18 Sexy Anime Feet (Foot Fetish) of All Time

We are all familiar with anime girls with gorgeous eyes, hair, smiles, and bodies. What about girls with incredible feet?

We have done it again.

Today we want to reach out to all anime fans and highlight the best anime feet. 

We did our best to include as many girls as possible. 

They all walk around barefoot. Others love high socks. Some tease viewers with lace or leather.

You’re a foot fetishist? Get ready to see the top 18 most special types!

18. Asuka Langley Souryuu (Evangelion 2.0)

asuka langley feet 18 Sexy Anime Feet (Foot Fetish) of All Time

Asuka is beautiful to look at, but she’s also very temperamental with a strong emphasis on mental health. 

Shinji can tell you that he was able to walk in on Asuka naked and become familiar with her bottom.

Are Asuka’s feet the most beautiful? 

It’s more like the vilest.

17. Utena Tenjou (Shoujo Utena)

utena tenjou 2 18 Sexy Anime Feet (Foot Fetish) of All Time

Revolutionary Girl Utena was a show that tried to make sure it had as many sexy anime foot scenes as possible. 

One of the most memorable scenes is when Akio caresses Utena’s injured foot. 

Are they trying to seduce her or do they just love her feet?

16. Yukari Yukino (The Garden of Words)

yukari yukino 18 Sexy Anime Feet (Foot Fetish) of All Time

You would be mistaken if you believed that Utena was the only place where you could see the most intricate and sensual anime foot scenes. 

Makoto Shikai’s romantic drama is a touching example of one of the most moving foot scenes in anime history. 

It has been compared to the E.T. finger scene!

15. Ryouku Hakubi (Tenchi Muyou!)

ryouko hakubi 18 Sexy Anime Feet (Foot Fetish) of All Time

It’s time for a retro look and to rediscover that particular beauty with big, blue hair

Tenchi Muyo is certainly one of the sexiest characters in the Tenchi Muyo universe. 

For someone over 5000 years old, she’s in great shape. 

She’s also a great runner, and she loves to chase Tenchi, the man with whom she is madly in love.

14. Akane Tendo (Ranma Half)

akane tendo 18 Sexy Anime Feet (Foot Fetish) of All Time

Akane is a bit of a tomboy and leads an active lifestyle. 

Despite her appearance being unfeminine, many boys still like her. 

She is also a skilled martial artist and has zero tolerance for perverts. 

She’ll give them a kick with her feet if they have any funny ideas.

13. Lucy Heartfilia (Fairy Tail)

lucy heartfilia feet 18 Sexy Anime Feet (Foot Fetish) of All Time

Lucy is always there to make your crazy adventures a reality. 

This girl is prone to dangerous, wild adventures. 

She’ll sometimes find herself in a dangerous situation and her feet will be exposed. 

She has the Fairy Tail’s sexiest feet!

12. Fujiko Mine (Lupin III: The Alcatraz Connection)

fujiko mine feet 18 Sexy Anime Feet (Foot Fetish) of All Time

Fujiko is an exceptional femme fatale.

This is why we love the Lupin III series so much. 

She is not only strikingly beautiful, but she will also show off her toned body. 

Could it be that her attractive feet are part of the reason a famous thief is attracted to her?

11. Aria Holmes Kanzaki (Hidan no Aria)

aria holmes kanzaki 18 Sexy Anime Feet (Foot Fetish) of All Time

If you love cute loli characters, Aria might be the right fit for you. 

If you love girls in thigh-high leggings, Aria is the one for you! 

Aria is one of the most beautiful and petite female characters with beautiful feet.

10. Mumei (Kabaneri: The Iron Fortress)

mumei 18 Sexy Anime Feet (Foot Fetish) of All Time

Mumei, another adorable and small character, is a lot more difficult than she appears. 

When Mumei has to deal with undead zombie-like creatures, you realize how badass she is. 

Although the action is fast, Mumei’s smooth feet and smooth legs steal the show.

9. Lafter Frankland (Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans)

lafter frankland 18 Sexy Anime Feet (Foot Fetish) of All Time

Gundam isn’t all about political intrigues and big, badass mecha

We are also introduced to several strong and beautiful female characters in this series.

Gundam fans might be a little under the radar for Lafter Frankland, which is a shame because she’s a hottie! 

She is also a person who likes to look her best, so she pays extra attention to her toenails.

8. Chaika Trabant (Hitsugi no Chaika)

chaika trabant 18 Sexy Anime Feet (Foot Fetish) of All Time

In anime, diminutive female wizards are not uncommon. 

Chaika is a standout, but not for the right reasons. 

Chaika has large eyebrows and carries a huge coffin. 

The perverts won’t be bothered if they can see the most beautiful anime feet in the fantasy world.

7. Mai Kawakami (Musaigen no Phantom World)

mai kawakami feet 18 Sexy Anime Feet (Foot Fetish) of All Time

It’s an unwritten law of nature that every beautiful, busty girl will be admired. 

Mai Kawakami is an excellent example. 

She isn’t a vapid bimbo, but she looks beautiful. 

She almost exclusively uses her legs to fight phantoms. 

Her slender legs and feet are a frequent sight throughout the show.

6. Hakaze Kusaribe (Blast of Tempest)

hakaze kusaribe 18 Sexy Anime Feet (Foot Fetish) of All Time

When Hakaze is betrayed and abandoned on an island, we can only sympathize. 

