15 Best American Anime of All Time

We’ve always watched Japanese anime, and it’s been fun all the time. For a change, we have even attempted to watch Chinese anime.

Also, how about watching an American-made animated series as an alternative? 

Here we bring an assortment of the most popular American anime that you can enjoy.

Updated by Garima Singh on June 8th June, 2024.

Here is a list of 15 Best American Anime of All Time:

15. Young Justice

Young Justice

The well-known Young Justice is an American superhero series that is built on DC Comics’ teenage heroes. 

The story was initially focused on Superboy, Robin, and Impulse but is now a story about other teens. 

The story focuses on the contemporary world and the way that teenage heroes handle their personal lives and their powers. In addition, are they able to prove their worth as members of the Justice League?

14. Boondocks Boondocks

Boondocks Boondocks

This is an American adult sitcom that is based on a comic strip with the same name. T

The show is centered around two boys known as Riley Huey and Riley Huey. 

The story starts with them moving between South Chicago and the Boondocks and facing a clash of cultures the moment they arrive. Sometimes it takes more time to settle cultural conflicts.

13. Steven Universe

Steven Universe

Another anime that revolves around intergalactic warriors fighting to defend the universe. 

The main character in this anime can be described as Steve, who has a personal secret. 

In the end, the nerdy boy becomes a part of a group that includes three well-trained warriors. 

But accidents are always likely to occur when they’ve had an untrained member in the mix and must overcome any obstacle. The show will not only transport you on a galaxy trip, but it will also give you a laugh.

12. The Princesses and She-Ra of Power

The Princesses and She-Ra of Power

The story is primarily centered around Adora the wolf and Catra and is focused on their world, called Etheria. 

One day, Adora discovers a mysterious magical sword, and she discovers that she can become She-Ra, the Princess of Power. 

The next day, she discovers they are part of the dark army that is devastating the earth. She eventually becomes part of the opposite faction. 

However, will she have the courage to confront her former foe, who became her enemy? In addition, will she be capable of bringing some peace to Etheria?

11. W.I.T.C.H


The animated series is reminiscent of another show called Winx Club because of the similar elements. 

It follows the story of five teenagers who discover their past to protect the walls between the two walls. 

To keep the peace, each has the power of the elements. 

Are they equipped to carry the load when, up to the present, they have lived everyday lives? 

Additionally, there are always villains waiting to be found.

10. Ultraman


Shin Hayata does not know the way he became Ultraman and, to his delight, even saved the world from Kaijus.

As aliens attack the planet, he finds the ultra suit that was passed down by his father to save the world from destruction.

Ultraman is an update to Ultraman: A Special Effects Fantasy Series. 

It was created by the crew of two countries: Japan and American countries.

It is a great game with spectacular battles and even if it’s lacking some humor, I’m still enjoying it until the very end.



The story takes place within the realm that is Remnants, in which humanity fights back against the creatures called Grimm.

Four teenagers who have different strengths make up the RWBY team and train together to take on these beasts.

RWBY was an enjoyable surprise for me because I didn’t have any expectations about it. The first two seasons were thrilling, but after the third season, it took it to a new level.

According to me, it’s an under-appreciated American animation. If you happen to stumble across the show accidentally, you’re lucky.

8. The Breadwinner

breadwinner 1 15 Best American Anime of All Time

The story unfolds in 2001.

It is Afghanistan, where the Taliban make a mess every day. The father of Parvana is captured in a scuffle.

Now it’s down to Parvana to provide for her family. Amid this deplorable situation, there is a glimmer of hope. But will “will” by itself be the key to her escape from this plight?

The Breadwinner is a film that isn’t suitable for everyone. The plot hits you immediately, while the visuals are superbly created.

The plot is well-crafted, and even though some scenes can make you cry, others are a delight. Take a look at the 2D animated film, in case you haven’t.

7. Voltron The Legendary Defender

Voltron The Legendary Defender

Five teenagers, sent into space, find robotic lions from Voltronleft a few thousand years back.

They must now be the final line of defense for this galaxy in the fight against Zarkon, the evil King…

If you’ve read a lot of negative reviews about this show, we suggest that you ignore them and go watch it regardless.

It starts well but is a bit shaky later on. However, it’s still enjoyable to watch. It is one of the most popular American anime series.

6. Vixen


Vixen is about a DC superhero fighting crime and having the ability to imitate any animal on Earth.

Two things I enjoy about this show are the animation and the voice actors. 

The animation is fantastic, as are the actors, who did an excellent job.

If you’ve not watched Vixen yet, it’s worth taking the time to watch it now.

5. “Red against Blue”

Red against. Blue

It was the year 2552 when a bloody period of civil war between humankind began. Two armies referred to as Blues Blues and Blues were fighting across the galaxy.

If you’re looking for an enjoyable time or to watch an entertaining American anime series, and you’re looking for a hilarious show, then Red Vs. Blue is the one you’re searching for.

You’ll likely watch it repeatedly because it’s incredibly good and no word can be described as disappointing in the dictionary.

4. The Dragon Prince

The Dragon Prince

The story follows three half-brothers, along with an assassin from the elfin world, who set out on a quest to restore peace and harmony to the country of Xadia.

The Dragon Prince has to be among the top anime series of the fantasy generation. It’s incredible in every aspect, and the action sequences are pretty good.

It’s a show that is suitable for everyone, regardless of age, as everyone enjoys the way it tells the story and cannot help but watch it over and over.

3. Castlevania


The loved spouse of DraculaLisa Tepes, is accused of witchcraft and then burned in the streets of Wallachia.

Infuriated, Dracula unleashes an army of demon creatures from hell to take revenge on his wife.

Castlevania is among the very few shows that have impressed me with its adaptation of an online game. I am awed by the fact that it doesn’t rely on a small budget.

It is possible to see the work of the cast in the show, and if you haven’t yet watched it, you should start now.

2. Legend of Korra: The Legend of Korra

Legend of Korra: The Legend of Korra

The story begins 70 years following the events of “Avatar: The Last Airbender” and is about a girl known as Korra who relocates to Republic City to master the last component: air.

With the aid of Tenzin’s son, Aang, Tenzin can take on all evil elements that could threaten the existence of her as well as her family members.

If you think this is just a sequel to Avatar: The Last Airbender, you’re mistaken. You’re completely wrong. The film explores a different universe and set of characters.

If you’ve seen the Avatar anime before, then this one will be a pleasant surprise to you.

1. Avatar The Last Airbender

Avatar The Last Airbender

The story is told through Aang, a 12-year-old Avatar and the only remaining survivor of the nation known as the Air Nomads. Aang embarks on a mission with his fellow travelers to end the fire nation’s war.

Much like Doraemon or Dragon Ball, Avatar was our favorite childhood character. Although it’s a product of America, it has plenty of Japanese influences.

The visuals are particularly striking and look like Japanese animation. If you haven’t seen this masterpiece yet, we recommend you go right now.


Japanese anime is amazing in every aspect, but often it’s essential to look up some obscure works from different countries too.

At least once in our lives, we must see The Last Airbender from America, Mo Dao Zu Shi from China, and all of the anime shows that we must see at least once.

Are you satisfied with our recommendations? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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