Who is Vinland Saga’s main Antagonist?

Yukimura created and wrote the series Vinland Saga, which is a very interesting story.

Vinland Saga has interesting characters who grow in a natural way and a plot that doesn’t have any major flaws.

The story takes place during the time of the Vikings, and as you might expect, there is a lot of killing and pillaging. The story doesn’t really let us put people into good or bad groups. It’s more of a grey area.

So, when we talk about the “villain” of the series, we’re really talking about the person who is actively working against our main character, Thorfinn.

So, let’s find out who the bad guy is in Season 2 and who the main bad guy is in the whole show.

There are many bad guys in the Vinland Saga, but Floki is the most important one.

He was the one who made all the big things happen and caused Thorfinn a lot of pain when he hired Askeladd to kill Thors.

Thorfinn’s Self-exploratory Journey

The first season of Vinland was full of battles and fights. Thorfinn was crazy about getting his own back, and all he wanted to do was kill Askeladd. From Thorfinn’s point of view, Askeladd was the bad guy in the story.

Season 2 moves more slowly than Season 1. As soon as Thorfinn saw Canute kill Askeladd, he stopped caring about anything. He is sent to Ketil’s farm as a slave, and he has lost the will to live.

This arc shows how Thorfinn learns more about himself. Thorfinn seems to be getting closer to his father’s views and becoming more peaceful.

SPOILERS AHEAD! This page contains spoilers from Vinland Saga( Manga).

Ketil-The Main Antagonist of Farmland Arc!

Ketil vinland saga Who is Vinland Saga's main Antagonist?

The Farmland arc of the second season of Vinland Saga is about Ketil, who is the main bad guy. At first, Ketil seems like a moral slave owner who treats his slaves well.

He said that even slaves are people who should be free, and they should be given a chance to do so. But as the story went on, it became clear that everything about him is a lie.

He was kind and generous only when things were going well for him. But as soon as things started to go wrong, he did horrible things.

In one case, Arnheid tried to run away with her husband, so he beat her until she lost her baby and died.

In another situation, Ketil’s stubbornness caused many farmers to die in a pointless battle with Canute’s army.


Floki’s One-Man Show!

Vinland Sagas main Antagonist FLOKI Who is Vinland Saga's main Antagonist?

Floki is one of the most important bad guys in the Vinland Saga. He is a mean, small-minded person who has always thought that Thors looked down on him.

He was angry with Thors for a long time. Floki was a traitor and a bad person because of how he behaved.

Askeladd was hired by Floki to kill Thors, which set off all the major events in the story and made him the main bad guy. He caused Thorfinn, who looked up to his father, a lot of pain and tragedy.

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