What Episode Does Bulma Meet Vegeta?

Vegeta and Bulma are not as romantic or fairytale-like as some of the greatest love stories in history, like those of Romeo and Juliet and JayZ.

It’s certain that “How I Met Your Mother” would have a great episode about Vegeta meeting Bulma. If we look back at the beginning, which episode did Bulma and Vegeta have?

Bulma meets Vegeta in Episode 56 of Dragon Ball Z. It is called Zarbon’s Mission and it takes place during the Namek Saga. Vegeta isn’t interested in Bulma and is more focused on Krillin’s Dragon Ball.

Bulma saw Vegeta for the first time when he arrived on Earth

Although they met for the first official time on Namek, it wasn’t the first occasion Bulma had seen Vegeta.

Vegeta and Nappa arrived on Earth to search for the Dragon Balls. Bulma’s ex-boyfriend, Yamcha, was one of Vegeta’s victims.

Bulma, being the supportive girlfriend, was looking at the action from far so she could have seen Vegeta. Vegeta may have seen Bulma out of the corner of her eye, but I don’t believe you can call it an encounter.

Bulma was the first to have eyes for Zarbon

Bulma was looking for the 1 star Dragon Ball Krillin had when Vegeta met Bulma. Vegeta was not the only one who wanted that Dragon Ball. Zarbon, Frieza’s most eligible accomplice, was also trying to obtain it.

Bulma believed Zarbon was there for her rescue after Vegeta threatened Bulma with death if Krillin did not give up the Ball. Unfortunately, Zarbon would have killed Bulma faster than Vegeta.

This YouTube clip is from the meeting. We hope it doesn’t get removed!

Bulma was spared by Vegeta when they first met.

Saiyan’s have trouble showing love. However, Vegeta was able to kill Bulma after Krillin gave him the Dragon Ball he wanted.

The fact that Vegeta didn’t murder Bulma was a significant moment and could have been the beginning of the spark between Vegeta, and Bulma.

It’s not as simple as flowers and poetry, but it is important for Saiyans to decide not to kill anyone.

Bulma and Vegeta met in what chapter of the Ball Manga

In chapter 267 of Dragon Ball Manga Reunion of Terror, Vegeta meets Bulma for the first time. It was first released in 1990!

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