63 Best Sims 4 Custom Traits Mods of All Time

If you’re in search of the most powerful custom traits mods to play Sims 4 in 2022, you’re lucky! I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite trait mods.

I’m certain that you’ll enjoy it. These traits are enjoyable, thrilling, and interesting, and the most important thing is that they offer new ways of playing The Sims 4 for all age groups, from toddlers to seniors!

Your Sim’s traits directly influence his character. However, the basic game does not provide a lot of choices in this area. 

The trait system is outdated, obsolete, outdated, and restricted, which means we’re forced to pick only 3 characters for each Sim.

The majority of the time, your choices aren’t aligned with each other. Therefore, why not enhance your game with mods that add new character traits to it?

It’s not a good method of playing the game. The best way to solve this issue is to install a variety of Sims 4 traits mods. 

From my personal experience, I’ve played with more than 100 different mods. It’s true, some have really transformed my way of playing this game.

This list will help you discover the most effective trait mods available for Sims 4, no matter if you’re just looking to play, improve gameplay or add more authenticity to the gameplay. 

The 40 trait extensions listed here are outstanding in all aspects, and I highly recommend these.

Let’s find out the most desirable traits for mods! 

63. Sims 4 ‘Shutterbug’ Trait By MarlynSims

sims 4 photography trait 1 63 Best Sims 4 Custom Traits Mods of All Time

This massive list begins with one of my favorite traits in Sims 4 – the Shutterbug character trait created by MarlynSims. 

This is an amazing modification that beats every other similar trait I’ve tried.

In the beginning, Sims with the Shutterbug characteristic were photographers’ add-ons. They take pictures every day and feel emotionally connected to their photographs. 

They also wish to know all they can about photography and what is possible.

However, it’s not the only thing. Sims who have this trait are more likely to make more money through photography and grow their skills more quickly. 

They’ll also be rewarded with buffs for taking photos. It’s a good idea to take a shot!

62. Alcoholic Trait

Alcoholic Trait 1 63 Best Sims 4 Custom Traits Mods of All Time

Okay, I know that you may have imagined that this list could be an easy checklist, but instead I’m beginning it off with the most gruesome trait of all.

The Alcoholic Trait makes your sims dependent on alcohol and often depressed for no reason.

They’ll be content with a drink or three.

If you’re a sim with an alcohol-related sim, there’s no time too early to have an alcoholic drink.

It’s your job to keep them in check or watch them slam through their minibars for a breakfast margarita.

61. Beach Lover Trait By KiaraSims4Mods

beach lover trait 63 Best Sims 4 Custom Traits Mods of All Time

The beach lover trait from KiaraSims4Mods is the most straightforward mod that I have included in this list. 

You can tell in the photo that Sims with this trait enjoy the beach and sea, and are more likely to reside in tropical areas.

The mod also features new social interaction options like talking about the beach and chatting about views of the beach. 

Additionally, there are new buffs that are associated with going to beaches, relaxing in the sun, or diving in the ocean, as well as other similar actions.

There are many people who have this trait, and it’s wonderful to be able to have this trait in Sims 4 too.

60. Lot Traits

Lot Traits

Lot Traits is a pack that allows you to select specific traits for your lot.

Lot Traits pack allows you to choose specific characteristics for the lot, which allows you to create a greater degree of personalization for your cities and towns.

When you play Lot Traits you’ll be adding numerous new options and customization to the game’s environment.

Airports, banks trains, bakeries, airports, and more.

All of them are available to select as a variety of features by this mod! Sounds kinda like Sim City huh?

59. Pastry Lover Trait By Caradriel

 Pastry Lover Trait By Caradriel

In real life, Half of my friends are passionate about pastry. They are passionate about baking and are constantly learning new recipes from around the world. 

However, the reality is that in Sims 4, we don’t have a similar characteristic trait in the character. This is why I suggest this trait: the Pastry Lovers Trait from Caradriel!

The Pastry Lover are Sims who love to cook and consume pastries. 

There are many things that are associated with this characteristic like watching Cakeflix as well as participating in the TV Baking Show. 

Additionally, you can unlock new social interaction options like asking others Sims about their favorite cakes.

Overall It’s an excellent design that’s worthy of your consideration!

58. Lifestyle Traits

Lifestyle Traits 1 63 Best Sims 4 Custom Traits Mods of All Time

Modifies adds four brand new lifestyle traits to the game. Two of these are highly political.

It is possible to have your Sim be either a Republican or Democrat and I find it funny because it is as free of politics as any other.

But I’m including this mod as it brings an additional Meditator as well as the All Rounder traits, which are great games.

57. Sims 4 Hate Outdoors A Trait By MarlynSims

Sims 4 Hate Outdoors A Trait By MarlynSims

City souls and introverts join forces Here’s a characteristic in Sims 4 that makes your Sim actually dislike outdoor activities. 

We don’t have similar traits on the market, which is why possessing this “Hates Outdoors” trait is an excellent chance to enhance the game TS4.

It’s that simple. Sims with this characteristic hate taking adventurous trips in the natural world. 

