15 Best Inuyasha Characters Of All Time

Inuyasha is a popular manga/anime series known for its diverse cast of characters. Everyone has their favorite Inuyasha characters and their least favorite Inuyasha characters.

This list has both the Inuyasha and the cute Shippo if you’re a fan of both. There are a number of strong characters in the anime Inuyasha.


This article goes into detailed descriptions of intricate relationships, character arcs, etc. So if you haven’t watched Inuyasha, I suggest you watch it before reading this!

Here are the top 15 characters from Inuyasha!

15. Kaede


Kikyo’s younger sister, Kaede, helped her with a number of activities, such as collecting herbs and carrying her quiver of arrows.

After Kikyo’s death, Kaede rose to prominence as a powerful shrine priestess in her own right, defending the village from demons. A now Kaede recognizes Kagome as the advanced reincarnation of Kikyo when she visits.

After Kagome frees Inuyasha, Kaede connects the Subjugation Beads to him, allowing Kagome to instruct him with a single word: Sit.

Kaede lost her right eye as an infant and now uses an eyepatch to conceal it. Kikyo’s spirit appears in a vision before Kaede in the Final Act, apologizing for the pain she caused her younger sister.

When the vision ends, Kaede breaks down in tears, remembering all the years she spent with her beloved sister and regretting not being able to support her.

14. Kagura


Everything Kagura desired was to be free. She was tethered to Naraku in the game, and even though she was on the brink of death, she was still tethered to him because she was killed at his hands.

She has strong character growth and is a sympathetic villain, making her one of the most likable characters in the series. She reminds me of Kagome in several respects. Both have goodwill and aren’t afraid to pursue their goals.

They will not tolerate injustice, particularly against Naraku, and are powerful in their own right.

Many of the other actors in the anime, like Sesshomaru, have a link to Kagura. He’s just another one of those characters that aren’t quite as poor as they seem.

Kagura deserved a better ending than this. She deserved to be free and to enjoy it, as well as to live a long and happy life without Naraku.

She’s a force to be reckoned with. Her death scene was heartbreaking, but at the end of the day, she recovered her freedom, even though Naraku made her suffer in agony.

13. Naraku


Naraku is a half-demon who is to blame for the suffering of the majority of the main characters. Kikyo discovered, protected, and fed a gravely burned bandit called Onigumo fifty years ago, and he has been born from his wishes.

Paralyzed by his injuries, Onigumo makes a bargain with the nearby demons who are drawn to his darkness to consume him in exchange for his soul to inhabit a new body formed from their fused bodies, enabling him to eventually fulfill his desire for Kikyo.

Naraku’s basic abilities are shape-shifting, conjuring a defensive shield, and swallowing his enemies; however, as the series progresses, he develops new abilities.

Naraku, unlike many other half-demons, has influence over whether he loses his supernatural abilities and is reduced to a human head connected to several rotting demon bodies.

He was the epitome of a villain who uses/manipulates others to carry out his evil deeds. He’s sweet, not to mention hot, but he’s also outright nasty.

12. Jakotsu


Jakotsu was Tokotsu’s adolescent son, whom he wished to revive by feeding him enough red skeletons from humans and demons.

Moroha, whose power was enhanced by her late grandmother Lady Izayoi’s rouge, which includes the full devil blood of her deceased father thinks Toga, was battered and killed. Prior to his death, he was perplexed as to how Moroha, a ghost, could possess supernatural abilities.

Moroha, Myoga clarified, was the daughter of Kagome Higurashi, the reincarnation of the high-level priestess Kikyo.

When he’s struggling with math, he’s extremely strong, funny, and utterly hilarious. Unfortunately, he is racist.

11. Jaken


Jaken is a tiny green imp-like devil who is devoted to Sesshomaru and often praises his master’s superiority, despite the fact that Sesshomaru sometimes ignores and abuses him.

Jaken isn’t particularly strong, but he wields the Staff of Two Heads, a fire-throwing staff given to him by Sesshomaru.

Jaken was once a king of similar demons, according to the manga, but the anime reveals that Jaken was once a lord among similar demons.

Jaken is charged with protecting Sesshomaru’s daughters after Rin gives birth to them in the Tree of Ages forest, where Sesshomaru hides them.

10. Kikyo


Kikyo was a wealthy and high-ranking priestess who lived 50 years before the series’ events. Demon slayers charged Kikyo with protecting and purifying the Shikon Jewel.

Inuyasha fell in love with her and considered using the Shikon Jewel to make him totally human so that the Shikon Jewel would disappear and she could stay with him there as a regular human.

Kikyo is mortally injured by Naraku acting as Inuyasha, thinking the real Inuyasha deceived her, despite having played an indirect role in his creation.

Kikyo used to be a poor guy that I despised. But after I finished Inuyasha, I reflected on her and realized she wasn’t so evil after all.

I believe Inuyasha finally loved Kagome more than Kikyo in the final act, as he claimed that he had been born to find her and other such things.

Kikyo and Inuyashaare a good match because they are both very ordinary, have people who are afraid of them, and were lonely before meeting each other.

A lovely love story.

9. Rin


Rin is an orphan who prefers to walk around barefoot. She locates Sesshomaru in the woods, near a large tree, and tends to his wounds.

Rin goes into shock after seeing some bandits brutally kill her parents, and she only interacts with hand gestures and polite smiles.

During the wolf demon’s attack on Rin’s village, she is gravely injured. This young lady is awesome! More than anything, I’d like to see a Rin spin-off movie!

She’s an even better lead antagonist than Kagome; she’s a super smart girl who’s also super sweet; and, believe it or not, she’s done more for the show than Kagome has since she made Sesshomaru into the not person.

