Higehiro Ending Explained

The conclusion is finally here, and the sensation of an anime series that we have all come to love is a cherry on to the top.

But in the same way, after having watched the entire episode, we feel complete, yet sad that there won’t the next episode.

At the moment that Higehiro concludes the door, what are future episodes of the future for Sayu as well as Yoshida following the events from the previous episode? 

Find out right here!

What was the storyline during Higehiro Season 12 Finale?

higehiro Higehiro Ending Explained

The final installment of Higehiro, The Future follows up from where the previous episode left off, with Yoshida finishing his dialogue with Sayu’s mother. of Sayu. 

Then, Sayu enters the room to speak with her and pleads with her mother to forgive her for the many problems and anger she’s caused. 

She also explains the reason behind her decision to leave the house by kneeling before her mother, who tears up.

Sayu’s mom tells her that throughout her life she has not been aware of the reasons she was wrong, and also what Yoshida has made her realize that she’s the sole mother Sayu is leaving. 

Sayu is required to remain in her care until the time she completes high school and must repeat the school year she was able to shorten. 

Then, she’ll have the option of choosing whatever direction she would like to take.

When Sayu was waiting at the door, Yoshida approaches her and she was delighted that she has spoken with her mother. 

Yoshida is thrilled for her, and Issa who was standing in the corner heard the conversation. 

Yoshida is in the guestroom and is still agitated until Sayu comes in and informs him that this is one of the final times they are in the same space at night. 

Sayu is embraced by him and tells him she isn’t ready to be separated from him.

Sayu also expressed her delight at being with him, and she also said the fact that they’re spending their final time together. 

She wants to know if they could make it last for the final time, and she says she would like to ensure that they don’t forget one another. 

Yoshida says she doesn’t have to do this to let go, as they lived together for a whole year, but not as family members or lovers. 

Sayu says she’s never been happier throughout her entire life. While Sayu rests peacefully, Yoshida watched her.

If they meet Yoshida on the way back, Issa excuses Sayu for an opportunity to talk to Yoshida. 

He suggests Yoshida tickets leave and Issa is just looking to thank him for the kindness he extended to Sayu. 

Yoshida says it is possible to make use of the money to purchase brand new clothing for her. 

Issa offers him the chance to might meet Sayu whenever he wants and even visit the two… and then asks him if he’s really loving Sayu. He denies it, but it was obvious and he even said he likes older women.

Issa informs him that Sayu was able to get there due to him and that she is very grateful. Issa adds that he hopes he discovered something meaningful in her meeting. 

He says goodbye to Sayu as well as Yoshida to talk and inquire about why she was dressed in her formal attire. 

He was about to leave, Sayu tells him she was pleased to have gone away and she tells him that they have had a meeting Sayu informs him that she loves him and asks if he would offer her a chance when she is older and if he’s willing to keep her in mind.

He encourages her to have an enjoyable life and preserve the memories, but she is unable to do this. 

highero sayu Higehiro Ending Explained

Sayu says she’ll be back, and the answer seems to satisfy Yoshida. He teased her that she was a crying baby and she responds with a clap. Yoshida not looking very good with a beard. 

They break up in the hopes that they will see each other once more.

In the event that Sayu meets Issa in the parking area, He asks Issa whether they’ve said goodbye. Sayu declares that it’s not goodbye. 

When Yoshida returned home, he announces his arrival and is shocked to find no one waiting for him. 

He found a note stating the fact that Sayu had left her fragrance behind and to keep her scent for the rest of time. 

The woman even left her cooking book. Yoshida collapses and the final credits begin to roll.

Higehiro Post Credits Scene

For the first time in history, there is a post-credits sequence within Higehiro as it’s in the workplace of Yoshida. 

It is two years later, and Yoshida is in charge of a major project for Mishima. Their office plans are for the success of Mishima’s plan. Yoshida is respectfully rebuked and says that he has plans.

While heading home, Yoshida is talking to Asami on the phone. as he walks by the streetlight, he notices Sayu waiting in the streetlight once more. 

Sayu informs him that she has a house, but it is distant, and asks to remain with him for a second time.

Higehiro Ending Explained

There’s sadness at the end of the anime series, and without focusing on negative aspects the show has provided all those who have been following the show the proper ending. 

The story’s conclusion is Sayu and Yoshida getting back together through the assistance of old pals such as Asami The conclusion of Higehiro fulfills all the anticipation for the entire season.

If there was the possibility of a second season that could reveal what happens next, however, knowing that Sayu has finally the option to choose her own path since she has completed high school it is unlikely to be the like it was. 

Since the lighter novels have already come to an end and it’s hard to tell in the event that there is one.

Good things aren’t always over with a bang. Higehiro ended his show in a very high-pitched way. The ending was exactly right, given everything that transpired.

Higehiro finale is upon Crunchyroll but there is no information yet on the English dub of the 13-episode series.

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