They’ll never begin one, and they will end up getting an uncomfortable +2 moodlet referred to as “Plagued by Nature when they’re out.

This is because Sims who have this feature will be able to advance archeology as well as other outdoor abilities a little more slowly. 

It’s still a blast after you’ve installed it and trust me!

56. Hobby Traits

Hobby Traits

If you don’t want your sim’s personality to be an alcohol-free person, but you would like them to have some drinks, this mod is a good choice. It has a feature that’s going to be very beneficial.

The mod adds four new hobbies traits into the gameplay, among them is known as the Bar Drinker characteristic.

Cute and cute right?

It also includes Chess Lover as well as Coffee Lover and Beauty Lover.

Engage your sims in their passions and choose what is for them prior to being “born”.

55. New Spa Day Traits By Kuttoe

New Spa Day Traits By Kuttoe

If you have The Spa Day game pack for Sims 4, you’ll definitely be able to enjoy these amazing new features. 

This mod is so well-developed that I keep it in my game’s game files. It’s regularly updated and is working flawlessly.

The two new traits included that are included in this pack include Health Nut and Lavish. Lavish Sims are health-conscious.

Nut Sims are health-conscious and are a fan of yoga fitness, wellness, and. Also, Lavish Sims are pampered all day long since they don’t like cooking and cleaning.

Both of these traits are extremely enjoyable on the game and allow for new interactions that are hilarious. 10/10 highly recommended to everyone Spa Day fans.

54. Bossy Trait

Bossy Trait 63 Best Sims 4 Custom Traits Mods of All Time

This is a characteristic that could have easily been in the first game.

Naturally, it’s one that I’m going to add to my list of things to do.

The Bossy characteristic is the reason that every sim with it is perceived to be superior to other sims and creates the impression they have the ability to control all the other players around.

This makes the sim a little bit irritating. 

However, we are around individuals such as this every day and why shouldn’t the people who reside in sim world be affected by similar fate?

53. Sims 4 Feminist Trait Mod By MarlynSims

Sims 4 Feminist Trait Mod By MarlynSims 63 Best Sims 4 Custom Traits Mods of All Time

If I say that the traits within Sims 4 are pretty limiting it also implies that you won’t be able to build the perfect Sim by using the basic game. 

Mods that are custom-made, such as that of Feminist Trait by MarlynSims only confirm my assertions.

The Feminist Trait will make your Sim a proponent of equality, and also a champion in the cause of women’s equality. 

The trait includes seven custom interactions as well as 13 new buffs as well. This trait is part of the category of Lifestyle.

All in all, it is an excellent trait mod that will add a lot of flavor to your game. Women will surely appreciate it, but I highly recommend that everyone try it!

52. Farmer Trait By KiaraSims4Mods

Farmer Trait By KiaraSims4Mods

We’ve not seen many farm-related features or traits on the Sims 4. 

Yes, there is a Cottage Living DLC. Cottage Living DLC offers a similar style of living, but it doesn’t have a farmer characteristic. 

It’s also not a farmer. Kiara‘s Mod Farmer is the sole method to include this feature in the game!

The best thing about this feature is the way it can be integrated into Sims 4. 

Farmer Sims is a lot of fun to live on farms taking the care of livestock, cultivating crops, and harvesting them for the purpose of making a living. 

There are also new upgrades as well as new whimsies, and numerous exciting social connections.

Sims with this trait also be able to learn about gardening and fishing more quickly.

51. Child Exclusive Traits by Triplis

Child Exclusive Traits by Triplis

If you’re searching for ways to enhance the character of your kids within Sims 4, this trait pack is the one you must install! 

This is a fantastic mod that is regularly updated and is very effective in-game.

There are eight distinct character traits for children. Each one is well-designed and offers a lot of depth. 

For instance, certain traits have the random Confident mood, and others get are given the Inspired moodlet. But, all 8 traits have unique and innovative interactions.

Here are the characteristics of this pack:

  • Bolt Trait
  • Fretful Trait
  • Gigglemeister Trait
  • Rocket Trait
  • Sensitive Trait
  • Sweetie Trait
  • Seluth Trait
  • Tattletale Trait

50. University Trait Pack by PimpMySims4

University Trait Pack by PimpMySims4 1 63 Best Sims 4 Custom Traits Mods of All Time

If you’re playing The Sims 4 with the Discover University expansion pack, then the University Trait Pack is suitable for you. 

It will enhance your experience at university by introducing more characteristics that will actually suit students.

This set introduces five characters namely Coffee Addict Frat Boy, Sorority Girl, Studious, and the Cognitively impaired. 

These traits are executed so well that each one of them almost transforms one’s Sim into a completely different character.

In short, people who are addicted to coffee tend to get anxious if they don’t drink coffee in the last 12 hours while sorority girls have the ability to quickly form friendships. 

Frat boys are known to party and socialize while the more serious Sims are focused on studying. They are also cognitively impaired. just… special.

As you will see, all aspects are based on real-life traits and can be very useful in-game.

