While guns are often associated with Western entertainment, anime can occasionally indulge in some bullet mayhem. 

Modern mercenaries are often drawn to firearms because they are cold and impersonal. 

Although it is not a particularly noble act to unload a chamber into someone else’s back, it can be quite entertaining!

In rare cases where a sword is substituted with a handgun, the series usually sets the story in another country or alternate reality. 

Guns are often influenced by international icons like James Bond, who helped to bring out the best in anime.

23. Madlax


This anime is set in a country with a lot of civil war and makes a lot of use guns and gunfighting.

One person can possess almost supernatural abilities in peace country and still live a happy life.

They are later introduced to another character and both are mysteriously joined by a holy text sought by Enfin, a secret organization.

As they become closer to their destiny, the two characters follow a route to reach it.

22. Chrono Crusade

Chrono Crusade

Chrno Crusade, a film set in the middle of the 20s that stars a gun-wielding nun as its protagonist, is the living embodiment of excess.

This is not meant to be a criticism. Chrno Crusade is a gloomy, compelling supernatural adventure story based on the manga by Daisuke Moriyama.

Rosette and Chrno are members of the Order of Magdalene, a sisterhood group in the church.

This religious group is responsible for protecting America against demons.

Although they are competent at their jobs, the duo’s fighting style is quite dangerous and can often cause damage to real estate.

The team’s determination and fearlessness are unmatched, despite the collateral damage.

The film features the gun-toting sister, Chrno Crusade, who is prone to losing her cool at the drop of a hat.

Rosette and Chrno have dark pasts that could threaten their existence. It is a good idea to bring tissues.

21. Lupin III

Lupin III

Arsene Lupin III, the grandson of a world-famous criminal thief is determined to live up to his grandfather’s legacy as a world-famous thief. 

He is a man who works in the shadows and has amazing stealth.

This has earned him a lot of infamies.

Many people (inspectors as well as criminals and thieves) are familiar with him. 

It shouldn’t surprise, then, that he is often armed and able to exchange gunfire with other characters.

Nearly every main character has a pistol with them at all times, except Goemon who prefers his sword. 

Each character seems to be very accurate in their aim, except for Goemon, who prefers his sword. 

Lupin’s right-hand man Jigen is the best at gun games.

He can do a 0.3-second quick-draw and use machine guns, sniper rifles, and even a PTRS anti-tank rifle. 

They are quite noisy for thieves.

20. Gungrave


After a tragedy involving his friends being murdered, Brandon follows the only person he can trust to the Millennium.

He is unable to go to the Millennium to see the girl he loved, who is being held captive by Bid Daddy, the Millennium leader.

Brandon is loyal to the syndicate for many years.

He eventually discovers the truth about the organization and takes drastic steps to protect his beloved.

The anime series features incredible fighting scenes and great use of guns in battle.

19. Black Bullet

Black Bullet

Black Bullet was adapted by Orange and Kinema Citrus.

If the anime is to live up to Shiden Kanzaki’s light novel series, it had to hit the bullseye. 

Although it didn’t reach the same heights as its source, there are still many things to love about this adaptation.

Soon, in 2021, people have been infected by a parasitic virus called Gastrea. 

As if a deadly disease wasn’t enough, the strain turns anyone who is infected into a monster

The remaining human representatives are kept in a small city with monolithic walls, and they are held captive like rats in a cage. 

To stand a chance against Gastrea’s monsters, superhuman young girls are sent with their partners to fight them.

Black Bullet’s main character fights Gastrea with a special gun, just in case the title isn’t clear enough.

This is an action series since it’s all about the fight scenes.

The focus is on creating absurd, but entertaining fight scenes. The anime succeeds for the most part with ease!

18. Gunsmith Cats

Gunsmith Cats

Gunsmith Cats is a little like Jormungand from the 90s.

It follows the adventures of Gunsmith Cats’ protagonists who sell guns in Chicago’s “gun-free” zone. 

Rally Vincent, who is an expert on explosives and knows every detail about her weapons, and Minne May Hopkins, who is her partner. 

They know almost everything about weaponry and havoc together. 

They often meet unsavoury people in their work, and in this OVA of three episodes, the two are blackmailed into working for an even larger organization.

Gunsmith Cats combines western sensibilities with such backgrounds and professions to really make the most of the wildness and beauty of its settings. 

There are many gunfights and high-speed chases in the 1967 Mustang GT.