Even though she travels with demons, she is definitely the most active and if she sees someone doing something wrong, she will call them out on it.

8. Kirara


Kirara is Sango’s devoted friend. She is normally a small kitten-sized feline with two tails, but she can grow to be big enough to hold many people when the situation calls for it.

She, like the kitsunes, is a spiritual entity; her full-sized form has fangs and fire, as well as the ability to fly, while her tiny form is small and cute. Kirara is the show’s strongest ordinary demon.

She’s adorable and the perfect companion for a badass owner. She continues to be a friend and mount for both Sesshoumaru’s kids and Kohaku in Yashahime.

She’s adorable and the perfect companion for a badass owner. She continues to be a friend and mount for both Sesshoumaru’s kids and Kohaku in Yashahime.

7. Koga


Koga is a wolf demon and the young chief of the Eastern Wolf Demon Tribe, which Kagura and Naraku almost wiped out.

He first encounters Inuyasha as a fighting foe, but amid a deep sense of competition about their relative combat abilities and Kagome’s courtship, he has become a reluctant, occasionally ally.

Koga is drawn to Kagome’s goodness, spirit, and grace after kidnapping her for her ability to find Shikon shards.

During Koga’s visits, Inuyasha is always irritable and jealous, fearing that Kagome may have feelings for him despite the fact that she has only ever seen him as a friend.

He is a masterpiece of art to behold. Many people despise the dub, but I enjoy his voice in it. Yes, he is lovely and graceful, and he will seduce Kagome. That pace, on the other hand, adds to his allure.

6. Sango


Sango is a demon slayer who is sixteen years old. She comes from a village where the action is a specialty and where the Shikon Jewel was first discovered; her father describes her as the village’s most professional exterminator.

She travels in a traditional woman’s kimono, with a long skirt, most likely mobakama, and typical woman’s arm and leg guards, as well as straw sandals.

Sango is the most fascinating character. Inuyasha, and every other anime for that matter, has the saddest story. She is better than the rest of us because she has more to contend with than the rest of us.

She can feel dark forces and has incredible instincts despite having no magical abilities. She’s beautiful, and she’s powerful enough to bear as many children as Miroku wishes. That’s how cute she is.

5. Kagome

Kagome 15 Best Inuyasha Characters Of All Time

Kagome is a courageous and compassionate young lady who believes in never leaving those in need. She is courageous despite her physical limitations.

As the series continues, she improves her archery skills and gradually learns to control her incredibly powerful spiritual abilities.

She has the greatest emotional strength of all the characters in the series, never allowing rage or envy to lead to evil deeds.

Kagome may not have seemed to be the most impressive character at first glance, but the immense spiritual strength she possessed was the secret to her survival.

This was mainly because of Kikyo, whom we’ll talk about later. Kagome became a marksman and an archer after discovering she was the reincarnation of a powerful priestess.

4. Miroku


Miroku is an 18-year-old lecherous Buddhist monk and tours the countryside conducting spiritual services including exorcisms and evil exterminations, but he has an addiction to ripping off or outright stealing his wealthy clients.

His khakkhara and sutra scrolls can be used to attack enemies, but his most effective weapon is the Wind Tunnel implanted in the palms of his right hand, which is essentially a hereditary curse placed on his grandfather by Naraku.

Miroku was a courageous and compassionate member of Inuyasha’s squad, which we admired.

He was extremely kind while also sacrificing his own well-being for the public good on several occasions. Since he was human, he was vulnerable to common defects like blood loss and aging.

3. Shippo


Shippo is a small orphaned kitsune who seeks to steal the Shikon Jewel from Inuyasha and Kagome in order to gain power and avenge the death of his father.

Despite the fact that his scheme fails, Inuyasha and Kagome come to his aid after hearing his tale, and he joins them as a companion. Shippo is usually depicted as a young boy with fox-like characteristics such as his legs, feet, ears, and tail.

Despite his age, Shippo has a lot of bravery, and his strategies have helped the group get out of a lot of dangerous circumstances or call for help when needed.

Without a doubt. Shippo’s courage and integrity were admirable, but his lack of raw strength forced him to resort to creating distractions before fleeing.

His foxfire skill was poor, but it could be used to fight enemy fire or provide illumination in dark areas.

2. Inuyasha


Inuyasha was born to a human mother and a dog-demon father. He has the appearance of a young adolescent.

He had a rough and lonely life as a half-demon, as demons and humans hated him because of his mixed bloodline. Inuyasha is one of my favorite characters because of his crazy personality; he is adorable, sweet, grumpy, and has a good heart all at the same time.

He has the best character growth and community dynamics. Because of his outstanding character development, Inuyasha is my favorite character.

Since he believed Kikyo had cheated on him and broken his heart all those years ago, he starts out as a bad-tempered, cold, arrogant, and unfriendly character.

He hears about other people’s goodness and discovers a kind and understanding side of himself.

1. Sesshomaru


Sesshomaru is a strong dog demon who has been feared since the feudal period. He is Inuyasha’s elder half born of a great demon bloodline.

He resents Inuyasha for not inheriting Tessaiga, and their first battle ends with Inuyasha severing Sesshomaru’s left arm with the sword.

He’s awesome, cool, and great all at the same time. His character growth is truly exceptional

He is one of my favorite characters from all anime. Sesshomaru is a fantastic supporting character and having him as such adds to his mystique and appeal.

Sesshomaru has excellent character development for a small number of episodes. His emotionless personality makes him unpredictable, badass, and lovable all at the same time.

Especially as we begin to see his real feelings later on in the series.

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