You’re looking to stream the uncensored version of the most controversial anime of this year? Don’t worry! We’ve got the info you require.

World’s End Harem (Japanese: Shuumatsu no Harem) The new science fiction series, based on the manga by LINK and illustrated by Kotaro Shono, is among the most talked-about shows in the Winter 2022 animation season.

It’s easy to understand the reason: its plot is controversial (just as the previous season’s Remake of the Healer) however, the version streaming on Crunchyroll currently has been censored portions due to the show’s sexual content and nakedness.

If you’re not familiar with it, World’s End Harem is set in a time when the Man-Killer Virus has destroyed 99.9 percent of the globe’s male population. 

The plot is about Mizuhara Reito who has been asleep in cryogenics for the last five years and has left behind the girl who he had always wanted to be with, Tachibana Erisa. 

When Reito is able to come out of the deep freeze, he’s thrown into a new world of sexy mania in which he is the most valuable resource on earth. 

Four other men are granted a life of luxury and a single goal to repopulate the planet by infusing as many women as they can. 

But, all Reito desires is to discover his loved Eria who disappeared just three years earlier. Will Reito discover his true love or give in to the lure of love?

Based on the fan’s feedback to Crunchyroll there are some viewers who aren’t happy with the version that is censored.

If you’re looking for a place to enjoy these older versions legally, this guide is to help you.

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Where to stream World’s Endeavor Harem in its uncensored version?

At present, viewers who reside in North America and Europe can view the censored version of The World’s End Harem on Crunchyroll

However, if you’d like to stream the version that is uncensored and the one that has “Forbidden scenes”, legally you may have to wait a while.

A Japanese channel AT-X will broadcast the version that is uncensored in Japan However, if you don’t live in Japan you will have to keep waiting until march until the Blu-ray version is released. The World’s End Harem releases.

The official website for World’s End Harem has already declared volume 1 on the series’ Blu-ray disc will include the version that is uncensored as well as “Forbidden Scenes”, which can’t be aired on TV.

A Twitter handle that is the official account for the show also released an announcement regarding Blu-ray. You can are able to read below:

The English version of the tweet is: “I want you to see, feel everything in this world”.

Recorded in the forbidden With the addition of unbroadcastable mating scenes!

Customers who make a reservation will receive a ‘Daily Support Illustration Collection’ on a first-come, first-served basis!”

According to the announcement, the Blu-ray of the World’s End Harem anime is scheduled to be available on the 26th of March It’s not clear whether it will receive a U.S. or U.K. release in the coming year.

There you are: the only legal choices to view the uncensored edition of World’s End Harem at the moment are:

  • You can go to Japan and catch AT-X’s broadcast of the uncensored version in Japan.
  • You can wait until the release on Blu-ray of World’s End Harem However, you will require it to be shipped internationally unless you can locate an authorized distributor within Europe, the U.S., Europe, or in the region you’re currently located.
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What is the Diffrence between uncensored and censored version of World’s End Harem?

Obviously, the sexual scenes in the censored version of World’s End Harem are toned down, blurring the female breasts and genitalia. 

The version that you can view on Crunchyroll blocks explicit images and doesn’t feature any of the “Forbidden scenes” the Blu-ray of the show promises to contain. 

If you’ve already read the initial manga, you’ll already know what to expect in these explicit scenes.

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