It’s better to just relax and watch the amazing display of impossible possibilities. 

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Although guns and bounty hunters may not be out of place in Chicago’s old-time, the thrill of driving down the streets at such incredible speeds is something you won’t see. 

Its vintage quality is the only problem.

17. Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online

17. Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online

Sword Art Online without Kirito would be like watching a Dragon Ball incarnation without Goku

Although it seems like a horrible idea on paper, the experiment may prove to be worthwhile. 

Sword Art Online Alternative to Gun Gale Online is a story about a tall college student, who overcomes her fears by disappearing into an MMO’s bullet-hell world. 

Gun Gale Online, contrary to Kirito’s adventures, is driven more by the characters than any pending catastrophe that must be avoided. 

The spin-off also drops any harem influences.

Games are similar to anime and can be used as a way to fulfil your wishes. 

In addition to providing a way out of everyday life, games allow players to step into the shoes and experiences of characters who have the ability to change their worlds. 

An MMORPG is the best time-sink for creating a new identity and shedding your skin. 

Gun Gale Online offers a more human experience than central series in many ways.

Although there’s a lot of character development, Studio 3Hz doesn’t leave its viewers longing for action. 

Gun Gale, a fantasy military universe, is about taking down the opposition using a well-placed shot.

16. Sword Art Online II

Sword Art Online II

Kirito might have thought that he would be able to play all the video games he wanted after being trapped in one game and saving his “girlfriend” from another. 

He is forced to make a decision when Gun Gale Online, a game that allows players to kill real people by shooting them in the game, invades his home.

Although Kirito is still using his dual-blade style, the majority of this online world is filled with gunfights. 

Sinon, a skilled sniper, is always a great sight to see scope down and take down a target. 

It is quite amazing to see Sinon fall from a tall building and dodge the hundreds of bullets that fly her way. 

Asuna’s skills are once again impressive. The sheer amount of ammunition being released is amazing. 

The scene in which a couple comes charging at Kirito with their turret blazing is one of the best scenes of this season.

He then performs Star Wars acrobatics to deflect every bullet coming at him. It’s an incredible scene.

15. Aoharu x Kikanjuu (Aoharu x Machinegun)

Aoharu x Kikanjuu

Although it is hard to beat a fight between two gunners with experience, who are both determined to see another sunrise together, competitions that focus on toys guns can be quite entertaining! 

Aoharu and Kikanjuu is a series that features a host of club members who participate in survival games to get their steam out.

Hotaru Tachibana, who is disguised as a boy, but in fact a girl, revolves around the word “justice.” 

Hotaru can’t help but throw a few punches at evildoers who are subjecting others to malign acts. 

Although her “justice” sounds more like vigilantism than violence, the girl still talks a good game. 

Hotaru is forced to join Toy Gun Gun to repay a debt after she has taken on too much and underestimated her opponent.

Initially, the main character is loud and views survival games only as a time-waster for immature adults with no other options.

However, she soon begins to enjoy the matches and becomes a passionate admirer of the plastic bullets used to shoot her opponents. 

Hotaru must hide her gender in Toy Gun Gun, as it is only a club for men.

14. Noir


Noir is filled with great gun action and a great story.

The anime follows two female assassins on a journey to find answers to their past. 

They have a vague relationship with one another, but the answers reveal a series of clues, secrets, and clues that lead them to a new identity.

The anime series follows the characters as they encounter multiple situations of betrayal, traps, and other surprises from Les Soldats, a secret organization.

They are continuously tested by the organization to determine if they are worthy to be called Noir.

13. Jormungand


Jormungand, a young soldier named Jonah, explores the complicated world of arms dealers through Koko Hekmatyar, an idealistic woman who enlists Jonah into her team. 

Koko pursues the goal of world peacefulness, despite her illegal and dangerous work. 

This strange idea of hers, in such a chaotic place, is what binds her comrades.

There were bound to be many guns because of the primary relationship between a child soldier (a child soldier) and an arms dealer (an arms dealer). 

The sheer number of guns in the show is unbelievable. 

Everybody feels strong and ready to face any threat. 

Given the scale of the underworld, the show is full of blood and gore. 

The show’s second half is a series of scenes with bullets falling and bodies being torn apart. 

Many characters seem to find a sense of satisfaction in being thrust into chaos. 

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This is a great option for those who love action-packed thrillers.

