Black Clover’s Chapter 303: Megicula is Defeated!

Megicula the devil who has terrorized the knights of magic for decades and is finally defeated. 

Black Clover’s chapter 303 told us how Megicula was defeated.

What I enjoy most in this story is the fact that even though Asta did take part but he was not accountable for the defeat of Megicula. 

While he’s Megicula’s hero, his role in the battle wasn’t required.

Who is Megicula?

Black Clover Megicula 1 Black Clover’s Chapter 303: Megicula is Defeated!

Megicula is among the devils with the highest rank connected to the Tree of Qliphoth and has been in contact with Vanica Zogratis, who is a member of Spade Kingdom’s Dark Triad.

The world’s “Curse Magic” is derived from Megicula’s “curse warding magic,” and the devil personally placed deadly curses on Acier Silva and Princess Lolopechka.

Megicula is a female with large, curved, ram-like ears that rise from her head.

There is also an even smaller pair of upward-pointing horns that grow off their forehead. 

Megicula is tall, with pointed ears as well as long, dark, wavy hair that appears to change in the mist. Megicula’s eyes are eyes with slit pupils as well as dark patches of hair around them.

Megicula is shown to have an intensely curious, inquisitive, and scholarly interest in conducting numerous experiments using magic. 

The devil is truly thrilled to discover Secre Swallowtail’s Arcane Stage Sealing Magic and its ability to almost seal the devil’s magic, despite the huge power differences between the two. 

The devil is also interested in observing the effects of the curse magic on Undine. Megicula’s favorite and most fascinating test subjects are human beings because they are constantly surprising her.

This was the joint effort by Noelle, Nozel, Gaja, Luck, and others who took on Megicula. At the end of the day, Noelle and Nozel could finally take revenge.

While we can see Megicula’s ruined form, fans are still unsure whether it’s the real Megicula who died or a manifestation from the magical knights’ realm that wilted away.

Megicula may have cut off her connection with Vanica and Lolopechka at the last minute to protect herself, which means that she will be able to return only after the gate is completely opened.

However, Acier Silva’s spirit is liberated and it points towards Megicula’s slaying. The build-up for the fight was lengthy. In addition, Nozel and Noelle’s unified attack was like the ultimate strike.

Megicula’s belief in the fact that no human could defeat her led to her demise.

The battle isn’t done yet, since Zagred remains an obstacle, and even Morris could have something shady in his drawers.

Since Megicula has gone, I’m eager to learn more about the condition of Lolopechka. The body’s control will likely be lifted immediately. It’s possible that Vanica could be free, but what is her next move?

She’s way too intelligent to carry out a suicide strike on one of the protagonists. It seems that both Lolopechka and Vanica’s destinies remain in the air for the moment.

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