated on Hawlucha.

On the other hand, glossy Grapploct has the opposite effect.

The traditional colors for Grapploct are black and blue. It looks like a heel now.

Those same clothes seem like a villain when painted blue and gray, but a hero when they’re red and white.

Also, the yellow suction cups make me think of Hulk Hogan, one of the most well-known wrestlers of all time.

Grapploct, you have successfully executed a Face turn.

5. Gyarados

05 shiny gyarados pokemon camp 21 Best Red Shiny Pokémon of All Time

For as long as anyone can remember, Gyarados has held a reputation as a very hostile and dangerous Pokémon.

And when it develops from Magikarp, it picks up the move Dragon RAGE, too.

Its sleek design is also a nice touch.

This is not, however, the reason it is included here.

When it comes to shiny Pokémon, many trainers throughout the world’s first encounter is with a Gyarados.

The reason being, in gen 2, you had to travel to the Lake of Rage to battle or capture a shiny Gyarados that had gone berserk.

This was an essential aspect of the overarching plot and was designed to expose gamers to the new flashy mechanism (ie. unavoidable).

When it comes to red shiny Pokémon, Shiny Gyarados isn’t just in the top tier; it’s the gold standard. And it is worthy of reverence.

4. Clawitzer

04 shiny clawitzer pokemon swsh 21 Best Red Shiny Pokémon of All Time

Even if there is a Pokémon based on a bald eagle, I think Shiny Clawitzer is the most quintessentially American Pokémon I’ve ever seen.

For some reason, the combination of red, blue, and white in glossy Clawitzer makes me think of the American flag.

Yet there is also a scientific rationale for this color scheme!

Red lobsters are the exception to the rule; the norm is for them to be darker in color. As their color changes when they’re cooked, this is how we know.

This is brilliant, as Siebold, a chef and a member of the Elite Four, uses Clawitzer as his trademark Pokémon.

3. Trevenant

03 shiny trevenant pokemon swsh 21 Best Red Shiny Pokémon of All Time

There are few Pokémon more terrifying looking than Trevenant.

Its talons, sharp teeth, and single, piercing eyes make it appear dangerous.

And in his shining form, Trevenant is much more terrifying.

Its once brown bark is now white, and its previously green foliage is now a vibrant scarlet. Its previously brilliant red eye has been replaced with a more subdued purple, which goes well with the rest of the new design.

In appearance, a regular Trevenant is similar to a haunted tree.

To put it simply, Shiny Trevenant does not exist in the real world.

2. Heatmor

02 shiny heatmor pokemon swsh 1 21 Best Red Shiny Pokémon of All Time

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: red and black are the coolest color combination ever.

Additionally, Heatmor makes the best use of this feature.

The old color scheme of brown, red, and pale orange in regular Heatmor was unappealing.

However, it is only in its bright new form that it appears to be dangerous.

Its former orange color has been transformed into a vibrant crimson, and its black ends have been darkened.

When viewed in this light, Heatmor no longer resembles a muddy anteater but a creature from the bowels of a volcano.

Since then, I’ve come to see it as one of my own favorite shiny objects.

1. Crabrawler

01 shiny crabrawler pokemon usum sunmoon 21 Best Red Shiny Pokémon of All Time

While I do think Heatmor is fantastic, it isn’t my top pick.

Because, without a doubt, shining Crabrawler is my number one pick on this list, and it could even be in my top three shinies of all time.

Because the glossy variant of Crabrawler is the definitive version.

Back when it was first released, I thought Crabrawler was a cool-looking game. It may have looked silly, but it was combat-ready. The combination of purple and blue was quite pleasing to the eye.

However, when Crabrawler’s blue hands and eyelids are swapped for red ones, he now seems like a real warrior.

This isn’t simply a crab putting on a show for me.

I saw Rocky Balboa in the form of a crab.

Also, it’s not going to give up without a fight.

The design of Crabrawler makes it my favorite Fighting-type Pokémon. Its shining form is a near-perfect realization of the original concept, which is why I give Crabrawler my vote for the best shiny monster.

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