How Many Seasons of Haikyuu Are There?

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Haikyuu is a popular anime. If you are interested in anime, or if you just want to watch it, here’s where you can find it. Look no further than Netflix, your favorite streaming site.

So, the short answer is that there are five seasons in all of Haikyuu.

But I think they will have 2 more seasons because the Nekoma arc has to be finished, and also because the ending time is skipped and everything else has to be finished as well.

The first two, as you mention, are on Netflix, and they will take you all the way until the semifinals of the Spring Intercollegiate Tournament.

Season 3 (known as “Haikyuu!!! The Battle of Concepts”, which has also been re-released as a movie), is entirely dedicated to the final match of that tournament when Karasuno faces Shiratorizawa.

Season 4 (also known as ‘Haikyuu!!! To the Top’) started earlier this year and released thirteen (13) episodes before the pandemic forced them to delay new episodes due to employees working from home.

It shows the pre-Japan National High School Tournament (Nationals) training arc and the first few matches of the Nationals.

Season 5 (better known as ‘Haikyuu!!! To the Top Part 2’) just recently started airing episodes (on Crunchyroll anyway) and it is continuing the Nationals Tournament arc.

How many seasons are there of Haikyuu on Netflix?

The Haikyuu series currently has two seasons. In the first, you meet the Karasuno volleyball players, including Hinata, Kageyama, and Karasuno, while the second sees Karasuno go to Tokyo for training.

Unfortunately, Haikyuu, the third season that features the incredible volleyball match between Shiratorizawa Academy (now Karasuno High School), is not available on Netflix America.

According to Crunchyroll, for a small fee. You can also stream Haikyuus OVAs from this website!

What’s Haikyuu all about?

Haikyuu tells the story of Hinata Shoyo (an aspiring volleyball player) and his journey to become one of the greatest athletes in history despite all his flaws. 

Although Hinata is an unusual player, once he meets Kageyama Tobio, a volleyball genius, they work together to help Karasuno’s fallen high school team fly again.

This anime is a blast. It motivates you to reach your goals, no matter what. Haikyuu is a great anime to watch. It has a lot of interesting characters and hypnotic volleyball matches.

You won’t be disappointed, trust me.

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