God Eater Season 2 Release Date, Characters, Plot

God Eater originated as a game back in 2010. It is also one of the best anime originated from a game. As we know games are also popular themes and including games or based on the game is also very common in anime.

The anime adaptation by Ufotable studio and directed by Takayuki Hirao. It became immensely popular amongst teens and soon released two more parts in 2013 and 2018. 

God Eater is the Japanese sci-fi anime series although adapted from a game and production house put so much efforts to create the anime and after almost six years the anime adaptation arrived on July 12, 2015. And after creating huge fan following the fans are eagerly waiting for the new season to be renewed.

Ever since the show premiered everyone was so amazed by the series with its brilliant animation and exceeded the expectations of everyone.

God Eater Season 2 Release Date

The first season of the God Eater premiered on July 2015 and it’s been almost six years fans is waiting for the second season with all their hopes, but like an unsolved puzzle the show have created many mysteries and left on fans like that. But with great animation fans are still waiting for some news regarding the show.

But with few facts, the return of season second might be possible first the franchise has enjoyed popularity a lot and secondly the latest release in 2018 which means they have some plans to continue the story so concluding these two facts we still had a chance of the news season.

Since we all know that it’s very common for an anime show to take longer time to renew it. So, our best prediction, including everything is God Easter might renew new season somewhere in 2021 or 2022.

God Eater Dub

English sub and dub help international fans to understand and who like to watch anime in English, so you can stream ‘God Eater’ on Netflix and VRV with its original Japanese audio and English subtitles.

God Eater Main Characters 

God Eater have many characters and down in the list we have few most important, main characters and the center of the show.

Lenka Utsugi

Lenka Utsugi

Lenka is the main protagonist of the show and live his life with a tragic past in which his whole family was killed by the destruction created by Aragami but Lenka survived that situation and was taken in by Fenrir and trained as a God Eater.

After all that hard-work he was recruited by the Far East Branch of Fenrir, and shows all his power and strength in the battle he is very caring boy always put his team mate’s safety first from his own after that he transferred to 1st Unit and gain more experienced at the time span but his only minus point, he rushed very easily with all his eagerness and that things sometime create a big mess for others.

Rindou Amamiya

Rindou Amamiya

Rindou is a veteran leader of God Eater ‘s 1st Unit of the Far East Branch before he was reported missing in the Welkin mission.

With his long career as a God Eater, he had seen many tragedies created by those monsters and like Lenka he also has a caring nature of his team.

At last, in the follow up of the story, it was uncovered that Rindou holds some grave secret.

Alisa Illinichina Amiella

Alisa Illinichina Amiella

She is an asset to the 1st Unit. Alisa is 15-year young God Eater who isn’t afraid to voice her opinions, she is transferred from Fenrir’s Russian branch to the 1st Unit of the Far East Branch.

A proud and skilled combatant. However, the thing changes when she faced a Vajra-type Aragami her past memory troubled her, and she goes into shock when she triggered by Aragami who killed her parents.

Kouta Fujiki

Kouta Fujiki

Another 15 years boy who joins the group the same day Lenka join them.

Despite his utter motive to keep safe his mother and little sister from Aragami.

Despite being young, he is a good fighter.

Souma Schicksal

Souma Schicksal

Souma is also a veteran God Easter with the Far East Branch.

However, he is extremely skilled at combat and is believed to have more strength than the rest of his peers.

Sakuya Tachibana

Sakuya Tachibana

The sub-leader of the branch 1st Unit of the Far East Branch of Fenrir, who wields an Old-Type sniper God Arc and top-ranked sharpshooter.

God Eater Plot

The future story of the fictional country called as a New Asia Union. The future of the country is however far from the bright side as the humanity is shown to be extinct in the follow up of the series.

The destruction started to happen when the Monster called Aragami landed on the land who are also called man-eating monsters. And once they started emerging, they destroy everything in no time. 

With humanity’s extinction and to protect them an organization called Fenrir was formed to combat the monsters. Fenrir come with the alternative method to fight the monster by creating operatives called “God Eater” who are special human enforced with biochemical material called “Oracle Cell”.

These God Eaters are thus able to wield powerful biomechanical weapons called “God Arcs” which are also made of Oracle Cells and can deal to kill the monsters.

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