49. Zodiac Trait Pack By SkillfulSimmer340

57. Zodiac Trait Pack By SkillfulSimmer340

If you’ve had the pleasure of trying or hearing about this Zodiac Trait pack already might be wondering why I didn’t rank it better on my list. 

What could say is it is one of the most effective traits mods available for Sims 4 but there are plenty of them!

This mod provides you with 12 traits that are based on the 12 zodiac signs of our real world. 

Each sign comes with a characteristic that operates in a different way when playing. 

Additionally, each trait is unique in its whims, skills changes, and changes to relationships.

What is the meaning of this?

This means that it is likely that a Leo Sim is likely to behave differently from one of the Aries Sim. 

For instance, Leo Sims can build relationships faster, while Aries Sims are able to improve but Charisma quicker. 

In any way, this mod is extremely enjoyable!

48. Charming Trait

Charming Trait

Handsome Trait Handsome Trait is a great choice for people who want to build an attractive sim that will make people recognize him as a handsome character.

This makes it is easier to make friends and all-female sims are also more curious about their male counterparts than others.

With the power of greatness also comes great responsibility.

Be cautious about the way you interact with others by your beautiful nice appearance.

47. Autism is present in Sims 4

Autism is present in Sims 4 1 63 Best Sims 4 Custom Traits Mods of All Time

This is an extremely serious mod to a trait, but one that anyone who wants to experience a realistic game must have within their games.

The Autism condition makes the sit so sims appear as if they have autism.

They repeat the same routines repeatedly and have difficulty communicating and engaging in any kind of social activity. 

They are unable to speak to other people about a small number of subjects.

This mod won’t enhance your sims or better in any manner.

It does however add some realism to the game and helps put things in the perspective of your other simulations, literally speaking.

46. Mod Pack for Teen Lifestyle Games by Snowiii95

Mod Pack for Teen Lifestyle Games by Snowiii95 63 Best Sims 4 Custom Traits Mods of All Time

It’s a great mod. Teen Lifestyle mod is one of the best extensions I’ve ever played on Sims 4. It’s true that as the name suggests it’s more than just a simple traits pack. 

It’s actually a complete set of improvements for teens that are extremely suitable for the game.

This mod offers 4 new goals for teens, two new careers, and one lot of traits. The most important thing is that you’ll be getting 8 new traits for your character. 

And each trait includes new and distinctive social interactions that are fantastic!

Here are the character traits of this mod:

  • Band Nerd
  • Bully
  • Emo
  • Heartbreaker
  • Afflicted
  • Jock
  • Nerd
  • Prankster

If you enjoy playing with your teenage Sims often, you should definitely test these characteristics.

45. Eternal Youth and Immortal The Buyable Sims 4 Traits Mod

Eternal Youth and Immortal The Buyable Sims 4 Traits Mod

Who would like to live forever? Today, you can get the aging issue off the to-do list and relish the endless pleasures of life. 

You will be able to experience every expansion and go through every story you could imagine. 

Your Sim will be young and never die in the event that you obey the rules!

This pack provides you with two characteristics which are Eternal Youth and Immortal. The first, Eternal Youth, only removes death due to time. 

The Grim Reaper is more than happy to come to visit your home if you’ve injured yourself in a number of ways and you forget that.

However, you can also benefit from the Immortal attribute grants you total immunity to The Grim Reaper. That means he can’t take your soul. 

But, Immortal doesn’t stop the aging process. You’ll continue to age, but won’t be able to die from other reasons.

If you’d like to have your Sim to live forever and never grow old ensure that you get both of these traits.

44. Arrogant Trait

Arrogant Trait

They are extremely self-confident (being assured is the primary emotion) and completely hate failing.

They experience negative changes to their status due to failing or being embarrassed in front of other people.

It’s an extremely well-designed feature and I love being able to make my character an arrogant prick whenever I’m performing any in one of “those” games.

43. Manly and Feminine Traits

Manly and Feminine Traits

These Feminine and Manly characteristics allow your Sims to feel more at home with their roots.

Each mod includes an additional status modification dependent on random variables.

Your masculine sim may change and make him feel more confident. The gender of the female friend could change and make her more cheerful.

A nice little mod even though these characteristics aren’t really changing much.

42. Add More CAS Traits Mod

Add More CAS Traits Mod 1 63 Best Sims 4 Custom Traits Mods of All Time

Here is the major solution to the three-character-traits-only problem! 

This incredible mod offers the ability to add any traits you’d like, both inside the game as well as in the menu for CAS.

By adding more features with Sims 4 that you add, you add more traits to your Sim’s more complicated and real-life characters. 

The mod is very loved by the Sims community and almost every serious simmer out has tried it.

The developer of this fantastic software was Embyr311 and you can read more from him at ModTheSims. “Add More Modifications to CAS Traits” is often updated, and works on both PC as well as Mac.

The mod does come with a few prerequisites that you must first install. Follow our direct link to go to the official website for the publication and learn more!

41. The Awakened Mind Trait Super Sim

The Awakened Mind Trait Super Sim sims 4

If you’ve ever wanted to make an amazing Sim that could take over the world, now you can! 