12. Golgo 13 (TV)

Golgo 13

A superspy is essential for every nation. 

The United States and Britain have James Bond and Ethan Hunt, respectively.

Japan responded with its own superspy. 

Golgo 13 was born in 1968 and is one of the longest-running mangas in history. 

The world’s most dangerous assassin is a master of many stories and adventures and can kill his target from every angle.

Golgo 13 is armed with his iconic M16 and exists far beyond any intelligence agency’s reach. 

Whether it is the FBI or KGB, no one knows the true identity of the assassin and that is unlikely ever to change.

Golgo could be either a national saviour or a public enemy number one depending on the circumstances. 

Although little is known about Golgo, it is generally believed that his skills are unsurpassed and that he never fails to strike. 

Their life is at stake if they catch a target in Golgo’s crosshairs.

Golgo 13 radiates coolness from every frame. 

Because of the protagonist’s overwhelming power, each storyline lacks any sense of danger.

Golgo is always at risk of failing. 

This can be annoying but the assassin is always looking for new and more exciting ways to defeat his opponent. 

The appeal of anime lies in the journey, not the final result.

11. Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

Imagine Attack on Titan with guns and smaller monsters. 

Kabaneri, the Iron Fortress, takes viewers to a world where a new species of monsters is invading.

They are similar to zombies and can only be killed if their hearts are pierced. 

This is not unusual for anime, but add iron to protect the hearts of these monsters and you have a difficult problem.

Although some weapons have been created to fight these creatures (also known as Kabane), it is Ikoma’s goal that a weapon is more effective in the fight against humankind. 

This episode’s entire story is about this struggle.

You know it will be a gun-focused ride. 

You can expect some great fight scenes when you add to that the struggle with gore. 

The show consistently impresses with its mix of swordsmanship and hand-to-hand fighting.

10. Gunslinger Girl

Gunslinger Girl

Another great anime with a lot of gun action and some psychological humour.

An Italian organization, called the Social Welfare Agency rescues children from death in hospitals.

They then use cybernetic advances to artificially enhance their bodies and brainwash them to become assassins for the government’s dirty job.

They are still children at heart, and they struggle to be accepted by the people they love.

9. Hellsing Ultimate

Hellsing Ultimate

The anime Hellsing takes a different approach to the story but still has great gun action. 

They are both employed by the Hellsing Organization, an English organization that hunts down other vampires for extermination.

They soon find out that there is a new type of vampire, complicating their survival chances.

8. Canaan


Canaan is one of the most popular anime series that makes great use of gun action.

A Japanese photographer is currently in China and his partner is looking for stories worthy of exclusive news. 

The two of them finally find their break when they witness strange happenings at a local festival.

They immediately investigate and are then confronted by unknown masked men with white hair

The photographer’s partner suddenly becomes caught up in the melee of battle.

An old friend intervenes to help the partner escape.

The hero is forced to confront their past to stop a sinister plot to inject a deadly virus.

7. 91 Days

91 Days

Angelo Lagusa was born and raised in Lawless. His sole purpose for existence is revenge. 

The young man is obsessed with a hatred for the mafia families responsible for his family’s mass murder. 

Lagusa lost his life that day, and now he wants to see everyone responsible for their deaths suffer the same fate as his younger brother and parents.

Seven years after the triple tragedy, Lagusa takes on the identity of Avilio Bruno and goes back to Lawless to execute a clever plan to infiltrate the mafia’s ranks. 

The final goal of 91 Days is to meet the evil organization’s leader.

This crime drama shows how a person’s character can change when they are consumed by a vendetta.

91 Days is a Prohibition Era tale. With a pistol and ready to pull the trigger.

His journey is filled with blood, tears, and destruction. 

Guns are the weapon of choice for everyone, regardless of time and place.

6. Valkyria Chronicles

Valkyria Chronicles

The Empire rules the East, while the Federation controls Europa’s West. 

The Empire has invaded Gallia, a neutral country. This has ended the war between the two. 

The Empire’s immense army and resources have not been enough to save Gallian forces.

They found hope in the small crew of Squad 7 from the Gallian militia.

Although the story centres around Welkin, Isara, and Alicia, the entire Squad 7 is covered. 

It’s an anime about wartime friendships and horrors.

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Fortunately for gun lovers, there are many similarities between anime and World War II. 

