Who is Eida in Boruto Next Generation?

After a wait of over a month, Chapter 57 finally offers readers a glimpse into the mystery of the female cyborg revealed towards the end of Chapter 56.

Despite Isshiki Otsutsuki’s defeat, the threat from Kara persists with the help of its only remaining Inner Member Code and his new-found accomplice, the mysterious Cyborg Eida.

Eida can be described as a cyborg made by Amado. She is able to see all things on Earth and has the power to take the hearts of all except blood relatives and Otsutsuki.

The Story of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is illustrated and written by Mikio Ikemoto and directed by Masashi Kishimoto. It was published as a series in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump in June of 2016.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is the show that follows the adventures of Naruto’s son Boruto at the time of his academy days and later on.

The show is a follow-up on the character development of Boruto and the impending evil that threatens the fate of his and his family members.

Who is Eida?


A cyborg designed by the scientist Amado, Eida is a cyborg. Her entire body is composed of ninja-like technology developed by scientists that is similar to Delta as well as Kashin Koji. Isshiki was one of the cyborgs whose abilities were superior to those of Isshiki, inside Jigen’s body.

Because of it, Boro was ordered by Isshiki to take her down. But, he was a victim of her “love spell” and was unable to destroy her because of his passion and instead hid her.

Eida was discovered and awakened through the Code in Chapter 57. She was able to assist him in his plans following Isshiki’s demise.

How Strong is Eida And Her Abilities?

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Eida can use the ability to see with clairvoyance that is comparable to doujutsu, which is advanced. The ability lets her perceive everything in the world. She says it is like her consciousness moving to the area she is looking at.

While she can look back in time, she is unable to see the things that happened before her birth. She is also unable to look at the future.

Although she was sleeping, Eida was fully aware of Isshiki’s passing and the details of the incident. She knew the reason Code was looking for her and also the specifics of how to deactivate the limiters that were placed on the victim.

She also knew that Amado was hiding within Konoha as well as that Code and the Kage were in the process of hunting down Code. Her abilities will make it difficult for Shinobi to devise strategies to locate her and Code and Code, let alone ambush them.

Alongside clairvoyance, Eida has the frightening capability of stealing hearts. Her “love spell” can make anyone attracted to her, except for Otsutsuki and blood relatives…

Many who have nearly completely transformed into Otsutsuki by the karma that is used, like Kawaki and Boruto, are not affected by it.

With this ability, Eida was able to prevent Boro from devastating her. Also, she was able to trap Code, and he was reluctant to harm her after waking the girl up. If Eida can massively utilize this power, it will make it extremely difficult to take her down in combat.

Who Can Beat Eida? Can it be done?

While Eida seems unstoppable at first glance, it is clear that she isn’t lost. Her ability to see is, without doubt, the most significant obstacle to stopping her.

Because she can see the plans that the Shinobi create, it would be hard to surprise her. However, it’s unlikely that she’ll be able to accurately predict the actions of close combat because she is unable to discern what is to come shortly.

The smokescreen that was used in the battle between Sasuke and Isshiki in the final fight may also have blocked her vision during the close-range fight, but only temporarily. Speed is crucial to defeating the all-knowing cyborg.

The pills Amado provides Naruto and Boruto can also impair Doujutsu. It is possible that these pills could be used to alter Eida’s sight, but slipping some of the tablets is difficult.

Amado is also believed to have hidden commands for each of the cyborgs that he has made. He was able to incapacitate Delta with just one sentence when she confronted him, as well as Kashin Koji. He may use a similar order for Eida as well.

Finally, Boruto and Kawaki are the only two Shinobi that aren’t affected by the “love spell” because of the Karma and Otsutsuki-fiction. They would not hesitate when it came to fighting Eida. All that is left is to track down Code and the blue-haired Cyborg.

Eida’s Plans

In addition to aiding Code, Eida has her own plans. Eida is furious at Amado for removing the possibility of experiencing normal romantic love, and she plans to pursue Kawaki and Boruto because they are the only two who are not affected by her power to create love.

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