With this mod, you can ensure that your Sim will instantly become better at all levels of the game. Goals, skills, and social situations You will become the best of them all!

Let me describe to you precisely what this mod can do for you.

The awakened mind is a quality that can enhance the quality of your Sims in every way.

The first is that they’ll be able to master everything quicker due to their amazing brain. In addition, they won’t require more sleep than the average Sim (if there is any sleep is needed at all). 

Additionally, you can rest assured that your Sims will never feel when they aren’t comfortable at a social event. This is the recipe to have a fabulous Sim!

It’s an enjoyable feature to explore within Sims 4. I highly recommend it!

40. Blessed and cursed Traits

Blessed and cursed Traits

I’m sure you’re able to picture what these traits can do and how they can alter the course of a sim without the player having any influence on the events that take place.

The cursed characteristic will make your sim’s life a little bit of a nightmare while the blessed one can make your sibling feel as if they’re in heaven.

Which would you prefer to choose? I’m pretty sure which is definitely more enjoyable.

39. Hide Or Reveal Pet Quirks

Hide Or Reveal Pet Quirks

Within the myriad of Sims 4 trait mods, we’ve found something that will suit your pet too! It’s called Hide or Reveal Pet Quirks is a powerful tool that greatly improves pet characteristics. 

You may have noticed that pets exhibit “hidden” characteristics that provide little information. You don’t even know further about their characteristics!

The mod to improve the quality of life changes the quirks that are a pet of mine. It gives appropriate pictures and names, along with descriptions and explanations too. 

This means you can look them up in a list and learn more about them and get more organized and educated.

However, you’ll have the option of completely hiding these quirks from your pet. This means you only look at the traits CAS has only.

This amazing CC was created by Spazmunki13.

38. Additional CAS Traits for Sims 4 Mod and Pets

Additional CAS Traits for Sims 4 Mod and Pets

If there’s one thing we like in our beloved Sims 4 is the originality and commitment of the mod’s creators! 

For instance, this Sims 4 trait mod bundle includes everything you require to enhance your gaming. Realistic traits are more realistic for you Sims and also pet traits.

This download lets your Sims may be materialistic obsessed, greedy, or just perfectionists. They will act in accordance with these traits.

Like the animals, you are able to put all of the characteristics in the way you like and create your ideal cat or dog. Away, territorial, fun, and a wanderer… Everything you’d like!

This amazing mod was created by Chingyu1023and posted on ModtheSims! 

It’s packed with a variety of characters to choose from for your Sims and pets, which means you’ll be able to play even more!

37. More CAS Traits For Kids

More CAS Traits For Kids

A different and interesting feature is this set of characteristics for your children. 

There’s something in the characteristics of children that we like in The Sims 4 that we especially like. 

Thanks to this mod, we’re capable of using more of these. Additionally, you’ll get new and unique features within Sims 4 too!

There are plenty of exciting choices that can be considered and we recommend taking a look. 

ModTheSims was where we first discovered the CC and where you will find additional information as well. 

Follow the link below to find out more information.

36. Random Sims 4 Traits & Aspirations Mod

Random Sims 4 Traits & Aspirations Mod

If you’re looking for a little uncertainty in your life, we have the ideal solution for you!

The new Sims get all the traits of their parents, but they will inherit only one or two. As for the other characteristics are involved, they will be given them randomly as they get older. 

It’s an amazing feature to play, which is made possible by the Graycurse.

The way in which thing mod operates is by cutting out the birthday conversation completely. 

As a substitute, your children will be given various traits, as they grow to become young adults. 

Additionally, aspirations will be picked randomly for them, however, they will be matched to the traits of the child, naturally.

A fantastic mod that is worthy of your pay attention!

35. Let the Left or Right Handedness Characteristics

Let the Left or Right Handedness Characteristics

The fact that you can tell if your child is left-handed or right-handed doesn’t seem to be much of a concern. However, we would like to know this, do we? 

Of all those Sims 4 trait mods, this is among my favorite. It performs exactly what it says it does – it will reveal how our child will be right-handed or left-handed!

There are different options this program offers. You can, for instance, ensure that all your children are both right or left-handed. 

You could even require them to use both hands at the same time if you want to.

It may seem like nothing to you, but should you really wish to be immersed in the game, you must download this mod! 

It’s a work of Spazmunki13 and you can get it on here.

34. Two-Faced Trait

Two Faced Trait 63 Best Sims 4 Custom Traits Mods of All Time

“Two-Faced Sims are untrustworthy, untruthful as well as backstabbing.”

Well, damn. This is a great description.

I’m assuming this is a result of the person they have in real life or from a broken-up relationship that was not a good one… but, they don’t complain, and just hope that they’re better!

This mod allows making sims dangerous Pricks. It should have been in the original game.

33. Spiritual Trait

Spiritual Trait 1 63 Best Sims 4 Custom Traits Mods of All Time

Connect with your own self and nature by embracing the spiritual aspect that makes your sim more connected to the things we don’t see, but that will help us feel purer.

Positive karma can be a huge factor for a lot of people.

It’s now vital for other sims too.

