15 Best Healing Cards (Increase Life Points) in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Sometimes, you just can’t win at a game.

You might not have drawn the one card you needed, or you might have been hit by a lot of negate cards.

You just need a few more life points to keep playing until you figure out how to win.

You could also build a deck that only makes your life points go up.

This kind of deck is a long-winded plan for a deck out in which you keep getting life until your opponent can’t draw any more cards.

Life Points in Yu-Gi-Oh!

In Yu-Gi-Oh!, life points are very valuable.

Each player starts with 8000, which may seem like a lot, but you’d be shocked how quickly they go down.

Most duels end when a player runs out of points, so it’s very important to guard them well.

Even though there are thousands of cards in the game, only a few dozen have the rare ability to restore your health.

Which ones are good enough to hire?

When your opponent quits out of anger, it’s so much more fun, right?

Here are some of the best Yu-Gi-Oh! Healing Cards that can help you gain life, no matter what.

15. Prime Material Dragon

Healing Cards

Prime Material is one of several powerful dragons in Yu-Gi-Oh that don’t get enough credit. It has good fighting stats and two interesting skills.

The first one turns any damage a person would take from an effect into life points, protecting you from things like the Wave-Motion Cannon.

The second lets you throw away a card to stop any effect from destroying a monster on the field. This lets you avoid effects like Mirror Force and Raigeki, which are used a lot.

Use Prime Material in either Blue-Eyes or Red-Eyes builds to protect your monsters and yourself at the same time.

14. Juragedo

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Juragedo is a creature that can be special summoned whenever a fight starts. It has two great effects that help other creatures.

At that time, you get a thousand life points and can sacrifice Juragedo to raise your monster’s attack by a thousand.

This entry will not only give you more life, but it will also make an opponent’s attack fail by making your monster stronger than theirs.

As a bonus, Juragedo’s ATK boost lasts a little longer than most buffs, going away at the end of the next turn instead of the end of the current fight phase.

13. Guardian Angel Joan

MTc0MTA4ODY4MzEyMzExMjQx 1 15 Best Healing Cards (Increase Life Points) in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Guardian Angel Joan is a level-7 monster that needs two tributes to summon normally.

However, pendulum cards and other special summons make it easier to call her.

She comes with a scary 2800 ATK and a great trait: Whenever Joan kills a monster in battle and sends it to the graveyard, you gain life points equal to that monster’s ATK.

Joan’s power lets her kill enemies and heal you at the same time.

Don’t forget to use her with light-based support effects like Honest’s to get the most out of her.

12. Griggle

12 griggle yu gi oh card 1 15 Best Healing Cards (Increase Life Points) in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Griggle is as silly as it sounds, but it’s worth mentioning because it can have a crazy effect if you can do it right.

When this card changes hands, you get an extra 3000 life points. Griggle only has 350 attack, so if you can swap him, he’s a great monster to steamroll over.

You’ll need a card like Creature Swap to make this happen.

You should wait until your opponent has a big monster on their board so they have something good to swap with.

You could also attack your opponent with a Kaiju monster and take that instead.

Oh Griggle, you could be so much better.

11. Damage Eater

11 damage eater card yugioh 1 15 Best Healing Cards (Increase Life Points) in Yu-Gi-Oh!

When Damage Eater is in the graveyard, you can remove him to make an effect that would burn your life points instead give you life points.

This is a great tech card to use against burn decks.

Even more so with cards like Just Desserts that can do a lot of damage all at once.

Damage Eater is the best way to completely change the game.

The only bad thing about this card is that you have to put it in the graveyard for this effect to work.

This means you have to set it up first and then wait for it to be killed in battle before you can use it.

It takes a long time, but it can be useful in some cases.

10. Absorbing Kid from the Sky

10 absorbing kid from the sky card 1 15 Best Healing Cards (Increase Life Points) in Yu-Gi-Oh!

His hit number isn’t very high, but what he does more than makes up for it.

When Absorbing Kid from the Sky kills a monster in fight, you can get life points equal to its level times 300.

To make his attack stronger, you’ll need to use some outfit spells. Or he won’t be able to do much damage.

In all honesty, this isn’t too much of a bother. And you can choose from some really great gear spells.

Don’t start talking about United We Stand…

It’s also important to remember that this card won’t work against XYZ and Link monsters, since they don’t have levels, so don’t waste your hits on them.

9. Solemn Wishes

09 solemn wishes alt ygo card 1 15 Best Healing Cards (Increase Life Points) in Yu-Gi-Oh!

I think this is the only Solemn card that hasn’t made me want to quit a game in a fit of rage.

Solemn Wishes is different from the other Solemn cards because it doesn’t destroy anything your opponent owns.

Instead, it gives you 500 life points for every card you draw.

If you combine this card with a Pot card like Pot of Desires, Pot of Extravagance, or maybe even Pot of Greed, you’ll get a bunch of extra cards and a lot of extra life points.

