15 One Piece Non-Canon Ships that will Make You Drool

Sorry for everyone who got these confused with the Going Merry or Thriller Bark or the Thousand Sunny.

Let the fujoshis and fanfiction writers take the stage and let’s give a small sliver of validation to the people who ship these ships!

Fanfiction…  a lot of people discredit the amount of effort, thought and emotions that are involved in the process of writing one.

Moulding the story around the characters that have already been set in stone and how they would react to a certain situation that has not appeared in the series yet and mostly will never occur.

A gigantic part of the shipping fanbase participates in fanfiction in some form or another.

One Piece Non-Canon Ships

The staple website for anyone who engages in fanfiction, be it reading, writing, holding contests or anything else, is without a doubt AO3.

One Piece on this website boasts a total 28143 fanfics and the number keeps on increasing every single day.

So, let’s proceed by honouring the other kind of ships that we like in One Piece in the order of number of fanfics centered around them.

15. Sabo And Koala (266)

Sabo And Koala (266)

With the revival of Sabo…I mean…the revelation of revival of Sabo… actually the revelation that Sabo had never really died in the Dressrosa arc was introduced another sweet and badass character, Koala.

Koala, now acts as Sabo’s assistant but it definitely is a task to get anything done from him according to plan!

However, she does care about him and his wellbeing a lot.

She stayed beside him crying when Sabo collapsed after learning of Ace’s death, she makes sure he gets all of his work done, supports him and also makes sure to return his hat to him.

This relationship works because it is based on a mutual respect, an acknowledgement of each other’s abilities, friendship and respecting each other and most important making up for where your partner lacks.

Sabo would not be able to function without the organized and composed thought of Koala while without Sabo Koala will take everything too seriously and might not be able to function properly.

14. Don Quixote Doflamingo And Crocodile (266)

Don Quixote Doflamingo And Crocodile (266)

The only antagonist ship in the entire One Piece world! There’s a very good reason for this popularity. Doflamingo and Crocodile share many parallels in the series.

This is going to be one of the most toxic relationships ever, to exist anywhere. Both of these manipulative masterminds will try to use each other as a means to their personal gains while still being each other’s only solace.

They share a few quick moments during the war where Doflamingo claims to be jealous that Crocodile turned him down but sided with Whitebeard.

This relationship works because only they will be able to understand each other’s twisted ideals and warped perspectives that no normal person would accept or even be able to tolerate.

Both of them trying to get the upper hand but none succeeding, a constant competition, rivalry, quest for power… It is the toxicity of this relationship that makes it so appealing.

13. Roronoa Zoro And Trafalgar D. Water Law (299)

Roronoa Zoro And Trafalgar D. Water Law (299)

The Straw Hat first mate and the Captain of the Heart Pirates do seem to quite the similarities between their characters. Both of these cool, dark, mysterious, tan men not only share this personality that has an inherent demonic side to it.

Agreeable for the most part, their lack of awareness for the little things and overly realistic perspectives often tend to isolate them from others.

Both of them tend to find perfect solace in each other as they are able to understand and work together and often reacting similarly to group antics.

This relationship would be based a strong mutual understanding and benefit while also making up for each other’s weaknesses.

Law is able to hold back and direct Zoro’s impulsive rage and tendencies to rush in. Zoro is able to make Law more laidback and social and enjoy his life a little.

12. Nami And Vinsmoke Sanji (323)

Nami And Vinsmoke Sanji (323)

Potential is definitely there, especially since Whole Cake Island.

This ship for the most part been blatantly one sided with a huge crush on Sanji’s side while mostly…nothing on Nami’s side.

This, however, seems to have changed after Whole Cake Island. The two of them experienced a very different kind of atmosphere around each other where for the first time Nami was scared of him.

This relationship would work if they work together. Sanji would make sure to protect and make sure to keep Nami happy in all aspects that she could ever think of.

Nami on the other hand will be able to make up for when he completely loses his functionality against a female opponent.

11. Roronoa Zoro And Nico Robin (372)

Roronoa Zoro And Nico Robin (372)

Parent characters. That’s it.

They blend in with each other’s personalities so well! Zoro and Robin are both more of the mature characters unless Zoro is with Sanji, which is when they start the childish name-calling and trivial competitions.

Robin is extremely patient and sensitive as a woman. She would be able to accommodate Zoro’s more rough around the edges personality pretty well.

Zoro has come a long way with Robin considering how suspicious he was of her when she joined the crew. A mutual respect, a true friendship and a shared responsibility make this dynamic duo function like none other.

10. Nami And Nefertari Vivi (392)

Nami And Nefertari Vivi (392)

You are looking at the most famous Yuri ship that is currently sailing the Grand Line.

Even though the Alabasta arc almost completely contributed to the development of this relationship, every time Vivi is onscreen, there’s no helping but shipping these two.

Nami isn’t a very nice person when it comes to the boys of her crew, even if it is to keep the crew functioning.

Nami hasn’t really shown the same amount of care or interest in any other character as she did with Vivi.

Vivi on the other hand learnt a lot and took care of Nami when she was sick.

These two are an absolute power couple.

Vivi’s soft and sweet personality while dealing with anything perfectly complements Nami’s hardened to the world and can deal with anything.

Together they can take over the world, Vivi being the Queen making allies and Nami being her trusted general keeping everything in order.

9. Portgas D. Ace And Sabo (435)

Portgas D. Ace And Sabo (435)

As kids, Ace and Sabo were bestest of friends ever since they were kids.