It’s time to balance the thoughts that drift around and keep your phone in the purest state of mind.

32. Anxious Trait

63 Best Sims 4 Custom Traits Mods of All Time

If you’re looking for a difficult but realistic trait mod this is the mod you’ll need to download.

Anxious Trait mod renders your character incapable of managing their anxiety.

This will cause a general anxiety attack and the inability of keeping their cool in various situations that will not create any problems for other sims.

It’s based on real-life diseases and you’ll be able to be swept into a different realm of realism by watching this.

I guarantee you that it will not be enjoyable at all. So, I’m adding it to the list!

31. Bipolar Trait

Bipolar Trait

It’s the Bipolar Trait is another one that is included on this list, not just because it’s a lot of entertaining, but rather because it’s very real.

Your sim is more likely to experience extreme mood swings and become an addict.

Your Sim will enter depression all of a sudden without any reason. As a Sim god, I’m sure you’ve figured out the reason.

A real mod, but similar to anxious and autism-related traits it will be difficult to work with.

Many suffer from this and it’s only natural that sims experience similar issues too. This mod makes it possible for that to occur!

30. Naive Trait

Naive Trait

This is a great characteristic that’s actually representative of the people we live our lives with.

The Naive add-on ensures that Sims aren’t capable of learning social skills quickly.

However, they’ll also be less embarrassed in certain interactions with other people because they do not possess the inborn social traits.

They also become more easily to other sims since they don’t fear that others could harm them. That allows for plenty of chaos.

29. Author Trait

 Author Trait

You can certainly wish to be an author.

However, with this modification, you’ll be able to enjoy the trait too!

Enjoy the excitement of creating your own fictional worlds and make it your hobby by adding this feature to your Sims.

It’s an excellent addition for those who have the aim of becoming a best-selling writer as well as a fun option in the event that you want to build an entire sim based on writing royalty.

28. Boyfriend and Girlfriend Material Characteristics

Boyfriend and Girlfriend Material Characteristics

These two traits complement each other and allow sims to be much more open to enjoying their time with each other.

A relationship with a partner will improve their mood with a huge leap and securing that perfect person will be the most joyful sim within their respective blocks.

If you’re planning an intense relationship, this mod should be on your list!

27. ADHD Trait

ADHD Trait

Are you looking for a challenge? are you?

Give this mod a go and let me know what you find about it.

This causes sims to get bored at a faster rate. It is also making it more difficult to keep any kind of connection with other sims.

They’ll be more welcoming and easier to connect with, however, they’ll be unable to concentrate in school or at work.

It’s got a few advantages certainly. It will, however, give your game more challenging. challenge(which could be enjoyable too).

26. Insecure Trait

Insecure Trait

A simple mod to make your sim feel ashamed of being the most insecure person in the room.

They are also do not feel secure So be prepared to fight in order to keep any kind of relationship or meet the perfect partner.

25. Unlocked Lot Traits

Unlocked Lot Traits

Unlocked lot traits? You read that right! Here are 10 essential characteristics of your home to use straight from the beginning!

So, a lot of simmers are having a hard time not being able to utilize all the different traits they have at the start. 

This means they need to be living in a house first, then slowly discover the qualities that make a perfect home. This is a huge no-no!

However, it is the “Unlocked Lot Traits” mod that eliminates this restriction completely. 

You can now build your home every combination, like for instance, Sunny Aspect, Party Place, or Penny Pixies!

24. The Siren Trait Reloaded

The Siren Trait Reloaded

If you’re looking for the top siren trait mod available in The Sims 4, then take a look! We have for you “The Siren Trait Reloaded” It’s an entire trait that is perfect for fans of sirens!

This mod has some essential attributes.

First, the mermaids are mythical creatures and are therefore adept at attracting other Sims far more quickly. 

In addition, they can sing, have charisma, and mischief-making skills can be developed 1.5x more quickly. 

In addition, the siren Sims are extremely adept in love affairs and relationships!

The only drawback is that the need for social services decreases at the exact 1.5x rate, but it’s also faster. However, it’s a fantastic method nevertheless!

23. Pyromaniac Trait By Nl_alexxx

Pyromaniac Trait By Nl_alexxx

The final trait we’d like to show in this article is the pyromaniac character. This isn’t one of the most popular or most effective trait mods in The Sims 4. 

However, having fun with an explosive Sim is an experience (pun meant)!

Sims with this ability can create fires quickly. They have a natural inclination for burning things and are able to set things on fire constantly. 

However the pyromaniac Sims are also invulnerable to the flames! 

This is why they pose an ongoing threat to everyone in their vicinity, except for their own!

The official publication was created by ModTheSims by the name of nl_alexxx. Here’s the direct link.

22. Insomnia Trait Mod By Didelphimorphia

Insomnia Trait Mod By Didelphimorphia

Contrary to what many believe it is actually an extremely serious medical condition that many are suffering from. 

However, we haven’t yet experienced anything like this within The Sims 4. The Insomnia trait mod Of course!

The Sims 4 trait mod is an excellent method to introduce a very realistic situation into the simulation. 