8. Emergency Provisions

08 emergency provisions spell card 1 15 Best Healing Cards (Increase Life Points) in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Nothing beats a quick snack in the middle of a fight.

You can turn useless magic and traps into life points with Emergency Provisions.

This is great when you’re really close to losing the game and just need a few more life points to win.

Even though it’s annoying to have to destroy your own magic and traps, it could be a good way to make room for better ones.

7. Psychic Lifetrancer

07 psychic lifetrancer ygo card 1 15 Best Healing Cards (Increase Life Points) in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Psychics were one of those cool characters that never really caught on.

Yes, there were Kozmo’s that took over the meta. But psychics weren’t very popular in general.

But this card was one of the few giants that was played.

At the time, Krebons was a very strong tuner card with an ability that made it impossible to destroy.

It was in a lot of decks, especially with Emergency Teleport, which let you take it from the top of the deck.

With Psychic Lifetranscer, you can get 1200 life points by sending a psychic from your graves to the other side.

If you called this with Krebons, you’d get 1200 points right away. If you have more psychic monsters in your deck, you could get even more.

6. Beelzeus of the Diabolic Dragons

06 beelzeus of the diabolic dragons card 1 15 Best Healing Cards (Increase Life Points) in Yu-Gi-Oh!

They weren’t kidding when they said this person was Diabolic.

With this strong synchro monster, you can make any monster your opponent controls have 0 attack and gain life equal to the amount of attack they lost.

If you drain a big monster like a Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon, you could gain more than 3000–4000 life points.

Even though this card cuts in half any fight damage, your opponent will still take 2,000 damage with no defense.

The only bad thing about this guy is that it is a level 10 synchro, which is hard for some decks to call.

But if your deck has the right levels and tuners, I’d definitely throw in a copy of Beelzeus.

5. Aroma Jar

05 aroma jar card yugioh 1 15 Best Healing Cards (Increase Life Points) in Yu-Gi-Oh!

When this card is face-up, it can’t be destroyed by battle and every end step gives you 500 life points.

You only have to put this card in defense position, wait for your opponent to try to hit it, and then watch the life points come in. Easy.

As long as your opponent doesn’t use a card effect to remove this card, you have a wall that can’t be broken through and keeps giving you life points.

Aroma Jar is also great because it is a level 1 monster, which means you can special call it from the deck with One for One.

So, if you have a good plan, you can always get Aroma Jar when you need it.

4. Thought Ruler Archfiend

04 thought ruler archfiend card 1 15 Best Healing Cards (Increase Life Points) in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Here’s another mental monster that was used in some games but is much easier to use in general.

All you need is a deck that can synchro summon for level 8, which is easy for almost any Modern Yu-Gi-Oh deck.

When this card kills a monster in battle and sends it to the graveyard, you get a number of life points equal to the original attack of the monster it killed.

With 2700 attack, you can run over monsters with pretty high attack, which can give you a lot of life.

The Dark Magician is meant to be the “ultimate monster in terms of attack and defense,” but this guy beats him hands down.

Just remember that this effect won’t work against pendulum decks because when a pendulum monster is killed, it never goes to the graveyard.

But for the rest of the ways to call, go crazy.

3. Draining Shield

03 draining shield ygo card 1 15 Best Healing Cards (Increase Life Points) in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Get health back and stop an attack?

Absolute deal!

This could be up there with Magic Cylinder and Mirror Force as one of the most memorable trap cards in Yu-Gi-Oh.

Use this card against your opponent’s most powerful monsters to get the most out of it.

Let them think they have the upper hand with their big attack monsters, then use Draining Shield to turn the tables on them.

2. Child’s Play

02 childs play card yugioh 1 15 Best Healing Cards (Increase Life Points) in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Special summons is what Yu-Gi-Oh is all about now.

You would have a hard time finding a winning deck that doesn’t special summon at least 5 times per turn.

Well, Child’s Play lets you get 300 life points for every special call they do.

And as long as your life points are over 10,000, none of your monsters can be killed.

With a little quick math, you can figure out that your opponent only needs to special summon 7 times before your field is almost impossible to attack.

This is a simple achievement (there are so many duels where I wish they only called 7 times…) and a great way to get life points.

1. Nimble Momonga

01 nimble momonga ygo card 1 15 Best Healing Cards (Increase Life Points) in Yu-Gi-Oh!

I’m sure this card was way cuter when I first started playing Yu-Gi-Oh!

When Nimble Momonga is killed in fight and sent to the graveyard, you can gain 1000 life points.

Then you can special summon from your deck as many Nimble Momonga as you can.

This puts up a wall that your opponent has to get through, giving you a total of 3000 life points (once all 3 copies have been killed).

All because of one card.

Nimble Momonga is a very strong defensive play because each copy can bring out the other copies.

It is by far the best card for getting a lot of life points with little risk.

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