How Many Times Has Goku Died?

Goku’s death could be described as the greatest thing that has ever happened to him. 

He makes the most out of every death and finds a new trainer and learns a new technique. How many times has Goku actually died?

Officially, Goku has died two times. There are other universes/timelines where Goku has also died. There have been 2 additional Goku deaths, bringing the total number of Goku’s deaths to 4.

Goku’s First Death – Piccolo Special Beam Cannon

goku first death How Many Times Has Goku Died?

It is often a magical moment to discover that you have a long-lost brother. This was the case with Herbert Simpson, Homer Simpson’s first encounter with his brother.

However, things were not as bad when Goku met Raditz for the first time. The bad blood ended in a fight to the death.

Unfortunately, Earth could not be saved if Goku held Raditz, while Piccolo used his superpowerful Special beam Cannon to kill them both. Goku was the collateral damage.

Goku survived the entire Dragon Ball series. However, in the first Saga of Dragon Ball Z, he dies.

Goku’s 2nd death – Exploding cell

goku exploding cell How Many Times Has Goku Died?

Dragon Ball is not a story about death, so it was no surprise that the gang wanted Goku back with Dragon Balls.

The cell was another formidable enemy that Goku couldn’t defeat. We thought Goku was dead, but Cell proved too powerful to defeat.

Chi-Chi didn’t teach Gohan to not play with his food. Gohan would continue playing with Cell.

The cell then self-destructed and Goku teleported him and Cell to King Kai’s planet. The explosion of Cell killed Goku and King Kai as well as Bubbles, Gregory, and King Kai.

Unlimited Timelines – Unlimited Deaths

Despite knowing about two other Goku deaths, the infinite number established in Z means that there could have been many more Gokus who died. 

These deaths are not considered Goku’s death. We don’t care how many of our beloved Goku has died. Here are two more instances when other Gokus died…

Future Trunk’s Goku’s death – Heart virus

That’s it for our Goku’s final days. We do know about another Goku, however, as time travel was established in the Future Trunks arc.

Future Trunk’s timeline shows that all Z fighters, except Trunks and Yajirobe, were killed by the Androids.

Future Goku was not affected by a heart virus, but he died from it long before. Future trunks provided the medicine to our Goku, so he didn’t suffer the same fate.

Universe 10 Goku’s death – Goku’s black

Fans were intrigued when Goku Black appeared in the Dragon Ball Super scene.

It was the most mysterious mystery since “Who Shot JR?” if you’re from the US or “Who Shot Phil Mitchel?” if you are from the UK.

It turned out that Zamazsu used Super Dragon Balls for a body swap with his universe Goku. Then, he killed Goku’s mind in the Zamasu body.

The body would not die when Zeno destroyed the universe after Zamasu fused exploded into space.

Goku only lost two times despite all the near-death experiences and fights he had (like when Hit hired him to hit him). 

In Dragon Ball Universe, you must pass your spirit before your body is completely dead. Let’s pray this doesn’t happen to our favorite scruffy-haired Saiyan.

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