If you’re unfamiliar with the sleep disorder, it can create a Sim in a position to not fall asleep. In the end, they’ll need to be awake all night and engaged in some form of pursuit.

Be prepared to be with your Sim throughout the night as they try to satisfy their needs and not feel miserable. 

The mod will give you 1.25x more skill which means you can apply it in your favor.

There’s a lot to know about his character which is why we advise you to take the time to read the whole article.

You can download it and learn more about its amazing author Didelphimorphia.

21. Mama’s Witch Trait

Mama's Witch Trait

This isn’t a negative trait modification.

Don’t make too many assumptions about witches. Not everyone is evil!

This Mama’s Witch Trait mod allows witch sims to be more friendly and more open to other sims It will also allow them to acquire certain abilities quicker than other sims.

They aren’t tense or bored. they’ll always remain focused. This is a positive characteristic that you must believe in!

20. 7 Traits New Teen Traits

7 Traits New Teen Traits

It’s about time for those teenager simulations to be more emotionally resonant than real teenagers’ experiences.

In this way, the mod introduces seven new traits which can only be acquired by sims based on their teenage years.

Each trait comes with unique icons that help them blend seamlessly with other traits of the game.

Variety is always appreciated and the New Traits Pack is the ideal choice If you’re looking for it.

19. Depression Trait

 Depression Trait

Everyone has experienced their own bouts of depression at some point in their lives, haven’t they?

I’m not sure if that’s only me. If it is then I’d like my sim along with me on this journey.

The depression condition is what makes your dog more prone to suffering from the same emotional issues that we all face in the case of depression.

The characteristic doesn’t render your pet clinically depressed.

It does however create a sensation exactly like it.

If you are looking for a challenge playing through this mod is one of the mods I highly recommend you grab.

18. Baby Maker Trait

Baby Maker Trait Modification for The Sims 4

Do you have difficulties with your fertility?

Don’t worry, a dear friend there’s no need to visit a Fertility clinic when you could just put that Baby Maker trait into use.

If you do this, your male sims are more likely to place babies in the person they prefer to share a bed with.

Similar to others on this list, I’m required to be clear about the fact that great power comes with immense responsibility.

They’ll truly be the freaks of nature thanks to this add-on, and nearly every who is going to result in the couple having kids.

17. Internet Kid Trait

Internet Kid Trait

This is an odd one to be a part of an adult.

However, it’s the Internet Kid trait is the one you’re looking for if seeking to make your Sim spend hours in front of the computer, just as you did as a kid.

The result is that each sim into a computer person who is never bored of looking at an LCD.

This sounds a little familiar to me…

It’s intended to be utilized by sims that are up to the age of teens in the event that it gets older, it’d seem a bit odd to carry the traits on them.

It’s even fun for adults but doesn’t fret. All of us can be PC addicts in our games of fantasy.

16. Introvert Sims 4 Trait Mod

Introvert Sims 4 Trait Mod

Here’s the chance to be an introvert on Sims 4 too! Who wants to spend their time in the world with all the other Sims? 

Do you think it is better to remain within your own little corner of the world and live your life the way you want to? 

Sure, but why don’t you make sure to download this mod and test it!

In truth, there are many great benefits to this method.

For instance, introverted Sims are better at learning skills. On top of that, their social needs and fun levels decrease more slowly. 

But the downside is that introverted Sims are also less successful in relationships. 

Therefore, you’ll need to do some effort to build a relationship that works!

15. Alcoholic Sims 4 Trait Mod

Alcoholic Sims 4 Trait Mod

From the SimsCatalog, We have this amazing Alcoholic trait modification. The best thing about this mod is that it turns our Sims into normal alcohol addicts. 

They want to drink both during the day and night, drowning their troubles in sweet alcohol.

With all due respect, “Alcoholic” is one of the most popular Sims 4 traits mods on the internet. 

It’s awe-inspiring that alcoholism is visible in the game and also takes good control of Sims who do have alcoholism. 

This makes the game more authentic and enjoyable to play therefore we strongly recommend that you play it.

The person who invented this trait The creator of this trait is TheGraveThief.

14. New Hobby Traits For Kutto

New Hobby Traits For Kutto

Hobbies consume a lot of our daily lives. They influence how we see the world or imagine things, making them be very important when playing The Sims 4 too. 

So, I’m highly suggesting you try to download the New Hobby Traits mod from Kutto.

In short, you’ll find eight different kinds of hobbies that are totally brand new in The Sims 4. They include Artisan, Competitive, Horticulturist Film Buff Technophobe, Scribe Worldy, and Thinker.

And each one is distinctive in its individual way. For instance, Artisan Sims are happy building objects, whereas Movie Buff Sims just love to relax and watch films.

Each of these activities is very realistic and they can be played out in-game. This is the reason “New Hobbies” is among our most-loved Sims 4 trait mods!

13. New Emotional Traits Developed By Kutto

New Emotional Traits

In terms of emotion, The Sims 4 can be a bit too juvenile. Yes, our Sims are able to perform the most basic emotional reactions however that’s not all of it. 

