What is Sadodere? (さどデレ) Explained !!

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This article will answer a simple question: What is a sadodere? 

Many common anime archetypes are identified by the suffix, “dere”, which is derived from the Japanese “dere dee” meaning “lovey,dovey”. 

This is combined with other Japanese words, and you get the terms tsundere kuudere yandere and dandere.

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What is a Sadodere?

Sadodere 1 What is Sadodere? (さどデレ) Explained !!

The root word “sadomasochistic” is combined with the suffix -dere to create the sadodere archetype

The sado-meets–dere combination results in a character that enjoys manipulating their love interests and subjecting them to constant cruelty with a characteristic lack empathy. 

One common dynamic between sadoderes and their sadistic objects is when the latter enjoys the former’s antics under the layer of negativity caused by constant bullying.

Because of their passion for inflicting pain upon loved ones, sadodere characters are often confused with or considered to be a branch the well-known archetype of the yandere.

This is a character who is completely obsessed with the object and will do anything to keep a relationship with that person. 

Sadistic tendencies can encompass the scope of what a sadodere does to maintain their relationships.

However, the main difference is that sadodere characters get pleasure from emotionally torturing loved ones while yandere characters don’t.

The definition of sadodere is a character who likes to bully their loved ones.

However, sadodere can also be used to refer to characters who are simply sadistic towards everyone and everything. 

This grey area is home to many popular characters, including Orihara Izaya (Durarara!) Maria (Arakawa under the Bridge), Esdeath (“Akame ga Kill! ).

A Brief History of Sadodere

The term sadomasochism was first used in Richard von Krafft Ebing’s 1886 academic article, Psychopathia sexualis. 

Comte Marquis of Sade, author Leopold von Sacher–Masoch was the first to coin the term sadomasochism. 

According to the article sadomasochism refers to the pleasure of dominating or sub-missing from a consensual partner.

Tokisaki Kurumi is an example of a well-known sadodere in Japanese media. Date A Live was a light novel series created by Tachibana Kushi and Tsunako in 2011.

Kurumi, a malicious spirit who became interested in Itsuka Shidou, is Kurumi. Her original goal was to consume Shidou, and to extend her life. 

She would manipulate Shidou throughout the series, playing with him like cat and mouse, even when he was in trouble. Kurumi helped Shidou during his battles, but she was determined to take him. 

Her murderous intentions declined, but she was still infatuated with him.

Which Anime Should you Watch to get What Sadodere is ?


Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san! (Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro!)

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: April 2021

Hachiouji is a shy, bespectacled wimp with dreams of becoming a mangaka. His lack of confidence makes his ambition seem like a guilty pleasure. 

Naoto sees a group of girls while working in the school library. They make Naoto uncomfortable with their subdued laughter and sardonic glances. 

Naoto is relieved that they have left, but he doesn’t notice Nagatoro Hayase, who sits across from him with an evil smile plastered over her face. 

Nagatoro quickly makes Naoto her toy, making her the object of her ridicule, when she stumbles upon the manga manuscript. 

As Nagatoro’s bullying and teasing becomes a daily occurrence, he is pulled in by her bizarre hijinks. But the two of them quickly form a strange friendship.

Nagatoro Hayase, the anime’s perfect sadodere, is her example. She delights in cruelty and especially enjoys it when she makes her senpai weep. 

Nagatoro, with her constant poking at Naoto for her inexperience, lackluster backbone and general pastiness, is, for most of the time, a terrible, horrible burden on Naoto. 

While sadistic tendencies and cruelty make a sadodere most, an unspoken element of the archetype’s personality is their tendency to act like supervillains toward the people they love romantically. 

In Episode 3 of Don’t Toy With Me Miss Nagatoro! There are many moments that hint at Nagatoro’s romantic interest in Naoto, especially when she defends him against Yosshi-chan and Gamochan who bully and tease him during lunch. 

Nagatoro’s love for Naoto is made more real by her sometimes clumsy behavior when her teasing of Naoto goes wrong. This episode also features her occasional acts kindness, which can be seen in episode 3.


Sadodere archetype is one the less well-known “-dere”.

However, the Spring 2021 season will feature Ijiranaide and Nagatoro-san! 

Don’t Play With Me Miss Nagatoro! 2020’s Uzakichan wa Asobitai, Uzakichan Wants to Hang out! Sadoderes are now in the spotlight! 

Are there any other sadodere anime characters you can think of? 

Leave a comment and tell us all about your favorite anime sadodere.

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