You will see powerful tanks tearing apart the battlefield, snipers scouting out powerful enemies, storm troopers destroying entire squads. 

As you follow the war effort, battle after a fight of hard-earned territory, it does all this episode by episode.

5. Michiko to Hatchin (Michiko & Hatchin)

Michiko to Hatchin

Manglobe’s original animation is set in South America and features an ex-convict who has a penchant for guns.

It’s the perfect companion piece to Madhouse’s Black Lagoon

Michiko to Hatchin, with its amazing animation and memorable soundtrack, is a roller-coaster ride packed full of surprises.

Michiko Malandro, a hardened criminal and ex-convict in a high-security prison, breaks out for the billionth consecutive time. 

Michiko, a fugitive from an abusive family, rescues a girl she suspects is her partner’s daughter.

The pair embark on a wild chase through South America. 

Michiko, eager to reach the beautiful city of Diamandra but lacking any clues about his location, quickly attracts the attention of several notorious gangs.

This leads to a large-scale war.

Michiko to Hatchin looks like an episodic series.

It follows the couple’s encounters with various criminal organizations and police officers. 

It becomes clear that everything is interconnected as the story progresses. 

Although Michiko is violent and hot-headed, she is also prone to violence.

The entire anime universe is soaked with exploitation.

4. Psycho-Pass


Psycho-Pass is a great detective sci-fi.

It follows Akane Tsunemori as he experiences the future Japanese police force. 

Everything is controlled and regulated in this world by the Sybil System. 

It assesses each person’s emotional and psychological stress levels, as well as determining if they are safe in society. 

This system has helped to create a peaceful and happy society. 

However, there are still those who have issues with this system and they do so rightly.

The “Dominator” is a prominent visual element of this show.

It uses the Sybil infrastructure and determines the mental state of a suspect or criminal, then enters either a paralyzer or lethal mode. 

There is even a mode that can deconstruct metal and other materials. 

While there’s a lot of Dominator action in each episode, the real star of the show is its view on guns. 

Kogami insists that the Dominator is a tool and emphasizes the importance of using it as a tool. 

The Dominator is different from a regular gun in that one represents personal justice (revenge), while the other represents systemic justice.

3. Black Cat

Black Cat

Train Heartnet was a skilled assassin, a master of his trade, and trained to kill.

He earned a reputation for being Chronos’ most dangerous assassin and borderline demon. 

Heartnet is a ruthless killer who will kill anyone.

However, his nihilistic attitude begins to change when he meets Saya Minatsuki.

Saya is an optimistic bounty hunter and becomes close friends with the heartless killer. 

Heartnet realizes the value of human life and decides to leave Chronos. 

The organization has other plans, however.

Heartnet’s amazing acts are accompanied by a catchy theme that gets your blood pumping. 

Black Cat, a shounen series that features a gun as the protagonist’s weapon of choice, is a great choice for anyone looking for comedy and action. 

The anime features a charismatic protagonist, colourful characters, and a hilariously outrageous but entertaining antagonist.

2. Trigun


Trigun is a bit funnier than the anime.

He makes a lot of use of guns throughout the series.

In a country where guns rule, one man can make a whole town crumble. 

Although this spiky-haired man is kind and caring, he always seems to get caught in the wrong place at the wrong moment. 

Because he is the most wanted criminal in history.

People get hurt when bounty hunters hunt for him. 

It’s not his fault. Strangely, there is no evidence that he has ever done any harm.

He is a master gunman and not your average outlaw.

1. Black Lagoon

Black Lagoon

This anime is filled with gun action and it’s my favourite. 

It has a great story, animation, and sound. There are also some amazing gun fighting scenes.

The anime depicts a Japanese businessman who is surrounded by other businessmen. 

He lives a typical life, drinking with clients and being pushed around by his bosses.

Finally, he is sent to the tropical waters of China to deliver a shipment.

His transportation is hijacked and taken hostage by mercenaries, who want the object he has for delivery. 

One of the mercenaries who think he is worth a ransom takes him hostage and robs him.

They discover that the object he was delivering contains the secret to something that will cause chaos and confusion for all!

With the freedom of animators to create any weapon they want, guns can seem quite pedestrian when compared with mecha suits. 

Guns are often associated with criminal underworlds and open up new avenues. 

A character’s gun can be seen as an extension of their personality and is as important as its owner.

Which anime has your favourite gun-action theme? 

We would love to hear from you in the comments section below.