In the instance of “New emotional traits,” mod is an entirely different scenario!

What exactly do you get from this bundle? Well, you’ll get 9 different traits that are each one of them represents an emotional component. 

Thus, we’ve got Calm Insecure Oblivious, Restless, Stoic, Arrogant, Daydreamer, Perky, and Egghead. You’re probably aware of the ways in which they can create your Sim appear.

The great thing about this mod is that this mod is available in nine languages which include German, Spanish, Polish, Russian, French, and Italian. 

This is a testament to the popularity and quality of the mod, which isn’t always the usual with others. Sims 4 trait mods.

12. The Sklyinn Anxiety Trait

Anxious Trait

In the modern age anxiety is a major issue. Adults, teens, and older people struggle with anxiety, which is why it’s an important part of contemporary society. 

If you’re looking to play with a realistic experience within The Sims 4, we strongly suggest you install The Sklyinn’s Anxiety Trait mod.

If you have it, you’ll be able to select the GAD character in-game, also known as “Generalized Anxiety Disorder”. 

Sims affected by this condition be concerned about the smallest of things. 

They are anxious when they know they are about to experience a situation.

There’s a complex system of buffs and advantages of this condition.

The game’s designer Simsbunny19 has done an excellent job of introducing this game’s behavior. 

Therefore, I’m recommending it to everyone.

11. WooHoo Lover Trait

Woohoo Lover

The Woohoo love trait is the reason for the simulation dependent on woohoo.

There will be a boost to your sim’s feelings each time they get involved in woohoo with other Sims.

The majority of players in the game are a bit crazy We’ll admit it. That’s why mods such as this one are so well-liked.

In all likelihood, it is true that the Woohoo characteristic of a lover is definitely the best option for a truly amazing Sims 4 session.

Each buff lasts for 4 hours, so make sure to utilize your new woohooing capabilities in strategically-placed situations.

10. Siren Trait

15. Siren Trait 1 63 Best Sims 4 Custom Traits Mods of All Time

Sirens are charming characters who can socially interact far better than other sim games.

You’ll be able to improve your social skills faster than any other sim (and that includes some mischief).

The only downside to using one of these sims is the bonds and friendships they form with their friends can also break down quicker than your typical sim.

This will put your sim in an edgy mood too.

It’s true that women fit more than men since it makes much more sense when you consider the impact of the characteristic and also its core.

9. Reaper Trait

14. Reaper Trait

Why would you hack the game to allow the Grim Reaper a character that you can play when you could add the Grim Reaper characteristic instead?

This mod lets certain Sims act the way Death itself.

They will never ever die in the near future, and as time passes by, they’ll grow indifferent to living for this long. 

This can cause them to experience bizarre reactions such as being unable to bear for long.

It’s getting dark fast.

It’s an exceptional mod and stands out from the other trait mods on my list.

I was enthralled I loved it, and I’m sure you will as well!

8. Shy Trait

13. Shy Trait

Finally, a mode that speaks to those of us who are shy!

It makes us look ugly We are actually similar to the traits this character depicts.

If you’re shy, the majority of occasions in your interactions with others will be extremely awkward and your sim will fail to do the majority of them.

This is just one of the characteristics that make the game more difficult.

We all have this characteristic in real life. If you want your Sims to behave like you, and you want to emulate this, then this could be the game you could consider installing.

Personally, I prefer this to the other less socially acceptable characteristics because it is more “realistic” If that is what you want to call it.

7. Zoophobic Trait

12. Zoophobic Trait

Your pet will never be able to look at another wild animal in the same way after installing the zoophobia feature.

This can make your sims fearful of the wild creatures in the virtual world, and you’ll need to manage this to stop them from experiencing panic attacks.

Strange, but honestly the majority listed here are just plain weird.

It’s a great little thing that adds some difficulty to the game, however, it doesn’t make it overly difficult.

6. Gamer Trait

Gamer Trait

Every year, the profession of a gamer grows in popularity. For many gamers, gaming is the new frontier of our society. 

The Sims 4 is one of them. The Sims 4, so it makes us gamers too. And what are gamers doing? 

They play video games, obviously!

The trait of a gamer The gamer trait The Sims 4 gives a natural game-like inclination for our Sims. 

They often wish to make a career as a gamer and play with other gamers, too.

But, Sims with this trait are also skilled programmers and hackers. 

They prefer to spend their time at the computer and see social gatherings to be a task. 

So, what are you doing?

5. Kawaiistacie Sims 4 Traits Bundle Mod: 40+ Trait Mods!

Kawaiistacie Sims 4 Traits Bundle Mod: 40+ Trait Mods!

Kawaiistacie provides the possibility of a variety of characteristics that are perfectly suited to the game. 

This package includes 42 fantastic traits and is well recognized in the Sims 4 community.

Unfortunately, Kawaiistacie had recently blocked access to mods. 

She was simply unhappy with the community and felt the people were unkind and disrespectful for her efforts. 

Are you convinced? Find her assertion Here!

But, you’ll be able to locate the traits mod available for download from Kawaiistacie‘s Patreon webpage. But that also means you’ll need to purchase the mod.

