7 Characters Who Should Have Conqueror’s Haki

Conqueror’s Haki is a special type of Haki that certain people possess. We know a few things about it, but it largely does remain unknown.

What is Conqueror’s Haki and How Rare it is?

Conqueror’s Haki (Haoshoku Haki) is a rare form of Haki that cannot be attained through training. Only one in several million people have this ability.

Conqueror’s Haki is basically exuding your will on others. The user projects his will and all the people with a significantly weaker will instantly fall unconscious, get highly intimidated or accept the user’s leadership.

Conqueror’s Haki is innate and cannot be taught. It is supposedly an extremely rare ability in the One Piece world but not in the New World,

Since almost all who have this ability become great pirates, powerful Marines are rule their islands in the New World.

How to awaken Conqueror’s Haki?

This hasn’t been explained quite in the series but often does shine through in the similarities between confirmed users of it.

  • A tragic past: A tragic past that tests their will to the limits where any normal person would’ve fallen to despair.
  • Something connection to royalty: It could be just an epithet, a title you chose yourself or an actual connection to royalty. (Dark King Rayleigh, Pirate Empress Boa Hancock, Pirate King Gol. D. Roger etc.)
  • An indomitable will: Often characters who have Conqueror’s Haki have had some tragic painful past that would’ve broken a normal person’s will but hasn’t broken theirs.
  • Leadership: Conquerors are essentially leaders who are able to gather people are lead them towards a goal together.
  • Combat Strength: A conqueror won’t be a conqueror if they just lose and don’t conquer anything. Just as much as their attitude and will, combat prowess is also important.

So now that we have all the pieces in place, let’s talk about the 7 characters who deserve Conqueror’s Haki and why?

7. Gin or Ghin

Gin or Ghin

Anyone who has watched One Piece loves the Baratie Arc.

All the more so for 2 reasons, this arc gave us the famous Zoro Vs Mihawk fight and the second being the Luffy Vs Don Krieg fight.

However, in the Don Krieg portion we were introduced to a very important character, Ghin the man-demon. Ghin gained his epithet due to the utter cruelty that his victims faced.

Ghin carried out orders without question no matter what they were even if they cost him his own life. He had a fierce loyalty towards Don Krieg and threw away his gas mask on orders of his boss.

Even if Don Krieg tried to kill him, Ghin’s loyalty never wavered. After his loss to Luffy, Ghin was the one who knocked Don Krieg out saying that they must acknowledge their defeat.

Ghin gathered the scraps of the crew and set out to the Grand Line once again.

With the introduction of characters like Rayleigh, Oden and Katakuri, it is clear that even if he doesn’t wish to be any kind of king, there is still potential for him.

Ghin is the Second-in-Command for the Krieg Pirates, his fierce loyalty, unwavering resolve, his strength and his ability to start over and over again after accepting loses makes Ghin one of the perfect candidates for Conqueror’s Haki.

6. Franky


Franky is a leader.

From the Franky family to the Tontattas, he has proved himself over and over.

He could’ve easily given up and waited for death after being run over by the sea train, but he stood up and rebuilt himself.

Franky as a part of the Straw Hats has shown incredible strength and has fared quite well in the New World with his added upgrades of beams and a docking robot.

Franky is almost always inclined to become someone’s elder brother, and he will do anything for this person when they are in need.

He doesn’t just not back down from a fight, but he will win the fight fair and square giving the opponent all the handicap they need and still coming out on top, Franky definitely deserves his bit of sweet Conqueror’s Haki

5. Usopp


This Sniper King has worked miracles.

Usopp starts off as the leader of the Usopp Pirates.

Even though he tries to evade battle, Usopp once he has found his determination will see things through.

He also led the Tontattas as he fought Sugar for them and earned the title of ‘God Usopp’.

Even though Usopp seems like the dark horse in this race, he is actually quite a fit to be a conqueror.

Usopp’s first epithet was “King of all Snipers”, he often leads characters like Chopper and the Tontattas in battle, he has proved that his resolve to help his friends and become the brave warrior of the sea is unwavering and has grown in strength over the course of the series.

Additionally, his remark about possessing Conqueror’s Haki while with the Totattas can also been taken as a direct hint as almost everything Usopp has ever lied about, has proven to be true in the series.

4. Shirahoshi


Shirahoshi is the Princess of Fishman Island.

She is a literal ancient weapon and is supposed to rule the Sea Kings.

She kept the secret of her mother’s death to herself to stop the spread of hate among Fishmen.

Likewise, she cares a lot about the Fishmen and Merfolk and is ready to sacrifice herself to protect her people.

She gained the resolved and attended the Reverie after meeting Luffy and crew.

Shirahoshi is quite literally bestowed with the disposition to stand above others.

Her strength as an ancient weapon is unparalleled, and her will is just as strong to keep everyone safe.

Shirahoshi, now that she has gotten rid of her doubts and doesn’t keep crying about, is one of the biggest candidates for Conqueror’s Haki.

3. Trafalgar Law

Trafalgar Law

Law has seen some very hard times just as a child, not just the loss of his family but also Don Quixote Rosinante who became his family later.

Law never wavered and the reason he has lived until now is to exact revenge from Doflamingo.

A heart of stone with nerves of steel to match, he isn’t afraid to lose his life or even an arm in battle, he is still able to think through a situation.

He is the captain of his own crew, thus proving his ability as a leader.

Law has the disposition to stand above other and also the will to do so since he actively engages in this rivalry between him, Luffy and Kidd,

He will do whatever it takes to achieve his goal and is able to put perfectly planned strategies into action making Law one of the best characters for Conqueror’s Haki.

2. Sanji


Sanji is one of the princes of the Germa Kingdom.

Sanji is often known to make allies out of enemies right from Ghin, to Duval and the Rosy Life Riders to G5 on Punk Hazard to all the Minks on Zou.

Popularized as the leader of the Swirly-Hat Crew initiating retaliation on Big Mom’s ship, Sanji has proved over and over that he has what it takes to stand above others.

But, his most striking quality is the honour-bound code that he lives by, restricting himself to not hurting any women under any circumstances and only using his legs in battle.

It’s easy to forget how much this restrictive code means to him as he was willing to die for it on Enies Lobby.

An unwavering will, having some kind of connection to royalty, considerable strength and intellect, and being able to collect and lead people are what make Sanji is a very strong contender for Conqueror’s Haki.

1. Vivi


The Princess of Alabasta left no stone unturned to stop the useless rebellion happening in her country. After she ran out of everything, Vivi resorted to screaming at the top of her voice to reach her people.

Vivi infiltrated an enemy organization, was an officer agent in Baroque Works and thus had a considerable amount of strength. She is the leader to look up to, even teaching Luffy to bow his head for his nakama.

 Doing all of this at the age of mere 16, Vivi has proved her unwavering will, wish to stand, fight and protect others, disposition to stand above everyone else.

Vivi is a Princess and is the soon-to-be Queen of Alabasta and one of the strongest candidates there is for possessing Conqueror’s Haki.

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