These two are the partners in crime and stick together through anything that they do. From the good times to the tough times, these two will never abandon each other in any case.

Ace started out as the rowdy explosive young lad with a will of stone. Sabo was his trusted partner that managed and put up with his crass behavior while enabling him to function more probably.

Their relationship would be based on friendship, undeniable trust, support and cooperation.

This relationship, that sadly never got their reunion, would go on to show what two people who have worked together since childhood would be like.

8. Franky And Nico Robin (551)

Franky And Nico Robin

Is there any doubt about this couple being absolutely SUPER?

Robin has questionable tastes about what she finds cute and attractive.

Franky is the definition of questionable.

Speedos with a Hawaiian shirt and a reverse centaur matched with a hottie of eccentric sense who values the heart more than anything else.

This relationship has the aesthetic of Beauty and the Beast while still having both of them being completely badass on their own.

Their relation would be able based on a shared experiences and traumas, understanding, sensitivity and having each other’s backs. These two would definitely put on a SUPER flashy show together.

7. Monkey D. Luffy, Portgas D. Ace And Sabo (587)

Monkey D. Luffy, Portgas D. Ace And Sabo (587)

A triangle having almost hit the 600 works mark on AO3 is impressive. Luffy, Ace and Sabo or the ASL brothers have a dynamic of their own, something only they can share.

Luffy and Ace being the siblings that bicker the most and Sabo being the mediator.

This triangle would have quite a lot of fluff moments to feature along with angst because of their reluctance to actually engage in such sort of a relationship.

Nevertheless, the ASL brother have been quite a strong team throughout their appearance in the series.

6. Monkey D. Luffy And Nami (613)

Monkey D. Luffy And Nami (613)

The Captain and his Navigator!

Nami is everything Luffy isn’t.

She is smart, thinks things through, plans, tries diplomacy and about real life problems.

Luffy on the other hand thinks about…well…he doesn’t.

Luffy is brave and fearless and will do anything for his comrades.

Nami completes the side of Luffy that is reckless and just plain stupid.

She is able to whack some kind of sense  in him and Luffy will keep Nami safe and protect for the dangers that lurk in the pirate world.

Luffy and Name fit in like jigsaw puzzles in this relationship based on love, trust, support and making up for your partner’s flaws.

5. Eustass Kidd And Trafalgar D. Water Law (683)

Eustass Kidd And Trafalgar D. Water Law (683)

These two could easily star any crazy mafia family fanfic, Kidd being the completely flashy while Law working discreetly.

Having a kind of unsaid rivalry to outperform each other in every aspect that could extend from their work to the bedroom…ahem ahem… Anyways, back to the point, Kidd almost always seems to compare himself to Law and having fought beside him on Sabaody.

Kidd and Law are actually quite similar cold and hardened to life people, they just differ in the ways to show off their cruelty.

While Kidd is more likely to enjoy hearing his victims scream, make a scene and laugh out loud, Law prefers to work in a more assassin fashioned way where the victim wouldn’t even know what hit them.

They’re likely on agree on most of the things which will float this ship quite a bit.

4. Monkey D. Luffy And Roronoa Zoro (1121)

Monkey D. Luffy And Roronoa Zoro 1 15 One Piece Non-Canon Ships that will Make You Drool

The Captain and his loyal First Mate.

3. Fushichou Marco (Marco the Phoenix) And Portgas D. Ace (1277)

Fushichou Marco (Marco the Phoenix) And Portgas D. Ace (1277)

This is most popular ship that doesn’t involve any main characters of the series. Marco was finally able to explain to Ace the kind of person “Oyaji” is.

Marco was the first nakama Ace made on the ship and we got to see an extension of their bond during the Marineford War Saga.

This relationship functions so well because it is based on such a strong foundation friendship, risking their lives together, working and having fun together and being part of the same family.

Marco and Ace are a dynamic that we rarely get to see, the one of partners.

They’re not rivals, just friends, just colleagues or brothers… They’re partners in each and every way.

2. Monkey D. Luffy And Trafalgar D. Water Law (2165)

Monkey D. Luffy And Trafalgar D. Water Law

Sunshine Cinnamon Role Character with Practical emotionally cold character! This demands fanfics be written about it!

Having a Pirate alliance can be the most indirect ye direct way to associate any two captains.

This ship wasn’t very popular at the time of introduction, but shot up in popularity due to the Punk Hazard and Dressrosa arc due to Law’s so-called “tolerance” to Luffy’s antics and them being complete opposites of each other.

This relationship works so well because Luffy is able to drag Law out in the open to make new friends and have people to rely on.

Law on the other hand provides the much-needed strategic brains, along with Sanji to this crew that functions almost exclusively on impulsive decisions by their Captain. Luffy brings out an unexpected moral

1. Roronoa Zoro And Vinsmoke Sanji (4477)

Roronoa Zoro And Vinsmoke Sanji

Behold the king of tropes that every single writer loves to write about! Rivals-to-lovers

The winners are our resident swordsman and cook!

The passion and sexual tension sprinkled with sweet sprinkles of fluff moments make these two characters so perfect and versatile for any fanfic that you could possibly want to write!

What makes these so alluring to write about though, is the very denial of any kind of acknowledgement from each other, but still having complete faith in each other.

This opens a treasure trove of possibilities for authors to get into their psyche and find out exactly what other things are being felt but not said.

Fluff where one character is an overly affectionate doting lover while the other is tsundere? They fit.

Angst where they can’t be together because of some reason? They’ve got you covered there too!

Smut without much thought or plot? They are eye-candy characters too!

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