4. Culinary Inept Trait

Culinary Inept Trait

Let me be real and explain why this quality is at the top of my list: I’m a poor cook.

I can make an amazing chicken, but aside from the taste, my food is far from what I would like it to taste.

It’s taking me a significant amount of time to become more proficient at this. Can you tell where I’m heading in this?

Yes, this mod can make it so that sims are exactly like me. Yay!

It gives a little more realistic feel, too, as Sims can pick up cooking quickly, even if they’ve never tried it before.

You can feel the strain of making pancakes that taste like me using this method.

3. Additional Traits for Children

Additional Traits for Children

The Sims’ children Sims universe doesn’t have enough characters to choose from This mod is designed to remedy this.

You’ll be able to choose a variety of characters for your children when you have installed this mod which allows you to enjoy more variety even in the early stage of the sim’s life.

Increase the enjoyment of children and make games fun by incorporating these characteristics.

2. Drama Queen Trait

Drama Queen Trait

You can become the typical movie girlfriend and display you have the Drama Queen trait.

This mod makes every sim with the ability to rage over the tiniest of things, which makes them frustrating to live or manage.

A lot of people have this type of personality and I’m sure that you’ve encountered the occasional drama queens in your lifetime. It’s time to turn the real world into virtual reality.

This could also be something that could have been added to the base game, and If you’re looking for vanilla-friendly traits, I’d suggest that you’ve found one of the tops you’ll find.

1. The Singer Trait

The Singer Trait

It’s a bit frustrating to realize that singing isn’t an art and you’re unable to make a living from singing.

Musical branches aren’t the only thing that requires you to play guitar or piano! We can’t be singers I’m sorry!!

However, this trait won’t make you an artist. However, there are careers mods that allow you to perform that feat, however, by having the trait of singer, your character will possess a natural talent to sing and will be much proficient in the art of singing.

If the real world does not match, just switch it over into The Sims.

Find your local rhythm by displaying the vocal talent and shine above the rest of the musicians that populate your virtual city.

The following traits are contained in the Kawaiistacie’strait bundle:

  • Angler Trait
  • Artist Trait
  • Bad cook Trait
  • Charming Trait
  • Dancer Trait
  • Early Bird Trait
  • Fun-loving Trait
  • Funny Trait
  • Gamer Trait
  • The Green Thumb Trait
  • Handy Trait
  • The Heavy Drinker Trait
  • Introvert Trait
  • Light eater Trait
  • Light Sleeper Trait
  • Lovable Trait
  • Mischievous Trait
  • Mixologist Trait
  • Trait of the Musician
  • Natural Cook Trait
  • Night owl Trait
  • Piggy Trait
  • Popular Trait
  • Programmer Trait
  • Science and Thick. Trait
  • Singer Trait
  • Sleeper Trait
  • Slow-learning Trait
  • The smelly trait
  • Sportsy Trait
  • Sweet Talker Trait
  • Talented Trait
  • Talkative Trait
  • Thick Trait
  • Tone-deaf Trait
  • Uncreative Trait
  • Unforgettable Trait
  • Unpopular Trait
  • The Trait that is not awe-inspiring
  • Writer Trait
  • Ugly Characteristics

Kawaiistacie has been frequently known as”the “Queen of Mods” by the players. It is a fair claim since she has made one of the top mods to the game. 

In addition, she has been one of our most favored Sims 4 creators for a long time.

However, the reason you should look into buying the Sims 4 trait mods bundle is that it’s an all-inclusive extension. 

As you can observe, there are 40 distinct traits, each of which is a true-life characteristic of the character. 

Based on her previous work, you’ll only get high-quality content from her!

How do you install Sims 4 traits Mods?

If you’re the first time installing mods for your traits to Sims 4, here’s what you’ll need to know.

The first thing to do is. First, the trait mod you want to download must be downloaded first via online sources. 

Don’t worry, we’ll give hyperlinks to all trait mods in our list. Once you’ve got it installed on your system then you can begin the extraction process.

If you’re running Windows 10, you can simply right-click on the downloaded file to extract it anywhere you want. 

The second step is to copy the extract files, and add them to the Mods folder in the Sims 4 game inventory.

The most common place to go for this is the Documents folder. Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods.

The last thing you should be aware of is to go to the games and allow mods as well as custom content. 

You will wind the option up in the settings of your game. Select the feature, and you’ll be able to play with your customizing your traits.

Final Words

As I said above, as I mentioned above, Sims 4 trait mods are extremely personal to you. 

While I have showcased a variety of high-quality traits mods within this article, however, the decision of which one to download is entirely yours. 

Every person is unique, and each uses the game in their own distinct way. Therefore, download the trait mods you wish to use for your personal Sims!

We strongly suggest that you try all of the featured mods as you can. Traits will not alter how your game plays in general however, they can provide new perspectives. 

They will make your game more enjoyable and will make you want for The Sims 4 even more!

In addition, there are a lot of other Mods to the traits of The Sims 4 all over the web. In reality, there are new mods being released each day! 

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