Who Does Fuutarou Marry At The End Of 5-Toubun No Hanayome?

Spoiler Alert: You’ve been warned! This article contains major spoilers for The Quintessential Quintuplets! Read ahead with discretion!

The Quintessential Quintuplets is a manga series that was written by and illustrated by Negi Haruba.

It is a story about Futaro an aspiring high schooler with a life that is chaotic. His mother has passed away and he is without friends as well as his dad is devastated by financial burdens. 

Everything that could be wrong for him ended up going badly. However, things begin to look better as the Nakano family moves into the school, and he’s asked to teach the quintuplets Ichika, Nino, Miku, Yotsuba, and Itsuki.

Is he in love with any of them? Do you think he will fall in love with each of them? If yes, then who is he going to marry? Let’s take a look.

The Story

The story is not told linearly throughout the entire anime. We witness Futaro kissing someone beneath the bell at the beginning. But, the wedding date remains a secret, only to be revealed towards the end of the show.

Future accepts the offer to teach the sisters, once he learns that he’ll earn five times his regular salary. However, getting each sister to accept the offer of a tutor is a job that is all its own.

So, who are these brides?

Does Futaro Uesugi marry Ichika Nakano?

Ichika Nakano 5 Toubun No Hanayome 1 Who Does Fuutarou Marry At The End Of 5-Toubun No Hanayome?

Ichika will be the one person to come up to Futaro inside the caféteria, and the first person to interact with him both in the manga and the anime. 

Although they are of similar age Ichika has the distinction of being the oldest among the 5 and the first out of the womb of her mother. 

She takes being the big sister with a lot of pride and is devoted to each one of them, as they seek her guidance.

Ichika is a student who has one area where she excels: math. She is also aspiring to become an actor, which is the reason she’s not doing her homework seriously. 

While it is difficult to discern in regards to emotions and judging by her strong appearance as a big sister she’s weak in affection. She, indeed, likes Futaro.

She almost destroyed the chance of her sisters’ ending up having Futaro. She is always teasing Futaro, which makes her the ideal bride for Futaro. 

She will stand up for Futaro and fight for his rights while playing with Futaro by teasing him in ways that are beyond imagination.

Is it possible that Ichika is Futaro’s future bride?

Does Futaro Uesugi marry Itsuki Nakano?

Itsuki Nakano

She’s the very first one of the Nakano sisters to appear on screens, with a young and polite character. Of all the Quintuplets, she studies with the greatest seriousness and thoroughly of them all. 

While Ichika has been the first person to talk to Futaro but she’s also the initial to meet the Nakano sisters who Futaro got to know. 

She’s adorable and likes to eat. However, she is also a sloppy lie-teller, as her appearance communicates the truth.

Although she is known for being friendly and kind when it concerns Futaro, she’s sharp with his behavior. However, among her sisters, it’s Itsuki who has developed bonds with Futaro that are based on trust and friendship. 

The first sister to get to know Futaro’s family. Itsuki can get along with Futaro’s sister Raiha because she’s the baby of the five that were born. (That’s going to be tough to beat sisters!)

Is it possible that Itsuki is the future bride of Futaro?

Does Futaro Uesugi marry Miku Nakano?

Miku Nakano 1 Who Does Fuutarou Marry At The End Of 5-Toubun No Hanayome?

Miku is very honest in her manner of speaking. She is a brutal and cold character, her actions speak the truth about her. 

Although she was the first person to turn away from Futaro and his family, she’s been motivated by him to pursue education seriously and is one of the first people to seek out lessons from Futaro. 

She’s fascinated by history and is famous for her quip “you’d better take responsibility.”

She’s the very first of the sisters to be in love with Futaro and is incredibly open in her thoughts. She’s not a great cook and yet, she cooked for Futaro. And boy, is she fierce!

She began the race to win Futaro’s love. As for the other sister, her character perfectly blends with Futaro’s, so they are extremely together as a couple.

Their relationship is so easy when they’re together, and even if they’re together as boyfriend and girlfriend their compatibility is perfect. (Beat that sister, there’s no doubt they’re great!)

Can Miku be the future bride of Futaro?

Does Futaro Uesugi marry Nino Nakano?

 Nino Nakano

Nino is the girl with the greatest character development. Nino can be said to be the most maternal among the siblings, though Ichika assumes the role of the leader.

However, it’s Nino who is the one who takes care of each member to such an extent that she’s always carrying an ointment in case one of them suffers an injury. Her personality makes her an excellent tsundere.

The middle sister, she’s sensitive and easily embarrassed. She wasn’t in love instantly with Futaro however, once she was, she ensured that he heard it by doing it two times. 

She’s determined to get Futaro. Additionally, she’s a wonderful cook. Perhaps she can lure the man to eat since that’s the best way to get a man’s heart.

Is it possible that Nino is the bride to Futaro?

Does Futaro Uesugi marry Yotsuba Nakano?

Yotsuba Nakano 1 Who Does Fuutarou Marry At The End Of 5-Toubun No Hanayome?

Yotsuba puts the love of her life on her sleeve. She is a pro at athletics and is a big fan of being active. She is aware of her flaws and mistakes, which makes her self-esteem low, and she makes herself look bad often. 

However, she still uses these tools to make herself better. Her smile is so distinctive that it’s easy to recognize that it’s her. She’s joyful and selfless. She is determined to improve in her studies and become better at school.

Her name is appropriate for her meaning four clover leaves. She loves all of her sisters so much that she’d give up on Futaro, despite having strong feelings for him, just for the sake of her sisters.

Does Yotsuba be the future bride of Futaro?

Anyone who follows the manga series will now know what the model in the picture is. In addition, since this manga is almost complete, she may be the wife of Futaro.

There are twelve episodes scheduled for the series of anime but there’s plenty of work to do to determine which bride to marry. Who do you think she be?

Spoiler alert! Warning! You can still go back and not continue here.

The Bride

It’s revealed that the bride is Yotsuba. The one who Futaro kisses beneath the bell, five years before their wedding. 

The woman who had been a student of his from the beginning It was discovered that they had first met in Kyoto five years before and had made a commitment to do their best to support their families.

Yotsuba tried to flee from a relationship with Futarou, however, it all was a complete circle.

The dream of Youtsuba to become the bride of her dreams, finally comes true. They get married at the end. The bride makes him blush by talking about their kiss. This is an adorable ending to the story.

So, after all these long deliberations and ponderings, we know who Futarou will end up being. 

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