Rumor: New Ghost Recon Game Details Leak Online

Details about the next Ghost Recon game have been leaked online. Fans of the Ghost Recon franchise may have been wondering when or if the next entry in the tactical shooter franchise would come out, but it looks like they’re in luck.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint, which was made by Ubisoft Paris and released in 2019, was the series’ final installment. Breakpoint focused on online play and wanted to be a part of the live service gaming market.

According to reports, Ubisoft added NFTs to the game in December 2021, and those NFTs made a total of about $400. The game’s live service support ended in April 2022.

The next Ghost Recon entry is said to be using the codename Project Over and is expected to release between 2025 and 2026, according to Insider Gaming.

The Ghost Recon franchise hasn’t focused on first person since the 2007 release of Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2, so one of the most notable changes is the switch.

Although first person modes are optional in the 2017 and 2019 releases of Wildlands and Breakpoint, it appears that this new entry will fully embrace the idea.

Rumored Ghost Recon Game Described as Gritty, Realistic, and Modern Warfare-Like

There are rumors that the new Ghost Recon game will be a lot like the Modern Warfare series, both in terms of how it plays and how it sounds.

The game’s graphics are said to look like VOID Interactive’s Ready or Not. Project Over is set during the made-up Naiman War and aims to include controversial missions.

For example, one squad almost shot a man carrying a baby because they thought the baby was a bomb.

For FPS players who know about the controversial “Clean House” mission from the 2019 game Modern Warfare, this mission may sound familiar. In that mission, players are told to raid a house and find a mother and her child inside.

If the player chooses to kill the baby, the soldiers question the player’s decision, and players who try to hurt the baby have their screen cut to black and are given a game over, emphasizing the message that “children are non-combatants” and chastising the player for their actions.

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