We are certain she is determined to get through this.

However, it’s not all bad. 

Hakaze is bare-chested because of the circumstances she finds herself in. 

Many of her admirers will enjoy gazing at her shapely, magical feet.

5. Ken Masters (Street Fighter II)

ken masters 18 Sexy Anime Feet (Foot Fetish) of All Time

Do you remember the part in which I said that male anime characters have feet similar to bread lovers?

Ken from Street Fighter wasn’t pleased with this statement and decided to crash it. 

He believes he has the sexiest anime feet in the multiverse, and he demands to display them!

4. Mio Isurugi (MM!)

mio isurugi 18 Sexy Anime Feet (Foot Fetish) of All Time

Our list continues with a single scene of a girl who stole our hearts. 

It’s time to welcome Mio Isurugi from MM!

Meet Sado Taro, who must admit that he is a bit of a masochist.

He loves it when people make him miserable. He joins a club to get help.

Mio is now the head of the school club, but she still struggles with her superiority complex, which makes her feel like she is a goddess. 

Mio, in one beach scene, feels the need for Taro to know his place. 

To accomplish this, she places her naked foot on Taro’s head, pushing him underwater until finally kicking him in the face. 

Mio’s feet are a charm because she can use them.

This, combined with her superiority complex, makes them a very powerful tool. 

3. Kurumi Tokisaki (Date A Live)

kurumi tokisaki 18 Sexy Anime Feet (Foot Fetish) of All Time

Some people don’t like to see naked feet. Some prefer leather and straps, and that is why ‘Date A Live’ has Kurumi Tokisaki.

‘Date A Live’ might be something you are familiar with, but we will give you a brief overview in case there is a new viewer. 

The comedy harem anime follows Itsuka Shido, who must go on dates with spirit women to save the world. Does that sound strange? That’s what Date A Live is all about.

Shido needs to be seductive to seduce Kurumi, one of the girls. Kurumi has a dual personality, and she can switch easily between being a kind girl at high school and a psychopathic maniac.

This makes it a difficult task. 

She wears a Lolita gown with black garter belts that hold her stockings in place. 

Her tough outfit makes her feet look cute, and this is what earned her a place on this list. 

Our Kurumi is a delight for all yandere fans and stocking-wearing girls.

2. Sena Aoi (Chaos; HEAD)

sena aoi 18 Sexy Anime Feet (Foot Fetish) of All Time

You can’t miss Sena Aoi, Chaos, and Head if you want to see more foot dominance scenes.

This anime is chaotic, to say the least. 

You can follow Takumi Nishijou, an otaku, as he travels through his life. He is drawn to a series of “New Gen” murders, which slowly but surely become a larger part of his daily life than he expected. 

He can’t tell the difference between reality and imagination, and his reality begins to blend with his imagination. 

How does Sena fit into this bizarre universe? 

She is a muscular chick who can be found around Shibuya with a longsword in one hand and a blue popsicle in the other. 

She isn’t afraid to let others know that she has complete control. 

She slowly removes one of her socks and places her naked foot on Takumi’s body in an attempt to get him to speak up. 

1. Maya Kumashiro (Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin)

maya kumashiro 18 Sexy Anime Feet (Foot Fetish) of All Time

Last but not least, we have Maya Kumashiro (Occult Academy), an anime girl that will appeal to all those who love long socks.

This is an anime about the time-travel anime Waldstein Academy. 

Time travelers are sent back in time through time travelers to stop the destruction of the Nostradamus Key, which is used as a weapon against aliens. 

Maya, the daughter of the Academy’s chief master, sets out to find and destroy all things connected to occultism. 

Let’s find out how she ends up.

Maya, with her blue eyes and long black hair, is a beauty. 

It’s her fashion choices that have made her this great.

The black high socks she wears to show off her slim legs are just inches shorter than her dress. 

They are not only beautiful, but you can also enjoy them in every scene. 

The Occult Academy is a must-see for all foot fetishists!

Honorable Mentions

These are the sexiest anime feet you’ll find on the Internet. There are many more to choose from that will keep fans of the foot happy.

1. Edward “Ed, Radical Ed, Françoise” Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV from Cowboy Bebop

Edward might seem odd on this list. She uses her feet for everything, even the most simple tasks.

It’s just part of her personality. Ed is the first thing that comes to mind when we think about feet.

2. Claire Harvey Hundred

Claire is another blonde bombshell, and she’s a natural when it comes down to her feet.

3. Mamimi Samejima from FLCL

You’ve just got to love Mamimi. Mamimi has the perfect girl-next-door look and shows off her smooth legs. 

She is the FLCL’s most stylish model, and she has the best feet.

4. Cecil Sudou – Wizard Barristers: Benmashi Cecil

It can be exhausting to have to represent your magic-user clients in court every day. 

Cecil relaxes in a hot tub and then gets up to go.

5. Kasumi “Misty, Ondine” from Pokemon (Pokemon)

It’s official: Pikachu has become a leg man. You heard it first. 

As he examines Misty’s feet and legs, look at how happy he is.

Last Thoughts

These are our top picks for the time being. 

We hope you enjoy this quick overview of feet, legs, and socks, as well as stockings and all things related to them. 

Please note that it is subjective and some of our suggestions might not be your favorites. 

Take it as an opportunity to learn about new characters and share your top anime tips with the community.

Let us know your thoughts on these beautiful ladies! 

Comment below to share your thoughts.

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