Will Asta get a Spirit?

The mystery surrounding the Spirits of Black Clover is still a mystery! It is unknown what their origins are or their true purpose.

One of them has not even been identified yet. Unquestionably, spirit magicians are the most powerful and skilled in their magic.

It was not difficult to speculate that Asta could use spirit magic, considering his anti-magic abilities have been mysterious for most of the series. 

You would think it would make his powers a fascinating mix of Yin and Yang.

Asta doesn’t have a spirit, and he won’t get one because he lacks mana. Spirits choose wizards who have similar magic because they use magic. 

Asta’s anti-magic is stronger than any spirit magic. He doesn’t require a spirit.

What are Spirits?

Will Asta get a Spirit

The Black Clover universe contains four major elemental spirits. So far, three of these spirits have been identified: Salamander, Sylph, and Undine, the water spirit.

The earth spirit has yet to be revealed. Many people believe that the earth spirit will be a Gnome.

These elemental spirits can form bonds with mages they consider worthy and can increase their power.

While spirits can change their loyalty and choose to be with another mage at will, they cannot bond with more than one mage at a given time. If their master dies, they can also dissolve.

It is considered an honour to have a spirit choose you. Salamander is currently at Fuegoleon, while Sylph and Yuno are with Yuno. Undine is with Lolopechka.

Access to spirit magic can be a huge power-up since spirits have a lot of magic power.

What are the 4 spirits in Black Clover’s Black Clover?


  • Fana.
  • Fuegoleon Vermillion.
  • Ladros.
  • Rhya.

Is there a Fifth Spirit?

The Spirit Guardians of Heart Kingdom have been speculating about the existence of the fifth spirit. 

Chapter 228 revealed the Spirit Guardians as the strongest mages in the Heart Kingdom who use natural mana.

Five Spirit Guardians are found in the Heart Kingdom. This suggests that there may be a fifth spirit. 

The fifth Spirit Guardian Gadja uses lightning magic so it is possible that the fifth spirit is a lightning spirit.

Is Nero a Spirit?

Many fans speculate that Nero might be an anti-magic spirit since she follows Asta around and can locate the magic stones.

Nero, however, is not a spirit. Chapter 203 revealed that Nero is Secre Swallowtail, a human. Due to excessive forbidden magic, she became an anti-bird.

Asta can get a Spirit?

black clover asta post timeskip spade kingdom arc makeover anime 1251306 Will Asta get a Spirit?

Black Clover established from Chapter 1 that Asta does not possess any magic. 

Asta was born without any trace of mana because his mother took all his mana at birth.

Asta’s inability to use anti-magic because he has no mana does not mean that he cannot draw any spirit to him.

Spirits are able to use their own magic and powers and will choose to associate with other mages. 

Despite the possibility of a fifth spirit none would choose Asta because he doesn’t have regular magic.

The anti-magic Asta uses to kill spirits is a reason why the spirits may not want to have anything to do.

Is he in need of a Spirit?

Nacht stated in Chapter 271 Asta has yet to harness Liebe’s full power and was only using leftovers.

Asta, the true Devil Union Mode of Asta, was finally revealed in Chapter 282 and easily defeated the Spade Kingdom’s ancient demon.

Asta doesn’t require a spirit – his Devil Union Mode can be strong enough to compete with any spirit. 

Liebe and he are still exploring the limits of antimagic as Liebe doesn’t recall much about being trapped in the grimoire for so long.

Asta is a spirit.

Possessed –Devil: Asta, a user of a five-leaf clover Grimoire, is connected to Liebe who possesses Anti Magic which gives him access to this energy. 

His appearance will become more devilish the more power he has.

Does Asta get new powers?

The Witch Queen activates a spell to give Asta a new power in the latest episode. 

It turns out that actually infused a little of her blood into the cursed arm’s body.

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