William Minerva From The Promised Neverland

The Promised Neverland has officially begun its second season. The orphans have managed to escape from their homes thanks to William Minerva.

The orphans had two choices: either to be slackened and tamed to become prey, or flee the confines of their “cozy” home and try to find a secure place in a sea of monsters.

The premiere episode of season 2 revealed their choices, as Grace Field’s orphans played a “game of tag” with their snatchers. 

Honestly, TPN never fails to shock its viewers.

For children who are forced into a completely new world in which they are viewed as food items, it’s easy to sink into despair. 

But, thankfully, not everything is dark and depressing, as the mysterious character William Minerva comes to their help.

While the kids have decided with complete confidence to trust the person who gives them the chance of survival, the public is not so easy to convince.

There is a lack of confidence in the creators of the show. Many questions the motives behind Minerva.

Spoilers ahead! This page includes spoilers for “The Promised Neverland.”

Who is William Minerva?

william minerva William Minerva From The Promised Neverland

William Minerva, known as James Ratri, was the previous head of the Ratri family. 

He decided to help the children of the farm by writing hidden messages in his journals that they could read to get away.

The first time we met him was in Chapter 16.

William Minerva is the writer of the books that are currently on the plantation.

They are identified by the owl’s sign.

The books he wrote contain hidden messages that offer the children of the farm a chance to escape. 

In reality, William Minerva is just a pen name that was adopted by the Ratri Clan’s former leader, James Ratri.

The Ratri clan is the bearer of the agreement between demons and humans.

Because of this, they must ensure that the children are kept on the farms and eliminate any person who tries to violate the promises made to them. James was disgusted with the idea of sacrificing children and decided to save them.

As orphans in the Grace Field Children did not have the means to connect with the world outside and to learn about their current situation.

The only method Minerva could connect with them was via the Morse code that was embedded in his works.

In addition to this hidden message, William also wrote about the world outside, through an adventure tale that would aid the kids to find their way out of the trap they had escaped.

William Minerva created many safe spaces, like B06-32 as well as Goldy Pond, where the children could shelter.

To help them find the right places, he invented the Promised Pens, which functioned as a map and the key to getting them. This pen gave Emma and Ray an idea about where they should take them the next time.

Is Norman William Minerva?

norman tpn William Minerva From The Promised Neverland

William Minerva has never appeared in the show. The show has shrouded his existence and identity as a mystery.

As a manga character, Norman escaped from the plantation for experimentation and assumed the task of freeing all cattle children before reuniting the two with Emma along with Ray.

However, in the course of doing this, he assumed the identity of William Minerva, confusing the people who read his work about him.

Norman isn’t William Minerva and has simply assumed his name to bring together all the children of cattle from various farms.

After taking over the Paradise Hideout, Norman assumed Minerva’s alias to connect with the same network of orphans and to contact them.

By cloaking his identity by presenting himself as Minerva, Norman can further increase confidence among children and inspire them to believe that things will turn out to their advantage. While that’s wonderful and all but where is William Minerva?

Where is Mr. Minerva? Is he dead?

William Minerva is dead after being killed by the brother of Peter Ratri, for being a traitor to the Ratri clan.

Instead of delivering on the promises made between humans and demons, Minerva helped the cattle children flee their farms, and she built shelters for them.

When Minerva first decided to save the children, her sister, Peter, first embraced his method of thinking.

But, it turned out to be a ruse since Peter was able to profit from Jame’s plots to take over his title as the clan’s leader. 

Peter even contemplated murdering Minerva and his entire group of supporters, who constituted more than half the members of the Ratri clan.

Although the remains of James Ratri, aka William Minerva, were not discovered, it has been suggested repeatedly throughout the series that he’s already gone to the grave.

About The Promised Neverland

The series was created by Kaiu Shirai.

The manga was first published in the form of a Weekly Shonen Jump manga in the year 2016. 

The series was licensed to VIZ Media for an English-language publication.

The series has enjoyed immense success, with the series selling 4.2 million copies in a short time.

The story is centered around the shocking details of an orphanage found by three bright children: Emma, Norman, and Ray.

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